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20% off 3PCS Resistance Exercise Bands $17.60 + Shipping ($0/Prime / $39 Spend) @ DEMAOS via Amazon AU


*price reduced on check out
*Non-slip, no rolling, no squeezing
*Three different strength levels are suitable for people with different energies

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU

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    Ehhhh, I have nothing to say…..

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    Here for the comments about the thumbnail

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    I’m simping for that photo

  • +41

    Stupid sexy Flanders

    • +12

      Nothing at all.. Nothing at all… NOTHING AT ALLL!

    • +2

      Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts.

  • is this a mask for the ass?

    • +3

      I wish I was the mask

  • +1

    Resist.. must resist

  • +2

    Sorry if this spoils it for you but that photo is not real. It's Photoshopped to look like that. You can see that from the size and position of the leg and her waist and their misalignment. If the associated OP wants to prove otherwise…all ozbargain eyes are open.

    • +5

      Aw man, why did you have to go and ruin the fantasy.

      • Sowee :(

    • +6

      Its fake, and its spectacular!

      • Lol…ozbargainers have a great sense of humour.

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      Non-slip, no rolling, no squeezing

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      Here we go again

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    Yup, I clicked for larger image.

    • +1

      Sure it was for a larger "image"?

  • Damn was looking for a rectal prolapse band. Guess will have to keep searching.

  • +3

    Sorry I'm a little late. I'm a bit behind.

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    That model should get paid double

  • +4

    I have the urge to play the bongo drums.

  • +1

    How would compare to TheraBand's?

    Welp nevermind found the product on aliexpress…

    • +1

      The first actual question about the product in the thread so far

  • I wanna say clickbait….but I'm pretty satisfied with the listing :/

  • 3 upvotes and 24 comments lmao wonder why

  • Classic sex sells tactic

  • +5

    Plot twist, it's a dude.

    • From Bangkok

    • +7

      This changes nothing

  • Dat a$$

  • +1

    Can she fart in my face?

  • Where can I obtain this plump/curve power? I am Red Ranger.

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    Clicked on link for larger image, and not only is there a larger one… there's a magnification zoom as well.

    Yeah I'm an old perve, but that's all I have…. no way I'm getting that. Ever.

    • Can confirm. I only checked for the Ozb community

  • That looks like a 2 piece to me not 3 piece

  • Is it a Full Moon tonight?

  • Here for the comments

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