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$20 off $60 Spend Catch, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne + More @ Latitude Pay


$20 off $60 Spend Catch, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne, Kitchen Warehouse, Drummond Golf + More @ Latitude Pay.

48 hour promotion.

Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox for $54 + Delivery at Catch, or $58 pickup at Harvey Norman.
Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller for $89 delivered at Catch or pickup at Harvey Norman.
Assassins Creed: Valhalla on PS4 and Xbox for $48 at Harvey Norman. Free upgrade to next gen available.

Combine with 10% off at The Good Guys

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Shame that Harvey Norman took down their PSN credit!

    This is a deal available to previous Latitude Pay customers too by the looks of it.

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    Is that $20 off to new customers only or u can use everytime?

    • +2

      It's recurring promotion for all customers

      • So never mind if you miss out this time - always next time!

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    Great timing, this will stack with the 10% off at GG.

    • Not sure. Let us know. Get the google tv 10% off and $20 off on top of that?

  • Can't seem to find t&c's .

    Is it multiple use ?

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    With The Good Guys 10% (XMAS10) off code.

    Google Nest Audio: $110.50
    Chrome Cast for Google TV $69.10

    • +2

      Great deal for the GTV!

      Edit: and $59 for the Google Hub even without the extra 10% is really good

      • Yeah, I bought one last month using the same offer. A bargain given the first one I bought was $169!

        A shame it's not eligible for the extra 10%, but not surprising given how much it is already reduced.

  • I can get Animal Crossing for $40 (it's $57) but I'm $3 short on to get it up to $60. Does anyone have any idea on the cheapest item?

  • Sign up. Get the deal. Pay it off. Delete the account.

    • +6

      bad idea to delete the account. keep it for future offers.

  • Does it have to be full amount?
    Ie can you pay partially with gift card, then the remaining with LatPay?

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      On the previous deal, I had a $10 credit with catch.com.au and couldn't combine that with the latitude pay deal. I would imagine at least $60 has to be charged through to Latitude, so maybe if you gift card brings the total down to above $60 it will work???
      ***Edit - see sydney_kings comment below.
      No other payment types can be in the same transaction.

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    I am assuming you get a credit profile hit for signing up to latitude pay?

    • +2

      Yes. And if you default on a payment it will be noted.

    • I signed up about a month ago. Don't see any query on my file.

      • Maybe it hasn't come across yet?

        • Hmm. Probably.

          I checked with credit simple (not with veda) but it shouldn't matter.

    • Only activity on my file last month was this offer from latitude… 60 point hit on credit savvy (Experian 920 to 860)
      Nothing on the others ..

      • Ouch that hurts.

        I will save my credit hit for new credit cards which offer 100k QFF points then, much better return than these Afterpay equivalents.

        • *not suggesting you read too much into the marketing scores…. but it's an indicator of what's on your file

      • I got done with the same hit on credit score, apparently only for first sign-up but not pretty all the same

    • I started sign up process,I didnt proceed when i saw the check box to give permission for credit check. Even though i didnt accept and closed the application istill had an enquiry the next month.

  • +3

    Boom cyberpunk for $58. Done. Nice!

  • Planning to get something around $110 from Harvey Norman. Anyone know if I can use a $50 gift card (5% off), and pay off the rest of the balance with Latitude Pay?

    • +1

      Not sure if it's the same for Harvey Norman but I just tried to use the good guys $20 store credit on my purchase and the option to use latitude pay isn't there.

      • I got the same. No idea what's going on…

      • I tried it by not logging in to my good guys account and it worked so sign out from good guys as a guest.

        • So you managed to use $20 store credit & Latitude pay both? I'm trying to do it for Chrome cast for Google TV & latitude option won't come up.

  • Anyone has issue of using Latitude Pay on GoodGuys website?

    I cannot pay with Latitude Pay and this warming comes up "Payment Initiation Failed. Gift Card payment Reverted if applied"

    • +5

      LatitudePay only comes up if no other payments are used (i.e. store credit/concierge credit/gift cards etc).

  • Is it one per retailer or one per Latitude Pay account?

  • Any reason latitude pay wouldn't be showing as a payment option for me?

    I get credit card, PayPal and pay 20% deposit…

    Earlier in the process it says paying by latitude pay? Proceed to payment and select latitude pay but there's no option there

    • +1

      I got it to come up by not logging in to my good guys account and it worked. So check out from the good guys as a guest.

      • +1

        tried as guest also did not come up ..

        edit: sorry i put $20 concierge credit which removing the option of latitudepay

  • do they have app like zip and afterpay?

  • Anyone gets the following error when trying to access The Good Guys website?

    Access Denied
    You don't have permission to access "http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/?" on this server.
    Reference #18.9f0333b8.1607560136.c8dae6f

    • +1

      Just you. What did you do 😂

      • I don't know lol. I get it on my laptop and my iPad!

      • Ok, found out the issue, if I click on any of the Amazon Echo dot products to purchase, then it happens …

        • O.o

  • +1

    Unfortunately, we're unable to offer you LatitudePay at this time.
    We've outlined the possible reasons why below - we highly recommend you print or save this information for your records - and we'll send you an email with the same information, too.

  • How quick is it to sign up to Latitude?

  • Applied LatitudePay just now. Bought mario kart ($58) + some batteries ($3) - $20 = $41 from Harvey Norman.
    On LatitudePay web, I clicked on make payment and paid it out in one go.

    Then I tried to use for chromecast google tv deal from TGG, got below message from LatitudePay web:
    "Unfortunately you're unable to make new purchases using LatitudePay, please contact us for further information."

    • +1

      Someone just called me from LatitudePay becasue he found out my account's blocked. He told me this was because I made a purchase and paid it out in one go.
      He has set my account back to normal, and hopefully my experience could help someone with same issue.

      • +1

        I seem to have the same issue. What an absolute ridiculous system if they block/ban you for paying out the total amount in full immediately.

        • That's awful.
          Sounds like a nasty shylock debt/fee trap.
          Perfect bedfellows for Harvey Norman.

          Will be wary of how many convoluted ozbargain hoops I'm willing to jump through in future.

    • I just had the same thing happen to me. I purchased something from the good guys and then paid it all off and now I was all set on buying something else from catch and then this sh*t happens. Submitted email request but won't get a response any time soon, and this offer ends midnight. Such bs.

  • Is it possible to combo this with the little birdie catch offer to get the dualsense for $69?

    Edit: Just tried it, how long does the $20 take to come up in your latitude pay?

    • It's not a credit to your latitude payment plan… catch applies a $20 discount at cart.

      • Ok so that shafted me, it killed my coupon code and gave me a total of $89 to pay with latitude, and i clicked through and paid, now trying to cancel…

        • Yeah for Catch it's a discount applied to your cart, for Harvey Norman it shows full price until you get to Latitude Pay checkout then itll be $20 less.

          • -1

            @theguyrules: Yeah that screwed up massively as it has swallowed my $20 voucher too from little birdie.

  • Awesome deal…. Bought Google tv… From TGG… Using 10% of offer plus this offer…$69.1… Hoping I can use it again

  • Would we be allowed to use latitude pay to purchase Harvey Norman gift cards in store? The good guys don’t allow as I tried.

  • +1

    So when we sign up with Latitude Pay , is that just one off credit check hit or will there be a credit check hit each time i use Latitude pay to purchase ?

    • I am wondering same. While emailed them they said its one time hit, I am interested in knowing experience from people eho have used often

  • +10

    I don’t care about credit scores. I know I’m good for any loan I apply for - otherwise I wouldn’t have applied for it in the first place. But if they deny loan anyway - so what? It’s their loss. They can’t harm me. Their opinion of me is not worth the toilet paper they wipe their ass with. I love these $20 off latitude deals. Last time I bought I really nice gallium nitride 30 watt charger which is the size of an Apple 5 watt charger for like 40 something bucks. It was a steal, like 30% off or whatever. Who gives a shit about what some worthless, morally bankrupt, kleptocratic bank thinks about that?

  • +1

    If anyone is looking for something to buy on Catch.com.au ~$60, alcohol (I bought spirits) from Boozebud on Catch are my suggestion. Free delivery too.

  • +1

    Checked this morning, clicked go to deal. Apparently deal can be claimed in store, long as I bring my license.

    Item in stock.
    Made the trip out.
    Salesperson at Harvey Norman politely unhelpful. Nonchalant.
    ”You need Latitude”
    ”Cool. Can I sort this out here?”
    ”I don't know. You need Lattitude”

    He doesn't ”know anything about how Latitude works here, I can't do the discount. It probably works afterward.”

    No phone reception in their store to get back on the website figure it out myself.

    Lesson learnt.

    Will pay the extra $21 elsewhere to avoid Hitler Norman. Saved negative $5 in wasted petrol, thanks ozbargain. =)

  • Anyone having any luck stacking the student discount for catch on top of this?

  • I am unable to sign up as i had a account previously and then closed it. But when i go to sign up, it still remembers my mobile no. from before. What a crap system. I cant log in via my old account or do forget password but i can create a new account either.

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