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$10 Bonus Gift Card for Every $100 You Spend on Myer Gift Cards @ Myer


Noticed this offer on Homepage but no idea when it ends
$10 Bonus Gift Card for Every $100 You Spend on Myer Gift Cards

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    May be we can combine with this

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      Maybe not? Since is purchase from different domain?

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      You should because of two domains

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      It should work instore. Online gift card is not from myer.com.au

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      I'm hoping this works… as I bought it but didn't realise the giftcard website is a different domain to their main website..
      However, the merchant name on CBA transaction says Myer Pty Ltd 03866760 which I hope is the same as buying on their main website!

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        Did you manage to get any cashback on this? hoping to do this online too thanks!

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          Yes I did! Got confirmation yesterday that it was coming.

          • @iversonjack: oh thank u! i ended up getting it in store as i wasn't sure whether to risk it. would've preferred an e gift card !

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    I think it ends on Sunday (13th), does it apply to in store purchases of gift cards (Saturday- ZIP)?

  • Will these work at Coles?

    • No. These ones will but you will not get the $10 GC.

      • Can we buy Coles Group GC with Myer GC?

        • Previously some have reported this working. It may depend on the salesperson. Try and report back.

        • Went yesterday. Purchased Myer GC and received $10 bonus GC. Went to another checkout asked to purchase Coles Group & Myer GC with the Myer GC - refused. Went to another checkout purchased Coles Group & Myer Gift Card, when asked to pay gave the Myer GC. The person asked if I had purchased it today I said yes. The sale was processed and I was given another $10 Myer GC. Should also get $20 and $10 from Westpac if their offers stack. On reflection, I should have purchased a $110 Coles Group & Myer GC the the 2 Myer GC and then I could have used it to purchase 2 Coles Mastercards in a future offer.

  • Curious if this also works with that commbank rewards.

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      If this offer is in store, and you pay with your commbank card, it will work

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        same offer in store, just bought one and given a $10 bonus gift card right away!

  • tried purchasing online for the e-gift card but doesnt show $110 at checkout.

    • Isn't the eGift Card sent separately? Going by previous promotions

    • OP has it starting at 9am …. nothing about that on the Myer website though.

      • i couldnt see 9am anywhere other than your post? am i missing something?

        it already is on myer's official website… no indication of timing tho.

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          The 9am start was under the calendar settings - may have just been a typo given it’s the 9th today.
          I’m sure Kerfuffle is right and the bonus is sent separately.

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          It was just to cover people's asses in case the deal wasn't active & they bought one last night when deal was posted

  • Do they still have Myer Group gift card?

  • ZIP PAY Saturdays!

    • Will it work with this (or any other gift card for that matter)?

      • as per terms and conditions, yes,
        it worked for all gift cards but Westfields as I known of.

      • tested - works

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    support australian!

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    Anyone weary of Myer going bust and your gift cards disappearing?

  • I think everyone on here would be well and truly your Concession customers..

    Many of the deals Myer has for VIPs would never be seen here. It's all tracked and given through Myer one now.

    There is 4 tiers of customers they target now and I'd hate to know how much you'd have to spend in order to get into VIP.

    • They tell you what each tier gets. Apart from ~$20 rewards, vips get exclusive offers, like 20% off full price certain brands. Its not like the high rollers they're targeting would be fighting over clearance bins ozb love.

  • Would be interested in a price match of the MacBook M1 deal at JB Hi-Fi/Officeworks with payment in Myer gift cards if Myer still price matches and plus the Myer One benefits. How long do the gift cards really take to activate in practice?

  • You can also purchase and get the $10 bonus per $100 from purchasing the cards in store.

    • Do the 10$ bonus cards in store get done on the spot - or sent out by the 16th like the digital ?

      • There was mention of the 16th for the bonus, and it is emailed. Also, three months to use the bonus $10.

  • Tried to buy Coles group one at Burke st Myer Melbourne and was told only the Myer one is qualified…. sigh

  • Did anyone get the commbank cashback by purchasing gc online?

    • There has been a comment in a previous offer for Westpac that it does not work as GC are supplied by another company. It does work work with DJ's offers.

  • Shopback have 15% back today. Don't know if all can come together somehow?

    • Nope it fails with no gift card use .

  • Shopback have 15% back today. Don't know if all can come together somehow?

  • how long did it take for the bonus $10 gift cards to arrive?

    • I still haven't received the bonus gift cards yet, have you?

      • I received mine yesterday. I think T&Cs said by the 16th. You might need to contact them

        • Through email?
          Edit: Nvm I checked my email and I’ve got it as well

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