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Alcatel 3 (Blue and Purple Gradient) $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Superfull View Display 5.9" HD+ display with mini notch, 88.4% screen to body ratio, 2.5D glass and NCVM processing
SDM439 chipset, Octa core CPU
13+5MP dual rear camera with real time bokeh, AI imaging technology and AR emoji's
3500 mAh Battery

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  • +1

    Good price. Is this still worth getting even though its almost 2 years old?

    First announce February 2019 and releases Q1 2019. This phone runs Android One and guaranteed to get operating system updates for 2 years and security updates for 3 years. Was released with Android 8.1 and updated to 9.0. Unofficially supports Android 10.

    • No it doesn't run Android One.
      The Alcatel EnjoyNow UI serves you ads fresh daily

      • That might be the app I disabled. I remember there was some Alcatel app that didn't look very useful..

  • can it be rooted?

    • +8

      Yep, just drop it in the pool.

    • +5

      I'm sure there's a video on how to do it but all my quick search results are NSFW.

  • +6

    Got one recently for the in-laws. Can't complain for $99.

    Didn't spend much time with it, but display res better than expected being only 720x1560 (it's kind of a small phone by todays standards) though I remember it being quite a blue tint. Camera is crap, as expected I guess. With general use, seemed snappy enough. Didn't set up fingerprint scanner so can't say how well that works.

    I'm not sure that it does run Android One despite what that review says, but it is a pretty bloat free version of Android 9. I can't remember now what security patch it was on, but I don't think it was the latest.

    It ships with a 5V 1A charger, but the 439 is supposed to support QC3.0. I only tested with a 3rd party QC2.0 charger, but it did seem to enable some level of quick charging according to my USB tester.

    Didn't try unlocking bootloader to see if could install Magisk though.

    TL;DR Probably better than most other phones you'd buy for $99.

  • -3

    How does this compare to the Samsung A50

    • +10

      If you know where we can get the A50 for $99 then please post it as a deal.

  • Case is non existence for this. I might better get another one. My wife drop it too often

    • +6

      It's also known as the Telstra Evoke Pro (not the 2 or Plus) so you might have more luck searching for that.

      The in-laws wanted a flip case so got this with glass screen protector for $8.99 delivered from AU seller.

  • +3

    This prompted me to search and I found Alactel 1s also reduced, $79 https://www.amazon.com.au/Alcatel-1S-Metallic-Black/dp/B07VF...

    • Yeh though that has 5.5" 720x1440 screen (no notch) and a Unisoc SC9863A chipset vs the Qualcomm SD439 in the 3. (Although have a tablet with that chipset and seems to perform quite well)

      There is also the 1X but seems like the worst pick of the bunch. Mediatek chip and only 2G/16GB so not sure why it's priced more than the 1S @ $89.

  • On the topic of Budget phones, I reluctantly updated my Nokia 3 to Android 9. It said a 'security update'…turned out to be the entires OS (which I have been avoiding as it was working fine on 8).

    It is now doing the accumulation of gb's of 'thumbnail data' and using up all the storage. Haven't had this since the Jelly Bean days!

    Any ideas how to stop it?

    • Off the top of my head you could try and flash the old firmware?
      There was a great website for tech support, think it was XDA.

  • Was tempted to grab this to use for uber eats first time vouchers and such
    Then realised I can probably find a much cheaper smartphone for that stuff..

  • +7

    my wife and I have 2 and been using these for many months, I actually posted a deal in May https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541146

    and have been using these cases from Ebay, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/For-Telstra-Evoke-Pro-Case-SupRS...

    by far these have been the best bang for buck phones I have ever bought, and does everything we need without issues.

  • Bought this today for $79 - used my $20 off >$79 spend maccas monopoly voucher! Also signed up for a free trial of amazon prime to have expedited shipping. Should receive it tomorrow!

  • I'm received the phone yesterday..great phone for the price and quite responsive too. My only gripe is how slow it charges.. is this normal or can another charger make it charge faster or will this break it?

    • From this review.

      The bundled charger is 5V / 1A. The phone charges a lot faster using my spare 5V 2 amp charger.

      • Thanks for that.. that's not a review that I have read yet. But using a faster charger can sometimes damage phones I've heard.. do you know if this is the same for the Alcatel 3?

        • It supports QuickCharge so shouldn't be a problem.

          • @bamzero: Ok awesome! Thanks for that! How do you know that it's meant to support the QC 3.0? I assume it should be ok with my Samsung galaxy s7 fast charger 2.0A then?

            • +1

              @kimba88: Specs on Qualcomm page say the chip supports 3.0.

              It can definitely take 5V 2A, didn't spend much time to see if will take any more, but still half the time of the included charger.

              • @bamzero: Thank you so much! I appreciate that! I'll be putting the included charger aside now and using a faster one!

  • Alcatel 3 2019 I ordered last week arrived yesterday. Just picked it up from the post office this morning. Thought there was supposed to bumper cover included but there isn't. Can someone recommend a decent back cover/bumper style case for the phone? Not wallet style as the person who will be using the phone doesn't want that type of case.

  • bought this phone for $139 back in May for my son's birthday and have not heard any complaints.
    definitely a good buy for $99 now.

  • @g12345567 I ordered this https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B082FZTZC7/ref=ppx_yo_d... not sure the about the quality but will give it a go.
    Got this phone for my kid to play Pokemon Go and it's a bit laggy. Pretty sure it's a crappy Niantic optimisation thing. It loads a bit faster than the Telstra Essential Pro, but screen lag is not pretty. Tried a kids fishing game and it runs fine but that one is a rather simple game.

    • Update: Once some of the assets cache in PGo, can't complain. Quite zippy otherwise, happy with $99 purchase. Case arrived very quickly too, slim and fits well - now need to wait for the screen cover that is being shipped from Amazon US.

  • Got one, nice deal cheers op.