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[EXPIRED] Twenty21 Blend, 1kg (2x 500g Bags) $28.50 (Was $60) with Free Aus Post Shipping @ Coffee on Cue


Hi OzBargain,

We have another exclusive blend special for you, but first I want to acknowledge and detail some changes we've made after our most recent Black Friday special. We learnt a lot, and as a team we have implemented the below for this special:

  1. All orders will be split into 500g bags for maximum freshness and goodness
  2. All orders will be dispatched via the Australia Post delivery network
  3. There is now an express post shipping option available on the product page (+$4 to your order)

The Deal:

We've created another unique blend available only for this special as we head into the new year. It's our Twenty21 Blend - just what you need on your kitchen counter as we wave goodbye to the year that's been, and ring in the new year, Twenty21.

It's got juicy plum jam flavours with a chocolatey base. Delicious both black and with milk.

It's available only in 1kg size and whole bean, with all orders split into 500g bags to retain maximum freshness and goodness.

All coffee will be roasted fresh this week, and all orders will be dispatched no later than Saturday 19th December and via the Australia Post delivery network. Standard delivery is via the Parcel Post network, however you can select Express Shipping for your order on the product page for an additional $4.

There's a limited amount of this blend available so don't miss out. The sale is only open for 48 hours and will close at 12pm (noon) on Thursday 17th December, or until sold out.

Lastly, from all of us here at Coffee on Cue, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the entire OzBargain community. For your support, feedback, suggestions and comments - you've helped us through a truly bizarre year that has been 2020, and we're excited to come back with even more juicy specials for your all in Twenty21.

Coffee hugs x

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  • Now with Aus Post shipping instead of Sendle from the Black Friday sales. I appreciate the change.
    And all orders come with 2x 500g bags after how many people asked for it last time.

    • +3 votes

      Hi CameronT,

      Thanks for the message.

      We listened and we learned a lot. Our aim to provide the very best product, service and customer experience end-to-end and are committed to reviewing and iterating our offering and operation accordingly.

      Hope to see you try out Twenty21 Blend :)

      • I'm sadly still waiting on my Black Friday blend, so I won't need to order any this time around.


          Hi CameronT,

          I understand, hoping your order arrives ASAP and you love the Black Friday blend :)

  • Enjoying the coffee from the black friday deal - would recommend!


      Hi Sunproof,

      That's great to hear! Thanks for the comment.

      Hope you have a lovely Tuesday :)

  • Ordered, thanks OP

    • +1 vote

      Hi pd145,

      Thanks so much for your order.

      We can't wait to get your coffee to you - bring on Twenty21 :)

  • Great to see a store interacting with OB and really trying to give the best service, I'm in for a kg.


      Hi nmachine,

      So great to see you place an order, and thanks for the comment.

      We're all customers in one way or another, and all appreciate good customer service and being heard.

      We exist as a business to provide just that - thanks for the positive comment, it means a lot to us here at the Cue.

      Wishing you a lovely day :)

  • Ordered - Can't wait to try something new.
    My local cafe has started roasting their own but to be honest their results are very similar to when I was roasting my own…..


      Hi mobbarley,

      Thanks so much for your order - really appreciate the support.

      I'm sure if you give them a little time they will improve their quality - just takes practice and persistance.

      I'd love to hear what you think of our Twenty21 blend :)

  • Ah I have a few kgs of beans from the Black Friday sales. But might get one of these anyway!

    Why were these $60 for 1kg? That’s pretty high, like single lot/origin.


      Hi GeneralSkunk,

      We'd love to see you try our Twenty21 blend, but don't stock up too much! Unless you can gift a little away ;)

      We've included some high scoring Central & South American coffees in this blend, and we're only roasting it up once as it's not a part of our regular coffee collection.

      Wishing you a great afternoon :)

  • Three weeks and still waiting for my Black Friday coffee order…

    Too slow IMO for something best enjoyed fresh.


      Hi gamemaster,

      Thanks for your message.

      We've recently understood of some delays throughout the Sendle courier network (in particular during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales weekend)

      You will notice we've transitioned to using Australia Post, with the option to upgrade to Express Shipping for your order.

      We've learnt a lot from the Black Friday special, and use of Sendle, so delivery timeframes should return to normal.

      Wishing your Black Friday order arrives ASAP to you, and have a lovely afternoon :)

      • It’s nice to see you have made changes but unfortunately that doesn’t fix my current issue…


          Hi gamemaster,

          I truly understand, really I do.

          I do wish your order arrives quickly, and please know that we as a business are striving to improve in every way we can, so that should you wish to return to our store, your experience is far better than the last :)

          It's a commitment we have to continual improvement, innovation and iteration.

  • Enjoying their Black Friday blend at the moment, too bad these are whole beans as I don't have a grinder yet, can recommend their coffee :).

    • +1 vote

      Hi Jeaso,

      Great to hear you're enjoying your Black Friday blend.

      Sorry we're only offering whole beans this time - as an option, you could visit your local cafe to see if they'd be happy to grind the beans for you. Most generally will be okay to help.

      Perhaps Santa might come with a grinder for you, definitely worth the investment ;)

      Have a great afternoon.

  • Would love to order some, but still enjoying the last Single Origin special :)


      Hi supersaintly,

      Great to hear you're enjoying your most recent SO purchase - was it the Brazil out of interest?

      I understand you don't want to stock up too much; we'll have some more unique blends and offers to share with you in the new year, Twenty21 :)

      Have a great afternoon.

  • Good call not going with Sendle again. I'm still waiting for my black friday order.

    • +1 vote

      Hi luke6000,

      Thanks for your message.

      Yes we listened and we learned a lot.

      Sendle have been having some issues with their courier network so we are proactively reviewing and changing the delivery component of our operation.

      Truly hoping your Black Friday blend arrives soon for you.

      Have a nice afternoon :)

  • If I order today, when will you dispatch for Melb CBD? Desperate to stock up on beans. Pls Halp.


      Hi ozhxb,

      We will commence dispatch in the coming days - all orders will be dispatched no later than Saturday 19th December.

      Hope to see you give our Twenty21 blend a shot :)

  • Enjoying my Black Friday beans, and Kudos to you guys listen to your customers and changing courier provider. Will order more for sure once mine run out.


      Right on OZGE.

      Appreciate the comment and great to hear you're enjoying your Black Friday beans.

      We're always looking to make the experience for you, our customers, even better and will continue to listen to what is said.

      Looking forward to see you return to our store once again.

      Have a lovely evening :)

  • may I know the origin of this blend?


      Hi njukiller,

      Thanks for your message.

      It’s a blend of El Salvador, Colombia and Peru.

      Hope to see you try our Twenty21 blend :)

  • Really enjoying my Black Friday blend. While there were some delays (through no fault of their own), I'll have to skip this round but will be in for the next round for sure!

    Great to see they have learnt and moved to Aus Post for delivery and delivering in 2x 500grams bags for everyone :D

    • +1 vote

      Hi sena86,

      Thanks so much for your comment and positive feedback.

      Great to hear you’re enjoying your coffee.

      And yes, we certainly listened and learned and are committed to providing you all with better specials and deals moving forward :)