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Edifier Bookshelf Speakers: R1700BT Studio $129, S350DB Subwoofer System w/ Bluetooth $299 (OOS) & More Delivered @ Wireless1

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  • Nice post but postage is a killer :)
    Cheaper on ebay

    Never mind… free postage option just showed up otherwise it was showing as $21 to Melbourne. Grabbed the 1700bt. Thanks mate.

    • Shipping is coming up as 43.72 for Perth, how did you get the free shipping option to show up?

      edit: Got free shipping by going through to the next page, then clicking edit on shipping which took me back to the previous page and made it free.

      • +1

        Not sure what I'm doing wrong but there's no way I can get shipping to be free.

        Edit: turns out you have to select a payment method on the checkout page before going back to the shipping page to make the free shipping option appear.

    • For real I see these often, i need to know:

      Are these supposed to replace PC speakers like a 300 buck Logitech system?

      IS that what people use them for?

  • A bit of an audio noob here…

    I've been gifted some passive floor speakers with an amplifier and vintage record player with RCA output that I connect to the RCA ports on the amplifier, then the amplifier to the speakers with speaker cable. Never used 'powered' speakers.

    Would I be able to plug my record player with RCA output straight into the RCA input of any of these powered speakers without an amplifier?

    Would this work/sound decent?

    • -3

      Yes, the powered speaker has a built-in amplifier. You can connect your record player directly and get decent sound depends on which speaker model you choose.


    • +2

      I'm guessing that being a vintage turntable it doesn't have a built-in pre-amplifier, so no, you won't be able to connect it directly to these speakers. You'll need a phono pre-amp between the turntable and the speakers.

      • I thought that might be the case, and that is the current set up with the passive speakers.

  • +1

    R1850DB out of stock, right as I checked out too :(

  • +1

    Thanks, thought I would give these a try.

  • +6

    Excellent price for the S350DB. You can’t beat the quality for of this speaker for this price.

    Thanks OP

    • Considering getting these to replace my Yamaha soundbar for my TV, think it's worth it? Will my Logitech Harmony controller be able to control the speakers??

      • +1

        Not sure about the Logitech Controller, but yes it is worth replacing a soundbar in general. You'll get much better quality sound + bang for your buck with these speakers, easily.

        Reviews from audiphiles are glowing.

        • S350 is a bit more than I am willing to spend.

          Would even the sub 150 ones be better than the Yamaha soundbar?

          • @BarginGrabber: It really comes down to whether it has a subwoofer. For really small rooms or for low volumes, no subwoofer is okay, but I find a subwoofer to be essential to my listening experience these days.

      • Logitech harmony 600 works with 1280DB no worries so I think you would be ok.

      • +2

        got s350db from black Friday sales from wireless1. really nice build and sound beautiful.

  • Thanks, got the R1700BT. I've been looking for a deal for a while

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    Nice price on the R1700BT, id the discount code only for Edifier speakers?

  • +2

    Just picked up 2 x R1700BT… Thank you

  • Complete audio noob here.
    I've been using an aux cord + Bose soundlink mini 2 for my BenQ W1090.
    If I were to get S350db, will I be able to connect it directly to the projector? Would another model be better for this purpose?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide some insight.

    • +1

      Yes it should connect by standard RCA cables. You'll get significantly better sound

  • Want to get simple audio setup for TV, should I consider this or soundbar like the Yamaha one?

    EDIT: nvm saw similar question in the thread

  • +7

    Thanks OP. Picked up the S350DB for the computer to replace my ancient Logitech Z-2300 (which I've had for at least 12 years - still going strong, one of the best value for money PC speakers ever made!)

    • +2

      I have a pair of the same Logitech speakers, amazing speakers. I am also contemplating an upgrade but I’m concerned it’s not really going to be an upgrade.

      • +1

        Same here. Some of the Logitech products are really quite impressive. One of ours begun to hum, a capacitor must be on the way out. Hope these are worth it, ordered 1 pair.

        • +2

          God damn you guys, same set up here with the Z5500 but sick of the satellites, ordered.

    • +3

      I feel ya.
      I need to move on from my Z-5500's.
      so hard to let go.

      • +1

        If it makes you feel better Cash Converters wouldn't even touch my immaculate Z5500 today. gonna stick mine in garage and try to hook up to Alexa to play the star wars tune at max volume when exiting my povvo commodore on my way to file the TPS reports in the most boring office in the country. Small things.

        • probably best just to install directly them into your car.haha.

          I use them as a home theatre for the bedroom telly. I don't know how Logitech made such a good sub at this pricepoint. but the z5500 still do the job okay and sound better than my in-laws Sony muteki 7.2 system which actually physically hurts my ears to listen, it's that bad. I'm so glad I didn't get one.

          Hurts to hear that they can't be sold second hand.
          Maybe if I hang onto them long enough they will become a vintage cult classic item.

          • +1


            probably best just to install directly them into your car.haha.

            Settle down Xzibit.

      • +1

        Wow same boat, had mine for about 13/14 years, finally upgraded a few weeks ago to s2000 mkiii during the wireless1 black Friday sales.
        Sad to see it go but damn it sure went the distance haha.

        Couldn't be happier with the new setup though, Edifiers quality has me pretty amazed.

  • +1

    +1 for the s350db. really great setup and build quality. worth the money for sure.

  • +1

    s350db or wait for S3000Pro on sale?

    • +1

      Completely different beasts.

  • FYI, official edifier has discount too. it's a bit more expensive $10 - $20

    • I'm gonna have to read up on reviews of these now!

    • Decent price but they were $560 only a couple of weeks ago and have been as low on other occasions. Worth waiting for!

      • steal @ 560! i pulled the trigger haha :O

        I have the s350db all ready, they are (profanity) outstanding. I'm gona move them to home theater & run the 3000's on the pc

        really tempted to get the wood stands to go with them -.-

        • I missed out unfortunately sitting on the fence, so I'll be waiting for them to dip below $600 again before I bite the bullet.

          Can you report how they compare to the s350 ommitting the obvious price difference.

          I'd consider them but the main reason I wanted to get away from my z5500 (setup as 2.1) was to eliminate the bulky woofer as my PC setup has moved into the main room (kids and all kicking me out of the "3rd bedroom"/study…..haha). This is where I was hoping the s3000s would fill the hole sufficiently.

          • +1

            @db87: yeah man i hear ya, thats why i want to relocate the 350's as well
            i should see the speakers about weds with any luck ill give you a yell & let you know how they go
            i will have them side by side untill i relocate the 350s so i should be able to compare with ease
            the spec sheet says the power of the s3000 is 2x the 350s so im curious to see how the bass goes as well

            • @PensionerXXL: Watch this space!!


              • +1

                @db87: just got the s3000pro & did a quick side by side. s3000 pro wins. heres a quick run down
                i intended on using the s3000 pros at my pc desk as i leave music on here and move to a comfy chair from pc to enjoy
                so i wanted the s3000 based on the assumption they would be better at music to fill a bigger room

                this does ring true, however i cant use them on my desk because they are too (profanity) big. you can fit at least 2 350 speakers in 1 s3000, maybe even 2.5. i have an ultra-wide monitor and i just cant fit all 3. i would use speaker stands but my desk is in a corner with hardwire cable so it's a no go

                i tossed the s3000 on a tv next to my pc set up, ran the same tracks side by side, at low level for comfortable listening (i cant sit close to speakers and have them thumping like 30%+) they are on par in terms of bass and quality. i dont have an audiophile's ear to be able to pick up on shit that the reviewers talk about

                i jacked them both up to 100%, the s3000's kick super hard, no distortion bass is heavy and rich and they outperform the 350's sub it feels like in terms of how much the room rattles. they are much louder, and i didnt touch the dials on the back of the s3000's they are stock - i did dial up the bass on the 350s about a week after use.

                so at 100% the s3000s beat out the 350's with the bass boosted so its safe to assume it beats out the base at lower levels its just hard to compare a single source on the floor vs 2 massive (profanity) speakers

                one thing im super happy about that didn't dawn on me earlier is they are super simple to relocate as they are a 2pc with 3 cables vs a 3pcs with 4 or 5 cables. so easy for me to rip them out of the home theater set up and throw out the back when people come over, im sure you could picture the mess of relocating 2 speakers and a sub in the same senario

                if there is anything pin point you want me to have a look at feel free to ask! hope my brief play with them helps ya. oh and small ps, so worth the money. its instant joy when the bass starts tickling your tits from 5ft away

                • @PensionerXXL: Awesome on all accounts!

                  Especially the relocating part. I didn't think about being able to use them as outdoor speakers, that is a definite plus given their ease of mobility - find a power outlet and away you go. I'd be interested to see they're range between each other, for example, placing one at each end of a deck say 10m apart.

                  I am concerned about running them on a desk more for vibrations and partially due to size as they do measure up pretty big. My plan was to run a couple of speaker shelves, 1 either side of 24 inch, that sits on an arm above my curved 32 inch! At desk listening though, bass will be dialed down so vibrations shouldn't be an issue. Worst case I relocate them to the desk either side of my 32 inch - my PC is an SFF so I still have a bit of room on a 1300mm wide desk. I'd much rather live with the bulk of the s3000s over a bulky standalone sub.

                  Thanks heaps for the response!

                  • @db87: that is a good question about the range, i think you could answer that by checking bluetooth signal strength from your phone to the speakers themselves, which should give you an indication on how far you can stretch out the connection, personally, i dont think it's a problem because iv read people having issues with neighbours detecting the bluetooth signal (and probably playing pornhub through it for lols)

                    regarding desk use, i dont think the vibes should be a problem because i doubt you'll have em jacked so high being so close. you can get some of those foam/silicone pads to rest them on - speaking of stands, these wont fit on the cheap glass style speaker stands that are rated for 25kg each, the housing sheet of glass is too small to fit all 4 speaker feet on - https://www.catch.com.au/product/2x-speaker-stands-tempered-... - example there

                    the one issue i think you may run into is a new one i read about while looking into the s3000's apparently if you have big speakers to close to a wall you get some reverb which waters down clarity. they have a precise measurement which id have to double-check to be factually accurate but i believe its watts vs feet - so i think your best plan of attack would be wall-mounted shelves so you can angle the speakers to you and the reverb won't hit the wall behind you flush, a second solution people put up those base pads behind the speakers to catch it so it does not become an issue

                    i think my desk is about 600mm wall to front, and speakers take up about 50% of that, and you need to allow space for power cable, so if you factor in more distance or foam pads it can leave little space, so may want to research the above before you pull the trigger. personally if i was going to use these at a desk i would get small stands and angle them upwards so the reverb hits the carpet

                    good luck with it man!

                    • +1

                      @PensionerXXL: Yeah definitely a lot to consider.

                      I've even looked at possibly compromosing on a smaller set of active speakers but I just love the overall fit/finish/output of these. You definitely need to accomodate the size if you want the associated performance, something I might just have to forgo if they're going to be too sightly.

                      Definitely appreciate the response, it's greatly helped the decision making process.

                      All the best.

  • +1

    Bought these a couple of months back off eBay for $126 and got to say they are great speakers for the money. Bass is excellent and doesn't distort at high volume. I'd recommend them highly for anyone shopping in the budget price range. I doubt you could do better for the money. Easy pairing by Bluetooth. TV sound is excellent via the RCA connection.

    Just one issue. Don't lose your remote control. If you power the speakers off by using the remote it places them in standby. You can only wake them up again by using the remote. Powering the speakers off and back on again by the power switch on the rear of the unit or at the wall outlet only returns the speakers to their last state which would be standby. You then still need the remote to get them out of standby mode.

    No big deal if you don't lose your remote but it is a tiny item. Personally, I don't use it to turn the speakers off just to be safe.

    Anyway, don't let that put you off buying them. An excellent item for the price.

    • lost my remote control

  • +1

    For real I see these often, i need to know:

    Are these supposed to replace PC speakers like a 300 buck Logitech system?

    IS that what people use them for?

    • +1

      I'd like to know this too!

  • I am torn between the Edifier S350DB and S3000pro or waiting for Edifier Airpulse A80 to come out.
    I've never had PC gaming speakers and would like to buy a good set that I can have for the next 5 to 10 years.

    • +1

      My advise is, decide how much a 2.1 system/sub-woofer is important to you.
      While I don't have a S3000Pro or the S350DB (yet).
      I have the Edifier R1280DB (2.0) and Swan M10 (2.1), and just picked up the S350DB (2.1) to replace the R1280DB because felt the bookshelves speakers missed the sub-woofer sound too much.

      Also, we should be comparing the S3000Pro to the S360DB (~$700).
      And the S1000DB to the S350DB (~$300).

  • This review of the 1200DB is weird. He spends the first half being blown away, then he tells you after using them for a week he doesn't think the clarity is there for speech, then he pulls them apart and uses them for his TV anyway, but says he wouldn't buy them again. I've linked at the time where he changes from blown away to deciding they have issues, but it's worth going back to the start to see the facial expressions if you want a laugh.


  • S350DB out of stock? Anywhere else to get them?

  • Would hooking the r1700bt up to my main tv be worth the purchase? 5x5 living room.

    • +1

      Yeah definitely.

      I use these hooked up to my vinyl and TV. I'm quite happy with them.

  • S350DB is now OOS :(
    Was deciding which one I should buy. Oh well, will wait for restock AND on special again :(

    • Me too :.. ( dammit I'm so mad

  • Any models have hdmi arc , to connect with a tv and control volume?

  • +1

    Kinda new to Edifier, have logitech z623 currently hooked up to my TV. How do these Edifiers stack up against the z623?

  • Code now expired by the looks

    • Code still working fine on the R1700BT.

  • Annoying, the Edifier S350DBs are magically back in stock and the discount coupon isn't working :(

    • Yeah, code not working… I'm trying to get a pair too.

    • Coupon code is now expired. Think I will wait for the S3000Pro or the S2000MKIII to go on special (hopefully Boxing Day). In the mean time, I will grab a pair of R1855DB and may add a sub if I want more bass later on.

      • The S350DB would have been perfect for me and my room / set up :( i especially need/want a sub so it was handy its all one package :(

        • They should be on special again soon. Probably as soon as Boxing Day. Don’t worry :)

  • Hmm anyone received any shipping notifications?

    • Hopefully they ship it by the end of the week!

      • Speakers were at my door when I got home. No shipping notices or anything.

        • Just check my order on the site and there's a tracking number heh

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