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[PS4, XB1, PC] Cyberpunk 2077 $58 @ Harvey Norman


Saw an ad from Harvey Norman that shows this price. Good for those that missed out on the Latitude Pay deal as it makes it around the same price. XB1/PS4 version has free upgrade to the PS5/XSX/XSS. Hopefully they can sort out the bugs and glitches if you want to add this to your pile of shame and play it later.

Here's the ad
Note: Currently the site is not updated with the pricing.

Mod: Printing error, some users were able to have the deal honoured in store regardless. See discussion.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • My experience on PS5 has been bad. 8 hard crashes and countless bugs. Undercooked and should never have been released in this state. There's a good game underneath all of that though

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    I'll tell you what, I got this game on first day from Harvey Norman, played it on my Xbox One X, the experience was bad, buggy and crashes all the time, fram rate was about 30 maximum. So overall it's unplayable on current gen.


    • The game runs fine on Xbox One X, its very playable. You sure there is not something wrong with your console?

      • well it depends on your definition of "playable". I had at least 6 crashes before 1.0.4 patch and had 2 crashes after 1.04 patch so far. The frame rate was not not consistent and hardly run at 30 fps, let along other horrible bugs in the game.
        Is it playable? My answer is between "barely" and "no"

  • +3

    Buy it when it's down to $19 within 6 months time!

  • -2

    Good find OP.
    Stills a good price / deal.
    probably won't be that much cheap in 3months time.
    not sure why u are being neg'd.

    I'll grab a copy / price match somewhere today.
    +1 from me. 👍

  • +1

    It's a great incomplete game, will be better once it's finished development.

    My guy here highlights a few of the funny quirky bugs we got going at the moment;

  • -1

    How does it runs on XBX. I got the console just wondering if i should buy it for this discounted price now?

    • Xbox Series X, or Xbox One X?

      Either way, I'd hold off.
      It's pretty blurry (low res) on the Series X. Wait until the next gen patch is out.

      I'd return my physical copy if I could. I got it for $58. Although the Day One slip cover and bonus stuff are pretty nice.

    • You mean Xbox one X right? The game crashes from thime to time and yes I've installed the latest patch. Game was hilariously buggy. Framrate is 30 max which is the worst part that I can't put up with

    • Why downvote the deal? It's the cheapest it has been for PS4 and Xbox.

  • +2

    A last-gen version of a game that doesn't run well on last-gen, and you have to wait until they patch it to make it "next-gen". And this was delayed as well for some reason…

  • +5

    As someone who is getting a refund on their copy of this game, all i'll say is avoid purchasing this broken mess at all costs.

    • Physical or digital?

      • +1


        Also, you can get a refund even if it's digital too. The consoles' respective online stores recognise the issue as well.

        • -1

          I was asking NedStart102 what version he was getting refunded.

          I can't see how you'd be able to get a refund of a physical version.
          Going into Harvey Norman and saying "the game is buggy" they'll just laugh you away.

      • +1

        Physical - JB Hifi. I called up and mentioned the ACCC / consumer guarantee etc and they were happy to refund it for me. The bloke I spoke to was good, and really apologetic that it was such an unplayable release. Have heard stories of people having more trouble getting it refunded at other places though, but don't be afraid to mention the ACCC and specifically the game not being 'fit for purpose' and 'not as described' etc.

    • +1

      CD Projeckt is allowing refund across all platforms


      • +1

        They have said this, but they hadn't confirmed anything with Microsoft nor Sony prior to the announcement of their BS "apology". It simultaneously allows them to shift the blame, and paint other organisations in a bad light if / when they try to refuse refunding the game. It's also not like they can say 'no, this retail store is not allowed to refund our game' so I don't see why anyone is giving them any credit for this.

  • Miles Morales Ultimate will be $98… nice

  • People are getting refunds, don't purchase

  • "wE’Ve gReAtLy eNhAnCeD OuR CrOwD AnD CoMmUnItY SyStEm tO CrEaTe tHe mOsT BeLiEvAbLe cItY In aNy oPeN WoRlD GaMe tO DaTe”
    Quote from the CDPR trailer at E3

    • +15

      I can't believe you put in that much effort to make a reddit-level joke that isn't all that humourous..

      • +4

        It’s just a copy paste. Still, I could definitely learn a thing or two from CDPR marketing

  • It's coming up as $78 now. I think its over.

    • +1

      Read OP’s notes friend

      • thanks mate, missed it.

  • +2

    I returned my day one edition for PS4 (Pro).

    Game is really not made for the consoles IMO; it doesn't perform like a AAA title should.

    Good deal for a PC if you can run it also.

  • +3

    Where did u see the ad, just went to Harvey Norman Store in preston, they checked and said $78

    • +1

      The ads on the 2nd page of the Daily Telegraph in Sydney. You'll probably need to show them in person. I can't see a start date so I guess it's on sale now. The sale ends 20th December.

  • +1

    I found the whole concept of Cyberpunk - High Tech Low life, was depicted perfectly when graphics are displayed in low FPS sometimes and game with some bugs on last gen…. (/S>)

    For every 3 hrs of gameplay so far it restarts 1 time on average. No process lost though as it seems autosaved often.

    It is not pretty in graphics but still very stylish visually. Maybe a bit annoying but not game-breaking, and dev should fix it somehow later.

    Afterall, In CyberPunk the world is rounder only for the rich and powerful….. Maybe is time my 1st Gen PS4 needs an upgrade…

    For people who looks for a perfect point and shot it may not be your dish.
    So far It feels more like a Borderland world in a GTA style.

    Side note, the story is ok so far. One of the more memorable funeral scene that I have ever experienced in a game world.
    What a way to say goodbye to a character, (unlike the "GOTY")

  • Friend bought the game on PC, the game is buggy AF right now..

  • +2

    4K 60fps maxed out with a 3090. Best gaming experience I've had all year so far and I've played nearly everything from GOT, TLOU2, P5R, FF7R etc

    • See, corp people with gears have a rounder world (just like in Cyberpunk)

      I am just a streetkid who has last gen gear but still found the game ok with bearable early release bug.

      Honestly I rather Dev push it before X'mas than further delays it as long as they are still fixing the bugs…

    • +9

      lol need a $3k video card just to run this thing adequately

      • nah 3080 will do it nearly as good. But i think the added vram makes a difference with texture loading.

      • +5

        im fine with 1080ti - 60 fps @ 1440 p no issues

        • Curious, I have 1080ti as well. What settings?

          • @m0usju1c3: 1440 p, pretty much all things on high but turned off motion blur and cinematic blur - plus aa down as well thought thats by preference
            shadows on med
            ppl density on med as well - by preference

      • screw developers that make games to take advantage of the latest hardware. we just want ports that can't stress potato pc's please.

        • -1

          Pretty much a case of we move as fast as the slowest person…

          "I can't afford a PC or good GPU so you need to dumb the game down to cater for my needs"

          I'm looking at you Valve with your 64 tick servers.

  • anyone successfully returned the game and got a refund from Harvey Norman? Asking cause their online chat was useless and I don't want to waste time going to the store arguing with their staff and still get a "No"

  • +2

    My local store won't budge on $78 at the moment

  • +1

    $78 online still - anyone got it for $58? I'm willing to gamble at that price…

    • +2

      Depends on what you play this game on.
      High end PC - A good bargain for now
      Xsx and PS5 - Maybe a good bargain
      Base consoles - You sure what to spend nearly $60 to watch a fancy PPT slide show?

  • +1

    'Tis a fine bargain, but sure 'tis no functioning game, English

  • +1

    I reckon $58 was a typo, more like $78 which is the price now.

    But will see.

  • Kicking myself for pre-ordering it as I generally never do but made an exception for this game! I'll be returning my copy and just wait to see the it ever becomes playable on Xbox One or for when I update my console.

  • +1

    This game is great on PC. Few issues as have been mentioned but totally playable.

  • +1

    The game is buggy as hell. I’m playing on PS5 and have had it crash literally at least 25 times. However, I’m still loving the game. This is a great price if you can actually get it for $58. I wouldn’t be touching it if I had a last gen console, however if you have a current gen and a bit (a lot) of patience then it’s worth checking out /my2cents

    Curious to see if more people have success getting it for $58 before I vote.

  • Has anyone has success buying it at this price from HN? I'll refund my digital psn copy and repurchase it if so ;)

    • Be aware Sony are apparently not accepting refunds for it despite CDPR saying otherwise.

      • Yeah I read that earlier, if it's anything like fallout 76 the ACCC will come down on playstation in regards to refunds. They won a court battle against them for something similar last year I'm pretty sure.

        • +1

          Yeah Sony have already been fine once before for a similar thing. If they’re smart they’ll honour the refunds here.

          • +2

            @SoDelicious: Playstations stance on refunds depends on which region you are in. I'm not sure what region those people were in that were trying to get a refund but they are more inclined to refund in Australia rather then the US, largely due the ACCC and our consumer rights.

    • +1

      Idc if you downvote. I paid $99 for a digital copy which on the pro has crashed upwards of 20 times. Please don't defend it by claiming the game was intended for PC, they marketed it for ps4 and xbox despite it being so poorly optimised.

  • found the aiming impossible on my PS5, really enjoyed the PC version though. awesome story. loved every bit of it.

  • +3

    My experience so far about 15 hours in : considering the bonkers level of eye candy, performance is quite good.
    - rig: 9900k @ 5.0, rtx 3080, 2x8gb cl16
    - res: 3440x1440
    - DLSS: Balanced mode (50% nvcp sharpening)
    - RT shadows: off
    - RT lighting: medium
    - RT reflections: on
    - chromatic aberration / motion blur / film grain / dof: off (personal preference, i don't think it matters for fps)
    - cascaded shadow res: medium
    - volumetric fog res/volumetric cloud res: high
    - everything else max

    Usually stays above 70fps with some dips outdoors. If I turn off RT completely, the frame rate rockets up but I love the ray traced reflections in particular so i'm happy to leave it on.

    Can't really speak to the bugs since the only one i've encountered so far is a floating gun from a dead NPC. No crashes so far or random objects appearing.

    It looks absolutely top notch and with RT off, performance seems in line with other demanding titles i've played (e.g. Cyperpunk vs RDR2 vs Metro Exodus ).

    If you have an RTX 2060/2070/2080 and/or super variants, just turn off RT, set DLSS to quality (or balanced with NVCP sharpening) and you'll have a pretty great time with a blend of medium/high/ultra settings.

    • +1

      I think RDR2 looks much better on medium settings than Cyberpunk does and runs better on my rig by a long shot. I think RDR2 actually still looks amazing on medium settings, while Cyberpunk looks very average.

      Rather than my subjective opinion, I think you can objectively compare them on Xbox and PS4 to really see how they look/run on anything but top end hardware.

      • +1

        I think RDR2 looks much better on medium settings than Cyberpunk does and runs better on my rig by a long shot. I think RDR2 actually still looks amazing on medium settings, while Cyberpunk looks very average.

        Perhaps, I can't comment on that since I didn't play it on medium settings. I ran RDR2 with most settings maxed in 1440UW and it looks beautiful (probably top 5 most visually pleasing games i've played) and the global illumination implementation is outstanding. I still prefer the the way C2077 looks maxed out but it's mostly due to ray traced reflections which isn't present in RDR2.

        Rather than my subjective opinion, I think you can objectively compare them on Xbox and PS4 to really see how they run on anything but top end hardware.

        The xbox and PS4 versions of the game are not remotely worth looking at. They run like trash and should have never been released in that state by CDPR. I played 20 mins on my mates PS4 and felt sick from the choppiness and lag. I hope the base console users are receiving refunds.

  • +1

    Digital Foundry have a great PC optimisation video, helped me get the most out of my 2070.


  • +2

    An ACCC spokesperson has also replied with a statement and suggestions for any users who wanted to refund Cyberpunk 2077 but were running into difficulties.

    When a consumer buys a product it comes with automatic consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. For example, when a consumer buys a product, the seller guarantees that it will be of acceptable quality. This means that the product will be safe, durable and free from defects.

    If a consumer has purchased a product that has a fault which amounts to a major failure, the Australian Consumer Law provides them with the right to ask for their choice of either a repair, replacement or refund. Sellers cannot exclude or misrepresent these consumer guarantee rights in their refunds and returns policies, or in their product warranties.

    If a consumer has purchased a product that is not of acceptable quality, and that product has a major fault, they should:

    Contact the seller as soon as possible to explain the problem and the outcome they want (a refund, repair or replacement). It may be best to do this in writing so the consumer has a record of their request, particularly if the seller has already rejected the consumer’s request for a refund in person or over the phone.

    Explain to the seller that their consumer guarantee rights apply irrespective of store policy or product warranty, if this is being argued by the seller to deny a remedy.

    Make a complaint to the ACCC or their local state or territory consumer protection regulator if the dispute is unable to be resolved.

    This is from Kotaku Aus regarding 2077 and refunds in Australia.

    • source?

      • Kotaku Australia, I referenced it at the bottom.

  • +2

    28 hrs in and loving it so far on PC. Really impressed with how well it runs while still looking stunning.

    I knew very little about it beforehand though, so had no real expectations. I seem to have been lucky and avoided most bugs/glitches I've seen people complain about. Just the odd NPC standing in the T shape.

  • can anyone confirm if the pc version of this has a code to redeem via GOG or Steam?

  • Called Harvey Norman and they checked and said this was printed as a mistake and has since been corrected. So $78 it is :(

  • +4

    Mark this as unobtainable, pricing error. Confirmed price - $78, confirmed by 2 live chats.


    • Called my local and they happy to do 58

  • +2

    I went in and just purchased at my closest Harvey Norman. They didn’t have any notice of incorrect price or anything but did say the price was wrong in print.

    Still got it for $58 though.

    • Do have to point out that the original guy at HN was really nice… The manager not so much. There was already a sign stuck on the desk as I was paying.

  • Already refunded mine. Not even worth my “trial time” i spent on it. Rip

  • +2

    I just spoke to Harvey Norman in Preston. That price was a mistake in print.
    They said it has been corrected. The real price is still $78..

  • +3

    Took the newspaper in store with me and they charged me $58 no questions asked

  • Could argue that it's quite thematic - buying a game that, in part, deals with the dystopic effects of overreaching corporation from a guy who is effectively spearheading that idea in modern times.

  • I C&C'd on release day. Do Harvey do any sort of price guarantee? (Not hopeful)

  • +1

    Wait a few months and pick this up in the bargain bin. Will hopefully be fixed by then.

  • Picked up my copy for 58 they had printed sign out price error tho so I guess try calling your store before you go there

  • Haven't had any issues with the game at all.

    32GB RAM
    250GB m.2 NVME SSD/5TB HDD

    I think it is well worth the A$36 I paid for it.

  • -1

    Anyone who thought this was ever going to run on last gen consoles are honestly kidding themselves. I'm running this on a 3080 and it's hands down the best looking game available at the moment, and it's reflected in it's performance.

    The REAL problem here is what CDPR did to hide the last gen versions (not allowing footage). They honestly should have just canned it for last gen, saying something along the lines of 'this won't show our vision' etc, rather than raking in the cash.

    • +4

      What do you mean anyone? 2 weeks ago CDPR came out and said it runs really well on PS4 and Xbox: https://wccftech.com/cyberpunk-2077-ps4-xo-performance-surpr...

      To suggest that people should have magically known it would be the worst console release in memory when the devs said it would run well seems counter intuitive.

      After that statement their share price shot up, then crashed after launch because of course it would when it's early access trash. CDPR defrauded their investors in addition to lying to everyone. Lying to gamers about what the game will have isn't illegal, but you can bet your bottom dollar that defrauding investors to manipulate share price is illegal.


      • What I meant is CDPR shouldn't have been trusted and let off as much as gamers have let them be. Pretty sure this is the first game in existence which has ever gone gold, and then delayed. If that doesn't tell you something sketchy is going on, I don't know what does.

        I'm not backing CDPR at all here and think what they've done is despicable, what I'm saying is that the while the game doesn't runs like crap, it isn't unexpected given the hardware that's required to run it on PC and I stand by the fact that it shouldn't have been released for these consoles. I don't think any level of optimisation they can do from here on out will 'fix' the game. It's not an optimization problem, the hardware is simply too old

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