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½ Price KB’s Prawn Gyoza 1kg $11.35, SunRice Hinata Short Grain Rice 5 kg $10 @ Woolworths


KB’s Prawn Gyoza 1kg - $11.35

Made with succulent prawns, our authentic Prawn Gyoza is prepared with top quality ingredients to a traditional Japanese recipe. Simply Heat and Eat!

Made in Thailand

PS: Similar price this week at Coles

SunRice Hinata Short Grain Rice 5 kg - $10

SunRice Hinata Short Grain Rice is ideal for Japanese cuisine.

'Hinata', refers to 'place in the sun' in Japanese. The sun is an essential ingredient in our Hinata short grain rice, bringing essential life and warmth to the fields from which we carefully select delicious, sun ripened rice. Hinata short grain rice has the right level of stickiness and moisture to shape sushi. When cooked it has a neutral aroma, a soft, slightly springy bite and a clean flavour, making it ideal for Japanese style cuisine.
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Product of Vietnam

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    Anyone know the difference between this hinata rice vs koshihikari rice?

    Its lamentable that Sunrice is selling rice from Vietnam than locally grown.

    • +1

      Sunrice Koshihikari is grown in Australia - need I say more?

      • 20kg pack this year is from Uruguay.

        • and $15-20 more expensive than last year!

    • They're either from Vietnam or Cambodia. The Sungrow premium medium grain white is also from Vietnam

      • +1

        They used to have locally grown Sushi rice….I was happy to pay more for the locally grown stuff.

    • +6

      I buy Australian made wherever possible but the exceptions are rice and cotton. Australia really is not the place to grow rice and while farmers of it and cotton have on numerous occasions done that bit of water stealing we should be boycotting it.

      • Does anyone maintain a spreadsheet or database that compares products made internationally and comparable product made in Australia? For instance, I used to buy Ritz biscuits that are made in China and switched to Arnotts that are made locally.

        I wish Woolies and Coles suggested the Aussie made the product as an alternative whenever I pick something that is not made locally.

      • -1

        We are proud of our agriculture. I'm sure with proper investment, we can overcome the limit of water

    • Gyoza is product of Thailand too. A shame it's not made here.

  • +1

    Will they also have same discount on KB Vegetable Gyoza?

    • +3

      I don't think Woolworths stocks the Vegetable Gyoza.

      It is half-price at Coles this week

      • Thanks 👍

      • Yup, half price at coles until the end of tomorrow.

  • Is that or Mr Chens better?

    • Same question here. I loaded up on Mr Chens this week since they're half price, wondering if it's worth stocking up on KB's too come next special week

    • +1

      we prefer KBs over Mr Chens. The skins on KBs are much nicer

    • +2

      I bought a bag of Mr Chen's this week because they were on special and had them last night. Mr Chen's were good, KB's are great; KB's have a richer depth of flavour (can taste the herbs and ginger) and the dumpling wrapper/pastry is thinner and steamed better. Mr Chen's was tasteful and wasn't terrible, but somewhat generic compared to KB. Mr Chen's is still good bang for buck when KB's isn't on special.

      • werent these KB's 10 bucks not so long ago?

    • +1

      Our family definitely like KBs over Mr Chens, for the wrapper and filling taste and texture. We used to make our own, but difficult to find time these days, so we stock up on KBs gyoza when on special. We did a side by side comparison recently which confirmed our preference.

  • +2

    The prawn gyoza is currently $8.50 at Coles - not sure if it's the same size, I just saw it this afternoon as I went past the freezer section

    • +1

      Coles ones are 750g, so works out similar price.

  • Oh boyyyyyyyy

  • +1

    SunRice Hinata Short Grain Rice any good? comparable to japanese sushi rice?

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