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6m x 3m Gazebo $129 + $16.10 Metro Delivery @ Kmart


Pretty cheap but unknown quality, still if you can find it instore you can save the delivery fee.
I saw them at Kmart Toombul at the back, advertised as part of their Black Friday sales.
At the time I wasn't sure how much stock there was nationwide but it appears you can still get it online with delivery.
Pretty cheap delivery I reckon for such a heavy, bulky item.

Product Info:
Dimensions : 3.1m (H) x 3m (W) x 6m (D)
Pegs and ropes included
4 height level adjustment:
2.8m / 9.2ft
2.9m / 9.5ft
3m / 9.8ft
3.1m / 10.2ft
UPF 50+ sun protection

Product weight: 27.5kg
Material: Steel and oxford cloth

Mod Note: Stock level is based on location.

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  • Works out to:

    • $7.17 per m² + delivery, or
    • $1.53 per kg + delivery…
  • Is it good for a car as anti-hail measure ?

    • If the hail doesn't come with wind, and you throw a tarp over the top it wouldn't hurt…..

      If it had wind, well you'd likely end up with a scratched care

    • I'd be pretty wary about relying on these in any sort of major storm let alone one with hail… They explicitly say not to use them in high wind conditions and many gazebo reviews regardless of brands have people complaining the fabric roof tore in the wind. Also, UV degradation tends to limit the life of the fabric too if you intend to leave it outside permanently. We had a gazebo left outside at my parents place and after about a year it had faded significantly and started to form holes.

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        Major storm?

        I reckon a light gust of wind will blow these away.

        Definitely need to be very well secured, and even then, likely to break.

        • I don't know about this particular model but at least my basic brand Bunnings model performed acceptably once tied down in 30-45 km/hr gusts.

          While I highly doubt this Chinese made gazebo has been designed to Australian standards, for reference of what would be considered reasonable this ACSE practice paper shows a 22m/s design wind speed for a 1:100 probability of exceedance, in Region B like say Brisbane in a period of 1 week.

          Converted, that's 79.2 km/hr. Sounds like too much for this dinky Gazebo, but half? I could see that being within reason (and in line with my personal experiences).

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      Hail usually comes with wind. This gazebo will likely collapse and scratch your car before it prevents hail damage.

    • Warning:Not to be left up in windy or stormy weather. Not to be used as a permanent structure. Follow usage instructions carefully.

  • Anyone see anything about warranty with this?

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    This construction looks eerily similar to the ones sold at Bunnings. In short, they will not stand up to medium wind and they will collapse in the middle sections. Would not recommend.

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      could you recommend any semi/permanent gazebo for temporary carport?

    • Yeah you'd be taking a gamble with the quality on these, but like you say - similar to Bunnings.
      If you're willing to take that value judgement and accept it's limitations I think it's not a bad deal.

      If I hadn't already gotten a 3x3m cheap gazebo from bunnings a few months ago I probably would have taken the chance on one of these.
      Especially considering said Gazebo surprisingly withstood some moderately strong wind gusts (30-45km/hr) a couple of days ago when I went camping.

    • I agree these larger gazebo's also suffer from pooling and stretching when it rains, i had one and gave up on it as every time it rained i ended up with big pools of water.

  • No stock in WA.

    Next best option is this one from Superscheap Auto.

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    I got one, took awhile to arrive because they couldn’t find stock in my area - not their fault.
    It arrived in pretty piss poor condition though.
    Box looked like it had been buried somewhere in a warehouse for a very long time.

    One of the legs was bent and I initially couldn’t put it up, used some adjustable pliers to bend the frame back in shape, but its a bit of a worry.
    The packaging for the instructions looked like they had been dropped in dirt but everything seemed unused, the cover still had the new plastic smell and was wrapped up pretty tightly so it was definitely “new".

    Around the feet were a little rusty.
    The plastic/rubber caps on the end of all the metal poles were falling out or were loose.
    Half the plastic guides that help the canopy to slide up and down the legs all broke.

    The canopy seems pretty durable, however probably not very useful if the frame is broken.

    Your milage may vary but so far my experience with Kmart’s ASKO branded stuff is that if it has moving parts or you have to put it together, good luck.

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