Roadside Assistance $67.96 (Was $79.95 15% off) @ BudgetDirect


With Budget Direct Roadside Assistance, you won't be left stranded if your car breaks down. At just $67.96 with the limited time 15%‡ discount, it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.
No joining fee§
Unlimited callouts~
24 hours, 7 days a week
On your first year’s membership when you purchase online

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  • I wonder if they contract jobs out to NRMA or if they have their own fleet

  • Is this company any good? I'm actually due for renewal currently with Allianz. Happy to say but wouldn't mind saving abit more money of course

    • I had a battery go flat once on Boxing Day.. I called NRMA who said 2 hours ETA, these guys came in 30 minutes

    • They do the same as all the rest. Just know there limitations and km restrictions. Also wait times can be upto 2 hours in metro for both times I used them.

      • Oh ok thank you, still can't decide if I should stick with Allianz, they're response time is quick but a little on the pricey side

      • Any ideas who has the best towing km? And more importantly How they are determined.

        I was with the RAA with 50km towing. Broke down 11 km out of a town and couldn't be towed there for the $5 part I needed as the km are based on where the AGENT leaves from, return. In this case he was 20km in the opposite direction and wouldn't take me, nor tow me. He had used 40km to reach me.

        Called RAA and confirmed the BS. They wouldn't send the agent from the nearby town as this road isn't his area.

        Ended up walking in… Cancelled my RAA on the way (had it for life to that point).

      • Disagreed. Go read the product reviews, you get what you pay for man. NRMA will ALWAYS have your back, all the other companies don't ooze helpfulness like NRMA do. They've really helped me out of some pickles over the years.

    • You are aware Allianz car insurance includes free roadside assist when you renew?

      For me: I didn't find a cheaper comprehensive insurance anywhere else and the free roadside is a massive bonus.

      • Really? I asked them they told me no. I have been with them for years always full comprehensive

        • Yes, they've included it for years, last renewal was in October, found this at the end of the renewal notice.

          Did you originally sign up online on their website?

        • Here's the small-print they added on the next page: *Allianz Roadside Assistance membership is provided by AWP Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as Allianz Global Assistance. Exclusions, limitations and terms and conditions apply.
          Go to for full terms and conditions. Roadside Assistance benefit is only available at renewal for Allianz customers who have purchased their comprehensive
          car insurance policy via the contact centre or online at (Eligible Policy). The Roadside Assistance benefit is the Standard Plan and will be deemed activated once Eligible Policy
          is renewed and payment of annual premium has been received or payment of first instalment premium has been received. Allianz reserves the right to verify the eligibility of each Eligible Policy.
          Roadside Assistance benefit is valid for the period of insurance specified in the renewal invitation which you will receive, and will be cancelled or lapsed at the same time as the renewed comprehensive
          motor insurance policy is cancelled or lapsed. If you have any questions regarding your membership details, please call Allianz Roadside Assistance on 1800 010 536 and quote your vehicle registration
          number or Allianz policy number.

          • @team teri: Thanks guys I'm gonna have to ring Allianz about this, so unfair they made me pay

            • @Boxcuttahz: My comprehensive insurance was up for renew with Allianz last week and I contacted them about this. They said it's only for new customers and they can't offer it to me. They asked me to cancel renewal and join as new member. The sidelines in quite as a new member was $150. So I cancelled and before joining as new member just checked other sites.

              QBE quoted almost $300 less than Allianz's renewal quote but without the roadside assistance. Given roadside assistance cost less than $100 I went with QBE. Now in hunt for a roadside assistance provider.

      • It's hard to believe they would include free roadside assistance without already including it in the costs of your insurance.

        • I think the explanation lies in the "customers who have purchased their comprehensive
          car insurance policy via the contact centre or online at".

          If you buy the same insurance via a broker or bank or such, they probably pay an ongoing commission at least as much as the value of the roadside assist.

          • @team teri: This is not how it works. Brokers have access to batter policies and often better pricing.

            Policies that the general public can't access directly.

            • @imurgod: Yes, and all that is a hit to the margin of the insurance company. As a result the insurance company has an incentive to keep customers who signed up with them directly.

              If it is cheaper for them to throw in roadside assist compared to what it costs them to get the same customer through a broker, that is a smart move towards a win/win situation.

              Anyway, I'm happy. For $242 I got comprehensive with agreed value and low $500 excess. Sure, the car is only worth $4.4k now, and I don't really need comprehensive, but it works out about the same price as buying just third party and roadside assist.

              • @team teri: It's important that you're happy. That's a good thing and you have found a good home, Allianz are a very good insurer.

                Brokers get wholesale pricing that competes with the direct market. That premium is about right. The only difference is that you will have to deal with any claims and disputes as the insurer will only handle so much but a good broker will fight under excess claims and ones where there is a dispute in liability.

                All good though. Glad you have sorted it at a good price :)

    • Not sure about the roadside, but one of the worst insurers out there.

  • Seems like link is not working at this moment. As per their website some upgrades in progress till 1PM.

  • Have had flat tyres twice in the last one year (after brand new Good year tyres) and they replaced with the spare within an hour which I was impressed with.
    Having said that, my insurance renewal quote has come out $48 dearer (650 last year, 698 quote) - ofcourse haven't travelled to work due to covid & this quote doesnt make any sense to me.
    I'm on the market for renewal.

    • Mine went up slightly, got another quote which was about $100 cheaper. Called them up to cancel and they beat the original renewal price by $200

  • What are they like? I regularly travel between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney. Do they cover these areas in case of breakdown etc?

  • How about VACC Roadsite Assist - Offers "towing allowance will be up to twenty five (25) kilometres in metropolitan areas, and up to one hundred (100) kilometres all other areas." Got his for around $45 with groupon promo (this one if not mistaken -

    • They’re no longer available for new signups. Business closed down I think. I’m with them currently; Only serving existing customers until their term ends

  • Been with these guys for the last two years. Called them several times for my old Renault. Can't complain with the service, they are usually out much faster than they say they will be and from my last call out, they provide GPS positions of the van also. Good deal.

  • I shopped around and switched out from Mazda to 24/7 Road Services.
    The 2 year plan is the best value. Had a flat battery from leaving the light on in the car for a week. They showed up on under 2 hours. Sydney. Less than $60 per annum.

    • only 4 callouts per year at that price

      • And? Do you have a car that breaks down once every quarter? Negligence on your part or perhaps you need an upgrade?
        I've only had to use them once in two years. So got vfm, imo. $55 per year is unbeatable.

        • You are comparing apples with oranges.
          OP's offer is unlimited callouts and is only slightly expensive for the privilege.
          I can't predict how many emergency roadside I can look forward to, it's good if you can.
          You car does not have to break down for it, there can be other reasons for call out, some of them already mentioned in this thread.

    • "3 STAR PLAN 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL $110 for 2 years" sounds good

    • thanks mate. sounds like a good plan/price.

    • Any idea on refunds if car is sold/written off in say 1 year ? I can't find anything on their website


  • 15km limit for a metro tow is pretty restrictive

  • I couldn't find anything in the t&cs and the website seems out of service.

    Do they have limits on the age of the car or the number of kilometres showing on the odometer? I think there was a reason I went with NRMA previously when all these cheaper options exist (I'm with Budget Direct for my insurance).

    Never mind, found it (
    If your Roadside Assistance is linked to a Budget Direct car insurance policy

    As long as your vehicle is (among other things) registered and roadworthy, we’ll provide you with roadside assistance if it breaks down, regardless of its age and mileage.

    If your Roadside Assistance is not linked to a Budget Direct car insurance policy

    We’ll provide you with roadside assistance as long as your vehicle is (among other things) registered, roadworthy, and has less than 250,000km on its odometer.

    I still have to see if the "joining fee" is waived for everyone now, forever.

  • +6 votes

    Absolutely useless product!!

    We broke down between Melbourne & Sydney (on the Hume), and called up these turkey's for "assistance".
    Not only did they want to charge us hundreds of dollars for a tow, but it was to a town almost twice as far than the closest town (which could have fixed our car, but it was in the opposite direction).

    The operator was clearly Googling for a service center while she was on the phone with me, but there was an actual dealer of my make of car half the distance away- AND the town had accommodation (following her advice there was none).

    I can't stress how utterly useless they were on the phone, and how much more helpless they made us feel. We ended up Googling our own mobile mechanic (who operated that particular stretch of hwy), and he managed to get us on the road enough for us to drive to the next big town.

    You think having their number in your phone or in the glovebox reassures you, and it does… until you need them. Then you quickly realise you don't need them at all. With internet available pretty much everywhere, you really don't need roadside service, paying year after year for nothing. For that same money, just Google your own solution and call up your own roadside assistance. That's all Budget Direct is… someone on the phone to Google for you. You really really don't need them.


    • because they say this in the document :
      anywhere in the geographic area of Australia outside the greater metropolitan cities:

      up to 50 kilometres, round trip from the contractor's depot

      I guess they have preferred contractor in that region — even there are some closed shops, the trucks may still take you to the preferred contractor.

      Further, notice it says 50km for round trip = 25km one way

  • in this membership tied to the driver or car?

  • “We only offer Roadside Assistance to cars with less than 250,000kms on the odometer” 😢

  • Anyone used these mobs here in WA?

  • When does this offer expire? My roadside assistance expires end of the month and thinking of switching since we rarely use one but would like to have one just in case.

  • What is budget direct member? Is it different from the online registered user? If I am not a "Member", do I need to pay $100 in advanced when I call for the road assist?

    Too complicated to have a roadside assist.

    • ah no that is bad rather I would go with my insurance provider which saves me $100 in insurance or go with NRMA where membership fee waved of.

  • Your car must be less than certain number of years or mileage cannot exceed certain number to qualify

  • Any idea how long this offer will last? My roadside assist (also with budget) expires next week.. Called up and they said can only get the discounted price online. When I go through the process to buy it doesn't allow me to select date for when coverage starts.

  • Anybody know of a good deal for emergency towing? Most roadside assist plans have a 2-7 day wait before you can use their service, but charge an extra $100-$150 or so if you need it immediately.

    Asking because Dad's car is booked in for its rego check tomorrow but now it won't start. Too many kms on the odo for this deal unfortunately. "24/7 Roadservices" as people recommended above usually charge $69 with a two day wait, but for emergencies it's $210. Calling tow truck companies direct, they're asking $250-$280 for an 18km tow to his preferred mechanic.

    EDIT: Sydney Metropolitan area

    • Change the rego check for another date as if it won't start, then it's deffo not gonna pass the rego check :D. Just my two cents, and takes the pressure off you and your wallet.