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Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 6GB/64GB US$219 (~A$289.95) + Shipping @ Banggood


Not the 128gb model but 64gb is still decent. Be sure to change currency to USD for correct price.
Shipping is around $3.50 and estimates 15-20 days for arrival.

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  • +3

    Good find OP !

  • +1

    Great phone, also seeing huge ROM support from top developers.

    • Which rom is most complete at the moment?

  • +1

    Ordered this on Wednesday and got shipped yesterday. Let's pray for a decently quick delivery. Paid A$295.3 including $5 freight insurance.

    • +2

      I ordered one from the deal two weeks ago, and the tracking hasn't budged past 'shipped' since then. :(

      • i ordered on Saturday. did your just sit as processing until it shipped?

        • +1

          Mine went from processing to shipped in just over 24 hours.

          Not a single tracking update since it shipped on 30 Nov.

          • @bobbieb: I'm guessing no update until it reaches or clears customs?

            Dec 09, 2020 21:50 Package has been sterilized and shipped out.
            Expected delivery date: 2021-01-09 02:50:29

            They say 15-20 business days, which would be 3 to 4 weeks, but expected delivery is almost 5 weeks after shipping. Let's hope it's just a generic date…

            • +1

              @CosaNoztra: My new Poco got delivered this afternoon… can't complain. Actually quite good for international shipping during the Christmas peak.

  • still using poco f1, this worth an upgrade?

    • Yep. Had the poco f1 and loved every moment but the lack of NFC really bothered me.

      have had this for about 1.5m now and its defs worth it..

      Only downside, slightly heavier but all for it++

      • haha yeah, only reason im looking at this is the NFC lol..

      • +3

        my partner got one of these 2 weeks ago and I've been really impressed with the phone, especially at this pricepoint. Granted she was coming from an S6 but so far the phone has been perfect. The screen is beautiful and the battery lasts ages.

  • +2

    Technically it's not Xiaomi Poco anymore, just Poco. However, it is still using Xiaomi MIUI OS.

  • Hello, just a quick question regarding this phone.
    Will this work on a Kogan Mobile plan that runs on Vodafone?

    • +2

      It will be unlocked so yes no dramas using kogan mobile sim or any other one.

    • +1

      im using it on belong but i checked before i buy, should work on all australian network let me find you the link

      • +1

        can't find the link anymore only this LTE FDD:
        B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28,B38/40/41 (2535-2655MHz),B1/2/4/5/8,B2/3/5/8

    • Thankyou for the quick response, appreciate it.

    • Using mine on Woolworths mobile which is on Telstra network, have had no issues when traversing metropolitan Sydney, same as previous iphone 6s.

    • +1

      Yes it will work with Kogan Mobile. It will work on all 3 Australian networks (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone - only 3G/4G) so if you decide to move from Kogan Mobile, you'll still be covered, just no 5G.

      This link will show you phone specs, and will also show you which bands it works with.

      Hope it helps.

    • Simple answer… It works fine on all oz networks.
      No 5G though.

  • -1

    this or iphone 12 pro max @ $1949.99 which is also hugely popular on ozb.

    • If your on a budget go for the Poco X3 NFC. Great specs.

    • Yeah I thought you were joking.

    • Sophie's Law.

  • +10

    i am a die hard ozb and would never touch iphone full stop. i was trying to make a joke. didn't work out:)

  • Does anyone here own the phone and have any general complaints about the hardware or software?

  • +4

    Have the 64GB version for 2 weeks now.

    Phone is excellent value for money. Even free case is practical.

    MIUI 12 I've adapted to quickly and very customisable.

    Display, responsiveness, NFC, headphone jack, bluetooth pairing with speakers, Bose headphones, Samsung smartwatch all working great.

    Battery I get 2 full days with frequent use.

    Only gripes at a stretch;
    - display not adaptive between 60 and 120hz
    - no external mute button, it is easy to mute even when locked, but I like having iphone style button,
    - work and personal profile not clearly split like on Samsungs.

    All in all for the money I am well in front and well worth the purchase during 11.11 Ali sale.

    • MIUI has dual phone mode where you could use one profile for work and one for personal if you want.

  • What about ads baked into every part of the system

    • +1

      Apparently you can turn them off.
      And worse come to worse theres lots of custom roms.

    • I wonder how bad it really is on phones.
      My mi mix 3 has ads during virus scan (turned off, and ads can be turned off), and… 🤔 Actually I think that was it. Couple unused apps had them too I think, but they could be turned off in the settings.
      That was with Chinese ROM though.

      Although I'm not using global ROM, and I don't think I've seen any ads.

      • All the reviewer s are talking about shady methods used by Poco

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pTDTppZyEA
          How to remove ads.

          You said "methods" plural, got anything else I should be aware of? Ive ordered one, so any info would be appreciated.

          • +1

            @PAEz: Ads in UI
            Ads in system settings
            Ads in launcher
            Ads in apps
            Bloat apps just to serve ads
            One extra step added when installing apps from play store just to serve ads

            Some reviews say they didn't have the ads at all so your milage may vary.

            • @Godgodgod: You forgot their music app and web browser ;P
              Not to fused on all that, the ads can be turned off and Ill be putting a custom rom on at some time. Apparently using a rom without MUI frees up a bunch of memory. One person even said 1.6gig, dont know how true that is (one person) but dang thats a lot huh?

              • @PAEz: What about security with custom rom? Banking apps don't like rooted phone

                • @Godgodgod: Yeah hadnt thought of that…meh, maybe Ill just stay on the official rom as the ads can be turned off and it looks alright or maybe Ill just not care and install a custom rom. Im not that fussed.
                  And yeah, some games use Safety Net aswell huh.

  • Hmmm kinda wish I got this. Got the Amazon 128gb deal on Wednesday which was $100 more.
    64gb is plenty with Google storing images.

    • +2

      Google photos won't be free though, will be a paid version in June 2021

  • OP - Any chance Banggood repeating the Poco X3 128GB deal for AU$ 313.

  • +1

    Seems to add GST during checkout which means this is 10% more costly than the headline suggests (nvm: weird, seems to have disappeared using a different click through path)

    • +1

      try the app

  • I've tried to order the Poco from Banggood twice now and then have cancelled on me both occasions. They keep claiming there is no shipping option available?

    • Lol. I noticed that on a bunch of reviews too… I cancelled my order (the 2nd time, due to weird shipping dates) for the Redmi Note 9 Pro for this… Probably will just end up extending the life of my current phone for another year :')

      • I just got a "shipped" notification: "Package has been sterilized and shipped out."

        • They cancelled on me for the third time… I give up. I don't understand why they cancel though. I've ordered from Banggood numerous times

          • @iacka: Do you get to Shipped then cancelled or does it get cancelled before then?

            • @hayfeverman: Before, I emailed them and this was there response:
              "Sorry that the order was cancelled as no shipping carrier is available to send the order now due to the battery contained. This may be caused by the coronavirus."
              Doesn't add up if other people from Australia can order no problems

  • Mine arrived 14 days after the 11.11 sale from AliExpress, has been great so far (only issue was chrome updated and caused my screen colour settings to fluctuate from warm to cool, had to roll back the latest chrome update to fix it - wonder if it was just my phone or if it's a software bug?)

  • how does it compare to the M3 ( no NFC) for $200 AUD https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001687778382.html

  • How would this compare to the pixel 4a?

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