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Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 2TB - M.2 NVMe, $369.86 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Slightly cheaper comparing to the previous deal, the cheapest price according to camelcamelcamel.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Darn good price!

    • With 970 EVO Plus price dropped so much, I don't relly see any reason to buy m2 QLC drives, a few $ to save for a slower and less reliable drives.

  • So tempting to upgrade my boot drive from a 512gb PM981 as I’m planning to format my desktop over the break. Wonder if there will also be cashback again anytime soon on this category.

    • Isn't this 970 Plus slower?

      • PM981 is an OEM drive from the same generation but at least when I benchmarked the 512gb against my 2TB 970 Evo Plus in my laptop, the 970 Evo Plus came out on top. That being said as someone else has said elsewhere, once you get above a certain point (2000ish perhaps) it all becomes much of a muchness… I think lots of small random reads though would be useful since I intend to put my OneDrive folder (everything is stored locally too) on there and it's full of lots and lots of photos which take forever to generate thumbnails (even on my 2TB 860 Evo SATA SSD).

        • Just checked some reviews and it seems 970 Evo is about the same or marginally faster. I have PM981a at the moment too, and 960Evo in my other laptop. 860 Evo was way slower as was only SATA and not NVMe

  • Crucial P1 or Kingston A2000 is about $130/$140 per Tb, so I'm now super conflicted as to how much more I should spend to get the improved performance…

    • From two you mentioned, A2000 certainly looks better to me, at least it's a TLC drive with DRAM, P1 is a QLC drive, certainly worth an extra 10$. Comparing with Samsung, it's up to you, the price difference is not so large but you would not necessary notice the performance difference as well.

      • Kingston A2000 (esp with the firmware update) is considered the value king of 2020 in terms of punching in a class above it's price.

  • Whats with the deal with the 1 star reviews saying they received fake cardboard versions and/or no SSD was in the box? I shop from Amazon all the time haven't had any issues so far, but reviews like this can make you lose trust. Any issues with warranty from the US?

    • I bought a Sandisk micro sd card a couple of month ago. It behaved weird, as in I wasn't able to use the full capacity and transferring data to it took hours. it was used in a phone. I ended up sending it back and looking at Amazon reviews the seller must have been sending out fake products. In saying that the product I received looked identical to a Sandisk product you would pickup at JB hifi etc.
      by the time I was sending the card back to amazon the shop had gone already.

      Even though the card was coming directly from Amazon it looks like that there are some dodgy products going around