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Philips Airfryer XXL with Double Layer Accessory HD9651/91 $389.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Currently in store only (Costco membership required), not available online. The coupon is automatically applied in store, so no need to show it.

This air fryer is currently $481.73 at Amazon.

1.4kg capacity, with double layer accessory.

Don't get confused with the HD9651/93, which doesn't have the double layer accessory (costs around $50 if bought separately).

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  • Already bought one when it was last time special. Just loved it..

    • Same price ?

      • Yes it was.

        • Thanks

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    Bought this from Costco a few months back. Not all air fryers are created equally. This is by far the best of the bunch.

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      Yes, this is the one that sends to come up in OzBargain posts as the most recommended one. This is the lowest price that I've seen for a while.

  • Hi I have been in the market for an air fryer, had looked at Kogan's product.
    They seems like much cheaper, about 1/3 of this Phillips. any comments on those?

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      You get what you pay for.

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      We originally had a cheap one from kogan or some other place for about $80. Cooked good and was bigger basket than this one. Fell apart after 6 months or so. Decided to get this one as we found air frying awesome. Esp for chips and sausages..
      We also got another one from aldi like a dome lift up lid type and thats pretty good as its bigger than the phillips..
      phillips cooks heaps better than the other 2 cheaper ones. The aldi one we use in tandom as we have big family and has been flawless so far and if i had to buy one i would get the aldi one for 1/3 price of philips if it was same reliable model but its hit an miss i recon with cheaper brands as that first one just fell apart.. cant go wrong with phillips one if you are ok with $$$ as ours gets used every day 18 months or so and still going strong.. they are a pain to clean proper if your a clean freak or ocd you might have issues lol.
      Hope this helps

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    Got this 2.5 years ago and still going strong. Cooking highlights include:
    - reheating pizza
    - bringing maccas fries and nuggets back to life
    - sausages
    - Coles ‘made easy’ shanks etc.
    - Aldi marinated whole deboned chicken
    - Crisping meat pies after being nuked warm
    - Croutons
    - Amazingly crispy chicken wing nibbles for buffalo wings (coated with seasoned flour and baking powder mix)
    - Finishing off failed pork crackling
    - etc.

    To be honest we cook without the basket half the time and just put whatever in it in a small pan. This works OK if you don’t mind pulling the drawer out with your finger tips. Also, it can get very smokey if you’re cooking fatty food so I often just cook with ours outside.

    Hope that gives people some new ideas to try!

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      Yeah the smoke is my pet peeve. What do you mean by cooking it outside? Like bring the air fryer out to the patio or something?

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        Yep I put it on a table under the pergola with an extension cord to an outside power point. Just got to be careful that the cord isn't a tripping hazard.

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        I just put the air fryer under the rangehood. Voila, no smoke in the house :)

    • I had no idea that air fryers get smoky, thanks for letting me know. Though I guess I'm hoping to use not much oil, as I bought it to try and cook a little healthier.

      Do you happen to know if it gets smoky while cooking a whole chicken?

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        Yes it does when cooking oily meat.

        The oil dripping from the skin will smoke like hell especially if you set the temp to higher like 200.

        Lower temp seems less smoke still gonna cook the meat but it doesn’t get the crispness.

        I put mine at the alfresco too outside of the house.

  • Just need this price on eBay to use some vouchers…Good price

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    yeah +1 smoke comment, either under rangehood or outside, missus does Crispy Skin Roast Pork, comes out damn awesome in the airfyer.. needs to run for 30mins or so in there..

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    Without accesories :
    Just saw this model at Costco last Sunday, white ones, about $280
    I bought $299 from DJ when on sale
    Great stuff this XXL philips

    • Yep, my Costco has that one too. In addition to no accessories, the white one has manual controls, and no keep warm function. Also good value!

  • This sells for $400 at DJ. The reviews are 2 years old. I can't seem to find this model on the Philips website, only HD9650/93 or HD9661/99 which are more expensive. Is this an old model?

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      DJs seems to change its prices based on prices at Amazon etc, and will likely go back up again.

      There are many different model numbers. For the XXL, some are manual vs digital, and some come with different accessories.

      The Amazon page has a compare feature that lets you see the differences between the model numbers. For example, the HD9650/93 has no double layer accessory ($50 standalone). Philips website will let you compare other model numbers, too.

  • Is this the best deal out there? Happy to wait for the next one if this isn’t. Also anyone knows if we qualify for the Philips cashback with this? Or if Myer or DJ would price match?

  • I’ve just purchased. I’ve applied for cashback with Phillips, see how that goes. Suspect Costco as a “wholesaler” may not be applicable

    • Philips' current cash back offers do not include this HD9651/91 model.

      The XXL Air fryer models that are eligible for $50 cash back do not include the double layer accessory, which costs around $50 on its own.

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