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[PS5] Demon's Souls $98 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest its been since Launch.

Heard its a great game that lives up to the hype of Next Gen

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  • Cheapest its been since Launch.

    not true, fantastic game though. good price.

  • It's been cheaper at gorilla gaming. $79 + 6 delivery. Still good price

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    Is almost $100 considered a bargain for a new release game these days?

    I really hope this isn't the norm and is just new gen hype. My disk edition ps5 will be deemed more valuable with gumtree game purchases if so.

    • There'll always be some expensive AAA games.

      At the same time there's also going be a lot of other games at much lower proces.

      • Sony is now charging $70 for games in the US up $10 so you can expect games to cost more on PS5 now.

    • Sony saw Nvidia and Intel overpricing their stuff and thought "let's do the same".

    • Yeah wtf? I don't have PS5 yet so have not looked at game prices but if just under $100 is cheap, that is ridiculous. I think the most I have ever paid for a PS4 game would be like $79.

    • Video game prices have increased from $59.99 USD to $69.99 USD this generation, so this could very well become the new norm, unfortunately.

      • All depends how many people balk at the price … RRP was $124 a few weeks ago.

        Publishers who sit at say $80 level may attract more sales. I know my PS5 purchase (Spiderman) was price driven - I would have bought Godfall if it was the same price.

        Fun fact - Street Fighter II on SNES was $149 (in 1992)

      • Even in the 90s, RRP for N64 games was between $89 and $109 (not inflation adjusted!) Itll be whatever the market pays!

  • There are a few on eBay only be played a few hours cheaper lol

  • Also Catch has it for $108
    $97.20 with UNiDAYS
    $82.20 with Latitude Pay

  • Loved the game on PS3 but this is still too expensive despite the great reviews. Considering that I pre-ordered Cyberpunk for $56 (via the EB trade two pay $29 deal) it's hard to want to pay almost double that for one game.

    • The problem is for people who have ordered a ps5 they still need to buy a ps5 game. The only 2 decen options are this and spiderman.

      • Not necessarily. We bought two PS5 and haven't bought any PS5 games yet. We've just been playing through our collection of PS4 games. Backwards compatibility has been flawless and has exceeded our expectations by a great deal. Really happy with it.

        • I just bought Borderlands 3 PS4 on sale, you can download full PS5 version with dualsense trigger function with the disc inserted.

        • Ghost of Tsushima really does feel like a next gen game on ps5. I came from a base ps4 to the ps5 and woah - I'm likely to play again even though I just finished it a month ago. Especially the free update to Legends, which so far is like a whole game's worth of value.

          Last of Us 2 is also much better, but I hear it was good on the ps4 pro too. I hear it might be getting ps5 controller updates.

          Borderlands 3 with the ps5 update is worth it 100% for the triggers, it makes the game super fun.

          • I mean to say I haven't bought any ps5 games and I'm having a ball.
          • @padricko: What games that actually run better than the PRO?

            I know if you run God Of War unpatched it runs 4k60fps but has LOD problems that are worse than the base PS4. GoT is 4k60fps, Spiderman MM 4k60fps and every other game is literally just 4k30fps like the PS4PRO.

            • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Apparently the following games have unlocked framerate so 60fps is possible:

              • ABZU, Anthem, Assassin’s Creed: Unity
              • Battlefield 1, Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 3
              • Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls Remastered, DOOM (2016), DOOM Eternal
              • F1 2018 / F1 2019, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV, Fortnite
              • God of War, Hitman 1/2, Infamous: Second Son, Injustice 2
              • Killzone: Shadow Fall, Kingdom Hearts 3, Little Nightmares
              • Monster Hunter World, Nex Machina, No Man’s Sky
              • Resident Evil 2/3, Rez Infinite, Rise of the Tomb Raider
              • Saints Row 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Shadow of the Colossus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Steep, The Witness, Thumper, Trackmania Turbo
              • Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, Wipeout Omega Collection, Wolfenstein II

              I have not re-joined PS Plus yet so not able to try out how bad that LOD problem is on GoW (sold my disc copy). Ghost of Tsushima - I've only recently purchased it so I don't have any PS4 Pro experience on it. Shadow of Colossus, it does feel better on PS5 (on the control side - instant gallop on horse - I am able to do it consistently on PS5 with even DualShock 4 whereas on PS4 Pro, it was 90%).

              • @netsurfer: What games that actually run better than the PRO?

                If you're playing digital God Of War it won't be 4k60fps. It'll be 1080p60fps.

                Most of the games I have are only PS exclusives unfortnately.

                • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone - those are 60fps, aren't they (dynamic 4K, technically 1440p)? Even if games are just 30fps, on PS5, they lock to 30fps better I thought. Also, jet engine level fan noise on PS4 Pro isn't exactly that pleasant. Games still load faster on PS5 (at least the CPU does help even if you use traditional HDD and have not upgraded to USB 3.1 gen 2 based external storage).

                  Most of us OZBers aren't like John at DigitalFoundry, keeping all the discs. We, OZBers, do sell them once we finished the game, especially given this one is on PS Plus collection.

                  I am disappointed a lot of key exclusives (i.e. Naughty Dogs ones) lack dynamic 4K/60fps patch. Microsoft did better, but let's face it, there aren't THAT MANY first party exclusives on that camp to patch (FH4 patch… it's 60fps with inferior image quality). Also, even on XB side, mostly only the last title in the series gets the patch. I certainly hope Sony aren't pulling the Spiderman stunt on GoW, TLoU part 2 etc… GoW 2 Ultimate Edition to get GoW remastered would be nasty.

                • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: If you REALLY want God of War 4K/60fps on PS5, buy the disc version again and install it without any patch.

                  God of War PS5 (4K 60FPS)

                  • @netsurfer: Yeah that's what I said in the above comment. I keep all my disc and only buy physical for consoles haha. The Perks.

                    • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Discs do have advantages (faster initial install). Initial version of the games tend to allow exploits. If it is just GoW, it is easy to just get a physical copy: $9.50. With it on PS Plus collection, there is most likely more supply than demand.

            • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Interesting. I don't really know much about it and am likely wrong. Sorry about that.

          • @padricko: TLOU2 already has a ps5 controller update.

            • @Dragon9000: There is some confusion on that. Last time I mentioned that in another OZB deal, I was told that's not the case. However, I've since tested both controllers and the rumble / vibration is weaker on DualShock 4, and that's why some people would feel it supporting DualSense controller.

              There really isn't any update of TLOU2 for PS5. People are guessing that NaughtyDog might release a new version with Fractions with TLOU2 PS5 'remaster' or some sort. I hope not. Hope ND updates their PS4 games for free to at least support better frame rates.

              • @netsurfer: Multiple articles from media outlets say there are more rumbles from boat sections and adaptive triggers for the bow?

                • @Dragon9000: Well, one of the OZBers insisted that's wrong and the source article was never revised (and all the other articles which copied that article obviously didn't bother to update).

                  More rumbles probably doesn't count because DualSense does have a stronger rumble. Will retry the bow when I have time though I really doubt it, given that Naughty Dog didn't even patch that game to 60fps.

                  Basically, unless you have first hand experience, best not to re-quote it.

              • @netsurfer: It all works really well, I just don't notice any difference and now I see there's conflicting info. I hope there's a full update - the triggers feel magic to me.

  • Massively overpriced. Demon souls is a remake of a very niche game most people wont enjoy but its well made and looks very pretty.

  • Amazing game. Incredibly unforgiving.

  • Same price on Harvey Norman and you can get extra $15 paying with latitude bringing it down to $83


  • Paid 109 on jbhifi. Its not for everyone but this is my game so its worth every cent for some. Only game im playing on ps5 until i finish it.

    • Could have just got it for $98 from Harvey Norman. But not every one likes to shop there.

      • Anything wrong with Harvey Norman?

        • Harvey GST (so now we pay 10% for all overseas items purchased from major sellers). Their dodgy price beat guarantee (they can use price match instead at the time of sale, or flat out refuse - what are you going to do? Go to ACCC?).

        • Owned by a cancerous scumbag

  • I don't think the games will get cheaper quickly , due to not many other games being released.

    • The secondhand market will be good though. Everyone flooding the market place with the same titles. I got a sealed Miles Morales for $40 the other day.

  • This is also $98 at Harvey Norman.

  • Reluctantly paid $109 on launch but I wanted something 'next-gen' to play… have put nearly 60 hours into the game over 2 characters so now I look at it as less than $2 per hour of entertainment…. but agreed this new circa $100 norm makes me less likely to impulse buy a new game going forward.

  • Got it and still plastic sealed for $80 on FB Market. Just gotta snipe one…

  • I had a blast when this was on PS3 first came out dark souls and this was really the best. This one scared the f out of me with the creepy tower level sucking your head in

    • I'm amazed how well I remember everything from over 10 years ago. The game feels exactly the same, but better. It really is the best remake I've ever seen.

  • Well, I guess the prices of games will stop the "pile of shame" this generation. Can't say I'll be swapping to ps5 very quickly at all.

  • grr8 just need a ps5 now…………….

  • Paid $129 for the digital at launch. Haven't regretted it. It's a fantastic game that plays so well courtesy of the fast loading levels.

  • Ninety



    Good grief

    My favorite souls game, game of that generation.




    • Premium price and its not even a new game. Just a remake from the ps3 era. Can't belive the high prices for PS5 and even Xbox Series X/S games,

  • Umbasa.

  • The defending of the pricing on here and across the internet is ridiculous.

    The quality of the game is unquestioned, it's a great game.
    But games shouldn't be $129 RRP and $98 shouldn't be celebrated as a 'great price'.

    Publishers are absolutely ripping you off with these prices (I don't buy the $ per hour metric either, that's rubbish).

    The fact people seem to be so accepting of these prices is absurd.

    I'll continue waiting 6-12 months to play my games and get them for <$40 as they should cost.

    • ‘People have an alternate opinion to me and value something differently to me. How ridiculous. How absurd’.

      Good luck getting this for <$40 in 6-12 months.

      • +4 votes

        I'm VERY sure you'll be able to get this game for that price within 12 months. It's only it's position in the market right now that's letting them charge these prices.

        • I’m VERY sure that one won’t be able to get it for that price within the next 12 months. Happy and hoping to be incorrect but with next (well, now current) gen games having a higher RRP, I don’t think they’ll plummet to the low prices that games of the PS4/Xbox One gen did. At least not as quickly. And especially console exclusive titles. I’ll remember this thread. See you this time next year 😉

      • That's not my arguement at all.
        I'm on the side of the consumer, there is absolutely no reason for this game to be $30 RRP more than usual other than fleecing the consumer because of next-gen hype.

        An arguement could be made that this game should in fact be cheaper than most games given the devs didn't need to write in story, characters, lore or game mechanics, but simply replicate those already in place.

        I can't believe there is even a differing opinion to this, you may not care that you pay more and still deem it value for money, but that doesn't mean it's not bullshit.

        And yeah you're probably right, games like this might not get to $40 because people will be conditioned to accept a higher price as they are now. I hope it doesn't come to that.

    • But games shouldn't be $129 RRP and $98 shouldn't be celebrated as a 'great price'.

      Why? Who set that rule? Different people have different value perspectives.

      You posted a deal for a $3,200 TV. For some that's an absolute bargain for a 65" OLED. For others that's a ridiculous price to pay for a TV. To each their own.

      $100 for a game that brings you hours of joy and entertainment while supporting great devs to make more is good value for millions that have been sold.

      • Fair points, however, in regards to the TV people have a choice. Those who can afford a $3,200 TV can do so.
        Those who can't can get a $500 one from Kogan or anything inbetween.
        They get what they can afford and what is valuable to them.

        There is no alternative for games (apart from other games), there is 1 product at 1 price.

        As mentioned the excuse that you get hours of entertainment so $100 is fine is invalid when there is no reason for this to cost more than $58 (The price is Cyberpunk 2077 was special, or the regular $68 nearly all new games are).

        The price increase in not one made because of financial obligation to create the game or to align with some value proposition, it is one taking advantage of consumers who are hyped for a new console.

        Video Games are one of the best value for money entertainment products on the market at the moment, they can be accessed by kids and adults of nearly all demographics, I don't want people to be excluded due to corporate greed. Which is where I fear gaming may go if prices continue to increase.

        On supporting devs, that's great (I regularly buy indie games), but I would be extremely surprised if the employees at Bluepoint received a 30% pay increase due to the increase in RRP.

        • The price increase in not one made because of financial obligation to create the game or to align with some value proposition, it is one taking advantage of consumers who are hyped for a new console.

          How do you know this? We don't know how much it cost to remake Demon's Souls. We don't know the increase in dev costs over the years. We don't know how well they pay their staff. We don't know how many staff & subbies they have working on it. We don't know their overheads costs in USA/other regions. We don't know advertising and other budgets. We don't know if they forced their teams to crunch work with no overtime pay like Cyberpunk team did.

          Comparing to other games is not a valid metric anyway as there's far too many factors to consider. CD Projekt owns GOG as a major revenue stream and has been pushing Cyberpunk merchandise like something crazy. They're also selling far more copies so can reduce gross revenue per copy.

          Understand your viewpoint but I don't see this as a rip-off. Godfall, however, is another matter and to me, that's definitely a rip-off price for a crap game rushed for launch. However, again, others feel otherwise and have enjoyed it and happy to pay RRP. It's all subjective.

          To answer your point about choice, well, you can choose to wait for it to reduce in price. Maybe in a month, maybe 6, maybe a sale in 2 years time. Not ideal but there's your choice really.

          • @Hybroid: True, I don't have the specific facts of what the costs are.
            But I can make a reasonable assumption that a 90-person studio that makes remakes and would largely be assisted financially by SIE (the publisher) would not be blowing the budget of every other game ever made that it justifies the price increase.

            I'm comparing it to every other game ever made before November (CP77 was just a new example), where nearly all are sold at $69 at retail (admittedly below RRP), but even then, the RRP is usually $99.95.

            I will be waiting, which I'm OK with, I always wait on games as they usually drop pretty quick (outside of a select few which are at a good price on launch), but I hope for consumers' sakes this isn't the new normal, there is no reason for it to be (devs/publishers are VERY profitable) outside of people just accepting it.

            Thanks for the reasonable discussion.

            • @putshan: No worries, respect that viewpoint. Just wanted to also point out on your comment about devs/publishers being profitable, the majority of these is because of micro-transactions unfortunately. Whereas most Sony titles are focused on single-player complete experiences.

              I'm definitely inclined to pay a little more for a complete game without that rubbish, than a half-price game filled with paid extras & lootboxes, some of which are endless coins/gems/jewels/gold/points/whatever. The billions upon billions of dollars spent annually on these seems to indicate others are perfectly fine with them though… That's the tragedy of the industry for me.

        • $500 Kogan TV for PS5? Really? If that's your argument, you can get a second hand copy of this game if it is a must for you now, play the game as quickly as possible, resell it back on eBay / Facebook marketplace. With this game costing a lot, most people are keeping theirs in good condition, with a lot of sellers elect not to use the pre-order benefit (leaving it for the buyer).

          Yes, the RRP is quite high (part of the problem is the price hike on non-USD seems higher than USD). This game has only PS5 version. That means at the moment there isn't a big enough owner base, making it tougher to break even.

          Sony have a tough road ahead, if they want to continue this single player, no in game transaction model.

          On supporting devs, that's great (I regularly buy indie games), but I would be extremely surprised if the employees at Bluepoint received a 30% pay increase due to the increase in RRP.

          Bluepoint team had grown bigger in order to develop this game. This gen of consoles is likely the final gen before cloud gaming takes over. Think about it, Sony first party developers are still doing cross gen (even Horizon 2 will be cross gen). Bluepoint (in a way, a second party developer) was paid by Sony to make the first official exclusive and doing it tough.

        • There is an alternative for many of the PS5 games - just buy a second hand PS4 Pro, save yourself hundreds and play it on that for 98% the same experience.

          The premium people will pay for a PS5 for a very very marginal increase in game enjoyment will be huge until dev's start taking full advantage of the hardware which will take another couple of years.

          Also, there are many amazing games for $15-20, practically the entire Playstation Hits series.