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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 $39.95 + $9.95 Shipping, Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle $49.95 Delivered @ Mi-Store Australia


Bought a kettle or as some people like to call it - water cooker - from the "Australian" store last week. Waiting for delivery so not sure if orders are being fulfilled from local stock. Hopefully it comes with AU plug otherwise it will probably be return to sender for a refund.

Noticed that Mi Band 5 is there for $39.95, if this includes delivery could be good deal.

As an aside regarding this company I have been contacting Xiaomi Australia and Xiaomi Global for a while now regarding Mi Band 2 that has been playing up - bought as grey import through Light-in-the Box three years ago - and the former have refused to honour any repair/replacement warranty of goods being defective and not of acceptable quality. They say only items sold through "Australian" store will have any consumer protections from Xiaomi which is a convenient option in not willing to assist with faulty device.

So I guess buy this gear at your own expense and don't count on any proper support. They have stolen all the the IP, but ignore the customer service/warranty stuff.

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  • Standard shipping is $9.95

    • purchase for kettle didn't add anything extra for shipping. Still haven't got my order yet though.

  • Still waiting for cheaper kettle

  • +1

    Probably just wait for a lightning deal on Amazon / PC byte / Wireless1 / Gearbite to do a $39 Kettle.

    Actually, kettle is on sale atm for $39. Not free shipping.

    • thanks for spotting that. They were on sale for awhile and then reverted back to normal price. $49.39 paypal, just got one.

    • checked again looks like it’s back to $70. lucky I got it this arvo

  • what's so special about the kettle?

    • I bought one as it's cheap, stainless steel guts, compact design features and can boil or heat to user selected temperatures (hopefully)

      • Have you received it yet? Did it come with an AU plug?

    • good solid construction, is smart (kinda), and looks really nice imo.

      i got the 1.7L smart kogan one last week and it’s rubbish.

  • -1

    Why they are not providing 24 months warranty as a AU website.

    • +1

      Why would having an AU website mean a product has 24 months warranty?

      • Check govt requirements first

        • That statement implies you have no idea how it works in Australia.

          No 'govt requirement' mandates a 24month warranty - prove me wrong? 'Warranty' is decided by the manufactory btw.

          On the other hand, consumer laws require a 'guarantee' of a 'reasonable' duration, but you would find it hard to argue why a $40 watch needs two years.

  • Once the kettle is app controlled, I'll bite.

    • Once the kettle is app controlled, I'll bite.

      I think can control by Mi Home App.

    • There is an older Bluetooth enabled model that is controlled via Mi Home app. However, your phone needs to be within Bluetooth range of the kettle as it is not supported by the Xiaomi Bluetooth gateway (which allows access via WiFi to supported Bluetooth devices).

    • it is via mi home but it’s not through internet just local bluetooth.

      Also info on the internet is confusing but you can’t remotely boil water, however there is a work around, you set it in warming mode and make the temp really low, then turn on warming mode. Then you should be able to boil remotely (as i’ve read)

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 $39.95
    Tax $4.54
    Shipping $9.95

    Order Total $49.90

    • Last I bought, GST is included already. Standard shipping is AU$9.95.

  • Is there any risk the Chinese government can collect how much water im boiling and how often? You know… Big concern these days

    • Kettle will explode if you say bad things about ccp

  • They have now increased the price to $59 which is rubbish after tagging it in the 50% discount section. The original RRP as per them is $99 and suddenly $39 has become $59. Better to buy it from Amazon now.

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