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Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros $79 Delivered @ Target


Back in stock at Target for those that missed out last time or had their orders cancelled. Enjoy!

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    Bang. Got one. Cheers buddy

  • Ugh, am I going to punish myself again with Target taking orders, money then cancelling

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    Gotta risk it for the biscuit…

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    Thanks OP. Was literally looking at this at OzGameShop and their price dropped to $114 and thought to myself "oh the scalpers are nearly done" and then now bam, RRP at Target!

    Ordered one so fast.

    Edit: looks like it's sold out.

    • +1

      Still able to add to cart and checkout, if you already had one in your cart and you click on the 'add to basket' it'll come up saying the quantity isn't available, but I think that will be because it's limited to one in the basket.

      • Thanks mate. False alarm not sold out (yet).

        • Now it's sold out as you can't add to the cart. :)

        • +1

          Actually now it's really sold out.

  • grabbed one also, lets see how good Target is at ecommerce…

    • just got an email that mines shipped :)

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    oos :(

  • +1

    oos already >:(

  • +1

    No items available. :(

  • I just ordered and it is still showing in stock for me….. maybe they might cancel my order :(

    • Showing "in stock" but you won't be able to add it to your cart. Fingers crossed the orders will go through.

  • +1

    Missed again:(

  • Thank you

  • +3

    im seriously over this bs

    • +1

      same. Nintendo fanboy but they are seriously starting to milk this. Even the prospect of this being hacked and being able to load other NES roms is not exciting me much:-

      • I have it and love the form factor. It's a cute system. The idea of hacking this will be amazing. Currently, it's not much, but it's worth having.

  • I received an order confirmation email, I guess that means they won't cancel my order?

    • +6

      Hah. Think again

    • +1

      Last time they sent order confirmation and then cancelled on mass

      • Dang, well I'm still holding out hope since I ordered within a minute or two of this deal being posted

      • +3

        *en masse (just so you know)

        • +1

          Dang I did know that, too busy refreshing ps5 and game and watch pages to turn my brain on 😭

  • 87 people have bought this product today. Don't miss out! :(

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    Could someone tell me why these are in such high demand please?

    • Cool little retro christmas gift in my opinion.

    • +1

      I have no idea. I think it's for collection.
      I got one from previously, now it's collecting dusts.

    • Part of the appeal is for collection and nostalgia purposes.

      The other part is people looking to flip for a profit to people who get desperate for one. I think this is driving the frenzy.

    • nintendo shit is collectable AF

    • To play Doom, obviously.

      • +1

        That’s the disappointing part, it’s too difficult to mod/hack for the everyday user especially as the USB port can’t data transfer.

        • There will eventually be a free udemy course on how to do it though.

        • i agree I would have bought one if it was possible to add different games but it looks like it will require a hardware mod.

    • +1

      Because of ozbargain. Cannot for the life of me see any other reason…

    • +1

      I’m planning on using my to supplement my super when I retire.

    • +2

      I kind of want one but know it will get used a couple of times then put in a drawer alongside my NES mini and SNES mini

    • They're a limited run and will not be sold after March

    • +5

      Because it's something cool to play with for 10 minutes before you put it in a drawer and never look at it ever again

  • Damn, if im not literally glued to my phone i always miss the good stuff like this.

  • +7

    I had it in my cart and was about to check out, then thought I could be cute to get the $10 newsletter sign up. By the time I got it and applied, it was sold out. And to make matters worse, the bonus doesn't even work on gaming stuff. Lol. cyrax83 fatality.

    • Lol I did that the last time this was available…

    • That's strange. I just got one.
      My email confirmation is 1:49pm (AEST).
      Maybe try again?

      • This product is sold out online and in store

  • +1

    DAMNIT !!

    Now 404

  • +4

    I'd be happier if it was with original games rather than Mario. Ohhhhh the days of my first Game & Watch playing Parachute!

    • +3

      Oil Panic was my favorite

      • +4

        My mate Richard had Oil Panic, my favourite was Donkey Kong II in the split screens. Fire attack, Octopus, Popeye, Turtle Bridge, Mickey Mouse was crazy having four buttons to collect eggs.

        • Classics! I still play the first Donkey Kong every now and then. :D

        • I still have Popeye, Chef & Donkey Kong.

        • i still got donkey kong, mario bros and Helibattle. Helibattle my favourite, awesome sound effects, spent many hours playing in the car driving form melbourne to queensland every second year

    • Donkey Kong was a masterpiece and octopus great too. I have a Snoopy Tennis which is awesome as well.

  • They were sold out 5 min ago then I refreshed a minute or so ago and grabbed two! One for safe keeping and one to enjoy.

  • +5

    Ffffffkkkkkkkk, how do I always miss out on this. Ffffkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

    • Be better next time maaaaaate!

  • +5

    Are the RRP Neg Sheep sleeping ?

    • +3

      I'm convinced all the negative voters and "this is no deal, it is RRP" are just resellers trying to keep the attention of keyboard warriors while they race to the shops or create numerous online accounts to buy as much stock as they can. The more people buy these RRP deals the less they can profit… drops mic

  • Ughhh, my search alert never triggers :(

    • Mine also never works….

      • I get the emails, but way too late to be of any use.

        • yeah I think they run hourly, so depending on how close the deal is posted to the run determines how quickly you are notified.

  • Can these things be hacked yet?

    • Not easily, no.

      There are no data pins in the USB C port (charging only).

      People have modified these by opening up the unit and connecting external developer tools.

    • +1

      They can. An NES and Gameboy emulator has already been ported to it.
      BUT you need to attach some probes to internal pins to flash it (it's solderless though, very easy) and the process isn't very user friendly yet.
      The community seems to want to bring homebrew to as many people as possible, so hopefully eventually uploading homebrew and roms to the device will be simplified although it will probably still require the internal pins.

  • +2

    Kinda overpriced even at that price tbh

    • +1

      Considering the original goes for double that second-hand, $80 is a lot more palatable.

    • Yes, for what you get. In terms of it being a collectible, I'm not so sure. The build quality is solid with a great screen.

    • These have always been expensive, the Tennis Vs game was $100 at cunningham's warehouse in the 90s.

  • +1

    keep missing it :(

  • +2

    Double check the link again guys. I just purchased one just now! They might of put more stock in or something!

  • Just got one OK… so maybe back in stock?

  • Yes back in stock… well hopefully, if not another mass cancellation like the last time

  • Already had orders cancelled from Target and JB. Don't think I can handle any more rejection.

  • It's back

    • +1

      well, that was a roller-coaster of emotion for you today!

  • Just got one.

  • Got a 2nd one, cheers.
    Going to keep one as a collectible and open up the other one for NES/Gameboy emulation:

    • +2

      No idea why the downvotes. Must be quite some jelly.

  • OOS

  • i literally missed out by 1 minute both times

    • +2

      Hopefully nintendo sees the demand and produces more of these.
      I feel like a lot of buyers are scalpers rather than genuine fans of Game and Watch and other small portables.

      • my thoughts exactly!! im hoping they do what they did with the NES and SNES mini and keep producing, gives everyone who actually wants one a chance to own them.

        • +1

          Or go even further and produce a Game and Watch v2 with more games to comemorate a different anniversary?
          A Zelda/Metroid Game and Watch or even a Game and Watch collection (e.g like Game and Watch Gallery Advance) would be just as appealing if not more so to fans.

          • @tyme: correct ive heard that zelda is next with its anniversary coming up next year, not sure how true this is but there are rumours floating around

  • Dammit, couldn't resist the second time around…grabbed one. Thanks OP and everyone else for the heads up.

    • Hammered by the negs lol wtf for? Because I bought one?

      • On first reading it looks like you already have one, and this is your second one. But I’m taking it to mean you missed out first time around, and were now able to finally get one.

        • Ah, makes sense. Yes, I procrastinated originally and missed out.
          …also no more negs so I look like a twat lol

  • Got one at about 3:03PM, missed the original release

  • Me too, just order one

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