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Cooked Thawed Small Whole Australian Rock Lobster $20 Each (Was $35) @ Woolworths


"Woolworths has announced a half price lobster sale in the lead-up to Christmas.

The retail giant will sell Western Australian rock lobsters for just $20 each, 50% less than they were this time last year.

The luxury seafood buy is a favourite across Australia, however high prices have meant it’s often too expensive to include in festive spreads."

Courtesy of 7news

Mod. From article: Woolworths’ new 1/2 price lobster offer will be rolled out from Saturday, December 12. Whilst the price is showing online currently, no stores appear to show stock. OP please do not remove the start date from the deal unless alternate information is presented.

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      Is this what we called dumping crap quality stuff to locals?

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    Spudsed in WA sell for $14.99 each?

  • Wait so are these lobsters gonna be fresh or have they been to China and back?

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    Plenty of Chinese people eating the cheap lobsters in Australia… 😂

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    Thanks. I specifically signed up to ozbargain just for the lobster deals.

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    None at my local Woolies…they don't know about that offer…

  • Josh frydenberg says we need to look at market diversification. A have a tip for him: start selling to the Aussies.

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      I have a tip for you, we produce far more than we could ever consume when it comes to food, hence why the loss of the chinese lobster market is crashing the lobster prices.

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        Shit tip

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      If you only sell to OzBargainers, you might as well close down your business.

      The only Aussie business treasury wines manages to do are the $10+ category where margins are non existent after everyone takes their share.

  • “Sold out” at macq park woollies. They only had 5 for sale per the attendant. More will come next week… lol

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      Same as my local Woolies, staff said they only received 5 lobsters for the day. All sold before 9am.

  • Checked online stock at 20 stores in NSW and none have stock.

    • No stock in Adelaide. The staff said they didnt get any in and dont know if any are coming in before the special ends

  • Even in the rich areas they’ve run out

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      I think that's why they've run out.

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    The interview with the co-op representative on the ABC last nights said the primary reasons these are cheap is that restaurants and events which is their primary wordwide market has been impacted by covid. The chinese situation is minimal although the media is trying to turn it into a sensationaist Chinese trade war. The botton line is the fishermen along the 1000km of WA caost are hurting in this worst ever covid downturn and purchasing this produce at about one third of their normal profit is helping Australian industy survive. Do it for them.

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      Wouldn't sustainable fishery the way to go, you fish only what you can eat. So if in the current climate there is not demand, then leave the creatures alone for another. Don't fish just for the sake of fishing and then saying there is an over supply and have to sell them cheap!

  • I always feel like a few pieces have gone missing when I order this at a restaurant. Now I can have one whole.

  • Nothing in my two Coles and woolies in Sydney.

    • Looks like they're not available yet? People have been saying they've had their online orders cancelled. However, some have said they've been able to get some at their stores

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    Went to Woolies Camberwell and they said that they're meant to get stock next Saturday. Apparently the news leaked a week early and all the lobsters are still at the warehouse in Perth ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Or in China port

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    fake news/bait and switch!

    no stock anywhere in sydney!

    accc investigation!

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    Woolies at Mawson ACT never received any allocation of this "special".

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    Got mine at 7:15am, staff took them straight out of the cardboard box (box had WA rock lobsters labelled all over it) and wrapped them up. Didn’t even bother to put them out on the shelves as they know that customers know.

    • +1

      How big would you say they are?

    • Yo how big are they mate?

  • my online order got refunded cause they said out of stock. Ordered them yesterday :(

  • Ordered last night and cancelled 2 hours before pickup =( very sad Xmas…

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    They are in stock in Sydney. Not on shelf. Asked staff and they took them out from the back.

  • Anyone see these? Only found $35 ones. Or teeny ones at coles.

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    Just bought 5 of them today. Weighted one randomly 280gms. Don't know how to cook this size lobster. At ideas please.

    • +1

      ….from which store?
      which city?
      asking for a pescetarian !

    • Jordan Springs NSW Woolworths

      You need to ask which I did, lobsters did not display on the shelves, Sale lady took them straight from a cardboard box. I did ask if they have bigger size and does not matter the cost.. said no.I am allowed to buy five and said someone bought 10 before me. And there is one left in the box after me. Because of the size, I could not feed the whole family in a meal for one or two. Sorry for those who missed out after me. Woolworths would restock every two days.

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      280gs??? I' rather have some quality Australian tiger prawns

    • Don't know how to cook this size lobster

      its already cooked

    • 280 grams? really??

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    I love it how they just expect us to help them when for years I can't really afford to eat lobster that much.. at the restaurant we used to order lobster with xo noodles came out to be like $500… First they rip us off and then expect us to help them when they need it? and then when exports open back up I pay the ridiculous prices again? They look after China more than their own countrymen.

    • Capitalism

    • +1

      expect us to help them when they need it?

      No problems if they get the right price ( like this and more importantly if you can find it ) I have no problems of helping em out :)

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        I have no problems helping them out if they continue lowered prices after exports open back up. If we're getting slogged prices later what are we then supporting?

    • $20 for a thawed cooked lobster weighing 280grams that has been returned from China is completely ripoff.

      I will NOT buy this shit.

  • The lobsters have some explaining to do

  • Albany Creek (QLD) had some yesterday, but sold out in a few hours. Rang them today and they said they have none and won't be getting any more in ever.

  • Had a look in the local Coles last night. No whole Lobsters, but they're selling green tails for $7.50, which is pretty good, given the tail is where the meat is.

    • but aren't they from Brazil though, so normal price?

  • +1

    Export ones are LOBSTERS! What's left for locals are lobster!

    • locals are paying $20 for these to move in sufficient quantities. What size are you expecting for $20 lobsters.

  • Looked at 2 woolies in brissie this weekend and no luck. One had a poster saying a limit of 4 per person but I asked about it and they said they hadn’t got any yet but will be this week or next..

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    There should be plenty around this year: "Of the 6600 tonnes of lobster caught by commercial fishermen last year, 95 per cent went to China."

    • Its funny how commercial fishing can fish up to 6600 tonnes but an individual who fish more than a couple will get a huge fine.

      • If you catch them in the middle of the ocean, cook and eat them on the ship, will anyone ever know?

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    How ridiculous, making a big hoo haa in the news about it, but they can't even stock their stores with lobsters properly.

  • It's in the catalogue for tomorrow so I think stores will be getting stock in this week, my local woolies got their first batch this morning which showed up on the website as being in stock and I now see another nearby woolies has stock on the website. Didn't get to choose mine as he grabbed it out of the box from out the back but does seem quite small.

  • What was the price they were getting for the lobsters in China vs what we pay here?

  • +1

    lobsters nowhere here anywhere…where did the 6600 tonnes go????

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      I see nothing except out of stock we don’t know when will it be back. They should sell crab instead. What a crab!

  • none of my woolies have this. I got the lobster tail for $7.50 each instead

  • Someone mentions fresh lobsters is about $49/kg, if so why dont people buy fresh?

    • Killing and cleaning?

  • +1

    Made brioche lobster rolls last night. Amazing

  • Scored 4 pieces out of 6600 tones at my local Woolies but staff not really in the loop re with what's going on re deliveries.

    Wife doesnt know how to serve them. Any serving suggestions?

  • I picked up some at Coles $22 today . 550g

  • are they still offering this?

  • Woolies at Mawson ACT has cooked WA Rock Lobsters for $25 today.

    • also been this price in Vic for a few weeks,i think it's the current normal price.

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