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PlayStation 5 HD Camera $87.86 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Had this on my wish list and noticed a price drop this morning which is great for a brand new product. So not a bad time to nab one.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What on PS5 currently supports the camera ?

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      I believe this is for online gaming and streaming rather than video games that require it (like some PS4 games did). I am sure that will change in due course but as tempting as it is I feel better wait to see what the new PSVR will need when its announced for PS5.

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        Yep more for recording of live streams at the moment, at some stage it will have more functionality like the PS4 camera but that won't probably be until next year?

        • 2022 at the earliest.

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    anybody get their camera adaptor from sony yet?

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      Still waiting, hopefully will come soon!

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      I requested mine the first day it was available and still waiting.

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        Also waiting from a day 1 order, heard people in Europe started getting theirs a week or two back

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          Phew thought it was just me

          Do the Germans have a word for "the sense of being comforted when learning that others share your suffering"

          Like schadenfreude but not quite

          • @GrueHunter: Has anyone received an email that theirs has even shipped? I've only received the initial confirmation.

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              @Thrillho95: Yep I ordered mine on the 14th November, received an email on the 19th saying it was shipped, sadly no tracking number in the email though.
              Hopefully it will arrive in the next week or two.

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              @Thrillho95: Got two emails - one on 30 October confirming my request, and another on 13 November say it was on its way and that "this usually takes approximately 6 to 12 business days".

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            @GrueHunter: Leidensgenosse for the person sharing your suffering. I don't think there is a specific word for the feeling itself

  • Why do they specify HD? Does any company even manufacture sub-720p cameras anymore?

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      Apple laptops still use 720p.

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      Almost all webcams use 640x480/360 sensors.

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    If only the PS5 was this easy to get

    • It’s easy if you have $1500

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        I would rather wait 3 years for a PS5 than buy from scalper.

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        There no way I am funding scalper’s pockets.

  • Does anyone know if this is works well with the 2020 ps5 just dance game?

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      Currently the camera doesn't support any game functions yet, Sony will add more functionality later on but at the moment only works for recording live streams/footage… so probably aimed more torwards video game vloggers/bloggers etc.

      • Ah ok thanks!

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    Can you use this on a PC? $88 is not a bad price for a high quality webcam.

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      Don't think so, from everything I've seen it will only work on PS5

  • does this camera works with PSVR?

    • According to this page from Sony this won't be backwards compatible to the PSVR… "The new HD camera for PS5 is not compatible with PS VR."

      Currently you can use PSVR but you'll need to use the original camera and the PS5 adapter.

  • $85.20 now.

  • $81.80 from Amazon UK via AU!

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