What Is The Best Variety of Mango? 🥭

What are the tastiest varieties (sweet and juicy) of mangoes at this time of year? (I should know this, but I don’t)

I’m wanting to put together fruit gift boxes for my kids educators with mangoes, cherries lychees etc. What variety of mango should I include?

EDIT Based on feedback I changed the title from ‘ What is the yummiest (sweet and juicy) variety of mango?’ to ask which is the ‘best’ and now There’s an option to add to the poll.

Thanks all!

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    Honey Gold
  • 286
    Kensington Pride
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  • +1

    Tried R2E2 and it's bloody sweet.

    Kensington is also equally sweet.

  • +3

    Sweetness is often correlated to the ripness. So can vary.
    When i eat mango, texture matters to me and KP is my preference

    • Good point re ripeness and texture. Thanks for your vote.

      • -1

        Which variety is the one in Crash Bandicoot?

  • The best variety I ever tasted is not in this list. So, I would choose "R2E2" from this list. Last week, I had one but it was kinda sweet but not that juicy.

    • +1

      Thanks! What was the variety you were thinking of? I tried to add poll options but it wasn’t working for me

      • +1

        It is not available here. Sorry for the confusion. I have chosen "R2E2" in the poll.

        • Thanks!

        • +1

          Is it Karthakolomban by any chance?

          • @ceejee: Came to this post looking for a mention of the world's best mango variety, was not disappointed. Jaffna mangos represent!

    • +1

      I think I’ve made it possible to add a poll option now 😁

  • +9

    Green sour mangoes

    • +1

      Yep, I love these too. This time I’m looking for gift mangoes which I’m guessing should be the sweet ones 🤷‍♀️

      • I prefer another green variety that aren't as sour, but super fragrant, forgot the name!

    • Know where to find them in Sydney? Really hard to find.

    • Are these a different variety? Or one of the above varieties that are picked green?

      • +1

        You will find them at Asian grocery stores.

        • +1

          The main green ones I see are called Keo Savoy and Falan mangoes

      • +2

        Yeah different variety. There's multiple types I believe. I just call them all "Thai"mangos because I don't know the difference. Generally they are a longer elongated shape with a sharper point on one end than any of the common varieties. Personally I don't love them, I grew up on KP and am yet to find a mango I prefer.

        You need the green Thai mangoes for many dishes, particularly salads/side dishes I believe.

        • +1

          I believe you're referring to Totapuri (Hindi) or KiLi Mooku (Tamil) mangoes. Literally they mean parrot's beak. These taste best before they get ripe. Slices of these with salt and chilli, taste simply amazing


          • +2

            @soan papdi: "Nam Dok Mai" but could be the same thing in different language because yes the green mango is eaten shredded with chilli and fish sauce or similar. Good stuff!

    • With bagoong

  • +1

    I feel like there's more going on than just simply sweet and juicy with mangoes. I don't know how to describe it but to my taste buds Calypso all the way!

  • +2

    I like the sweet AP green mangoes from the Asian shops.

    • what is AP? "Alphonso" ?

      • +4

        Not sure why Alphonso isn't on the list as it's generally regarded as the best.

        • +1

          I don’t think Alphonso mangoes are grown commercially in Australia. I think maybe imported from India when Aussie grown mangoes aren’t available.

      • +1

        Associated Press

  • +8

    Calypso is sweet and has a smaller seed.

    • +2

      Ah! I didn’t realise calypsos had a smaller seed - thanks

    • +1

      Calypso is basically breeded to be a "better" KP. Slightly sweeter, smaller seed, no stringiness.

  • KP over Calypso & R2E2.

  • +1

    Calypso easily.

  • +2

    Why isn't Bowen on the list?

    • +4

      Because Kensington pride is

    • +4

      Apparently KP and Bowen are the same variety and originated in Bowen, QLD.

  • +2

    Carabao mango https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carabao_(mango)

    or Ataulfo / Champagne mango

  • +2

    How on earth is KP not in the lead?

  • +8

    Nothing beats the Alphonso and Langra.. sadly not available here.

  • +3


    Slightly off topic, are mangoes unusually firm this year? The same varieties seemed to be softer (more tender) when they are this sweet previously.

    • +1

      Yeah, I was thinking the same with the few I’ve had, which is why I’m not sure what my favourite variety is now. I actually quite like the early season ones that are firmer and have a bit of tang, but I think most others prefer sweet and juicy.

    • I prefer them firmer, who likes mushy mango?🤔

    • +1

      The mangoes around Townsville and Burdekin I thought seem to be a bit late for harvest this year, so maybe that has something to do with it if other regions are also experiencing the same.

  • R2E2 flesh is sweet and firm. Not as soft as other varieties. As with all things, depends on finding a quality supplier.

  • KP over calypso. Better texture. Haven't tried R2E2. What are they? Some kind a genetic hybrid?

  • +1

    Bowen for sure.

  • I grew my own Nam Doc Mai years ago, they were dead sweet and the seeds were virtually flat and no fibres(not biased). Neighbour had peach mango also very sweet and smallish red orange mangoes. If you can get these, all good. Otherwise go for Bowens.

  • Strawberry mangoes, hard to find , but there are a few in the Maryborough region, Qld.

  • +12

    Dont understand people voting for Calypso, they're awful compared to KP or R2E2. Very bland and tasteless. Or maybe that's just the ones Coles NSW is stocking at the moment? Coles KP and R2E2 are nice and ripe and juicy atm.

    • Yeah agreed. Unless there's an army of Calypso industry employees shadow voting on OzBargain it makes no sense to me!

    • Yeah, no idea people vote for it, it's the most bland mango out of the 3 mainstream. The only good thing about them is the look.

    • Most of the Calypso sold in Woolies and Coles are quite firm and sour in general. The ones that are on an equal level to KP in terms of texture, firmness and sweetness (not sourness), are usually found in fruit markets. The most recent ones I had, a week ago, was so sweet, I was quite surprised.

  • +3

    Go banana!

  • KP.

    I may be biased, though, because I had a few trees growing up.

    • Nice! Aside from the fruit bats, I’d love to have a mango tree.

      • +1

        If you don't like fruit bats might want to stay away from the ozbargain forums ha

  • +1

    This season I'm liking calypso's more than the other varieties.

  • +8

    Honey Gold. Once you try one, you’ll never go back. They are juicy, perfectly balanced in sweetness but with an ever so slight tang. The mango flavour is divine. They tend to be quite large, so I recommend sharing one with a loved one.

    • A couple of people raving about these, so I’m going to see if I can find some.

  • +3

    I have visited the original tree at the NT Ag Dept farm at Humpty Doo

  • +8

    Honey gold are the best ever!

    Calypso are bland and tasteless

    • I haven’t see any honey gold around yet - I’m definitely looking forward to trying when I do.

    • Agree. love Honey Gold!

      However it doesnt appear too often in my local Woolies.

  • +1

    Keow Savoey Green Mango, on another taste level far above all of these options — there are a few different green varieties from Vietnam/Thailand/Philippines, but not grown locally (yet), but you can typically find them in Asian markets so far, expect to pay a bit more than the locally grown ones found at your local supermarket.

    However, though they are easily the best tasting, Green mangoes are not quite as sweet with a little more sourness depending on the type.

  • Mango puding

  • Aroma, taste, sweetness. Easily Kensingtons.pirchsedd r2e2 a few times and was so let down. Appearance and texture was great but they taste average.

  • +3

    I really dislike the R2E2.

    Calypso is alright but my favourite and the only type I buy is Bowen/KP.

    • +3

      Yeah I'm surprised at all the votes for R2E2. Looks fine but tastes is very poor. KP on the other hand tastes great.

  • +1

    I think calypso and kp are at the same level for me, sweet and a little bit sour which gives the oomph effect for me unlike the r2e2 which i find plainly sweet.

    On another note it's incredibly sweet and thoughtful of you to arrange fruit baskets for the educators, i think it's the perfect gift.

  • +1

    Dont know if its just out of season or just me, but calypso always taste like eucalyptus oil especially on the aftertaste

  • Which type of mango has very thin seed?

    • Nam doc Mai

  • R2E2

    When you see it…

    KP all the way tho

  • +5

    Pakistani Mangoes - comes in winter but hands down best mangoes. You can find it in some Indian shops.

    • This year the Anwar Attol variety were imported as well. So so good.

    • +2

      I’m generally against imported fruit for environmental reasons - but maybe I’ll have to give one a go since a few people are raving about Pakistani mangoes.

      • Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan are fantastic. Would be available in most Pakistani and Indian stores during Australian winter time,

    • Pakistani Mangoes
      You can find it in some Indian shops

      • Brotherhood….

  • +1


  • +2

    It seems a lot of people here haven't tried the Honey gold one (only comparing the other 3). Give it a try and you'll love it for sure! Its big, plump, sweet and super juicy.

    • +1

      Just like Nigella’s?

    • I’m definitely going to try them after the recommendations

    • have tried it and I don't rate it. definitely bottom of list for me, guess it is all personal preference though.

  • +4

    Pakistani mangoes Chaunsa available around July August at South Asian stores

  • Calypso always used to be our favourite but this year something happened to those that Aldi sell, they never fully ripe and are tasteless, so I’m not sure now. This season honey gold from aldi was good.
    R2E2 has always been pure luck for me-one is good, another one taste so awful and overly sweet so I try not to buy this type anymore.
    Bring back the old calypso!

    • I feel as though Calypso have been lacking flavour for years. They always look the best though.

  • +3

    Do yourself a favour and visit your local Asian grocer for some Chocodam Mangoes. They are the sweetest, same shape as the green "Thai" mangoes but yellow and sweet. Best of all, grown in Australia as well.

  • +2

    Definitely R2E2 - sweet, firm - the works!

  • I like mangoes that are firmer and sour. Any recommendations?
    Sometimes I get a good one and sometimes they are sweet/normal. It's hard to know.

    • Stay away from Kensington Pride or R2E2 Grab a harder Calypso.

  • Still prefer Carabao mango aka Philippine mango

  • +3

    Check out my mango review from from ~5 years back. I'm no longer in the business though.


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