Drumette Vs Wingette

Can we settle this once and for all?

What is your favourite? Drumette or Wingette?

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  • Wingette (Wings) - meat more tender and has more taste. KFC wicked wings πŸ˜‹

    Drumette is a bit tough and less taste. I would rather upgrade to drumstick.

    But TETO.


  • Wingette!!!!!!

  • Thigh all the way bruh

    • Breasts all the way.

      • Breast is best

  • Wingettes cost more because presumably they're more popular.

    • But drumettes are so much easier to eat…

  • +1

    Currently poll is showing 16 v 17. Doesn’t really answer the question. This is closer than US elections πŸ˜‚

    • +3

      I demand a recount!!!11!~!!!

      • We shouldn't count any votes to wingettes 🀣

    • They haven't started counting the postal votes yet. The Wingette vote will surge - then the Trumpettes Drumettes will start banging their …..drums….. claiming fraud…

    • People are equalising it on purpose. Half of us who voted don't even know what a drumette or a wingette even is.

  • +1

    What is your favourite? Drumette or Wingette?

    Before you even go there, I think we need to settle the question (this and this) about whether a "wing" is a "drumette" or "wingette" or both together! haha πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    • Still confused by the classificate of some restaurants.

  • I think the lesson learnt here is that if you're a wingette fan you should be with some who is drumette fan!

    • You can just buy wingette or drumette only - depends on the butcher.

  • if we are taking chicken nibble food - I prefer chicken ribs > drumette > wingette

  • Drummettes. Not as many bones so easier to eat, and I find the meat to be more tender on drummettes.