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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case (MV7N2ZA/A) $99 Delivered @ Titan Gear eBay


Not sure why but these are back in stock and $99 with code PLUSAPZ - Get them while you can.

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      • Keep hearing about these bots. Is it actually possible, if so how are so many Ozbargainers getting them? Surely bots would be so quick and efficient that no human should get them.

        Also, during the Black Friday sales, I kept getting asked to prove I wasn't one by having to click on images. Wouldn't that be a stopping point for them?

        • I don't think I'm a bot.

          I kept getting asked to prove I wasn't one by having to click on images

          That happened to me just now, first time I seen it on eBay

      • Can u sell me one?

    • Have a look at the numbers of buyers with 0-1-2-3-4 purchase history. People just make new accounts, get a trial then buy them. Rinse repeat. They probably need to put something in place to prevent it.

      • Yeah if you do that you can buy heaps and resell them but it's a lot of work

      • Even with the cycling of new accounts, they must be getting enough legitimate people on eBay plus as they keep doing the deals.

        • +1

          Not even a loss for eBay with all the publicity this gets. Basically free marketing.

        • Umm, legitimate people just happen to know exactly when and how to score the deal in split second? Unlikely, none of them had a chance, it takes a lot of repeated buying experiences I am sure.

      • Agree. Something like what they did recently on a deal. A paid membership account opened before a certain date…

      • I suspected that eBay can detect if you are using the same CC/Paypal/Address to sign up plus trail or have already purchased with the promo code on these CC/Paypal/Address. So the newly created accounts will need to use a different CC/Paypal to sign up for the trial and then be able to use the promo code again.

  • Received an email that the Airpods have been shipped. Seems they are honoring the deal!

    • Yep me too :D

    • Same here!

  • i bought it on Wed when it was on sale on Ebay and got it delivered today
    within 72 hours since placed the order.
    Very fast delivery IMO.

  • Mine arrived today but on the label theres Thai writing on it? Should I be concern?

    • +1

      nah they're legit. I just got mine, no issues

  • Well this was a good deal, bought for $99 put on eBay and someone bidded up to $200 😜 Merry Xmas

    • same here but with 6 pairs haha