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"Easy Bread" Bread Maker (EBC-10-0003) $49.50 + Delivery @ Singer


Hi all, it seems to be in stock again - although at a higher price (previously $14.85 + Del)

Definitely worth it in my opinion even at this price. Haven't bought bread from the store ever since I got this!

Delivery is $10.50 with Sendle.

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  • Didn't they make sewing machines at one stage

    • Singer is just the shop. There is no Singer branding on the bread machine.

      Note that makes half-size loaves compared to a standard machine. Around 1 lb or 500g.

      • The title needs fixing then.

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      A century ago they made cars.

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    LOL they going to have a hard time selling them for that price, I got one and I haven't even used it

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      That's more a reflection on your impulsiveness than the value of this.

      • Well it was 15 dollars previously and I wasn't having a go at the value of the product(others had the product fail and the easybread packs are no longer available… so how cheap would Nespresso pod machine sell for if they no longer sold or made the pods?, ill end up using it soon just need the low carb ingredients

  • What songs are on rotation? I don't think they'll kneed many.

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    Showing as $29.95 delivery for me. Was going to gamble it when I thought it was $59 total.

    • Same here.

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    No idea how good this bread maker is, but you can almost always get good bread makers for very cheap at op shops. They are usually almost unused.

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    Fifty cents cheaper https://www.kmart.com.au/product/bread-maker/3249339
    12 pre-set programmes and 6 buttons

    Add $16 more to your order and get free shipping.

    • No stock near me.

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    I bought the same bread maker from Singer last month for $15. Still in the box, have not used it yet.

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      same here :) , still in the box.. don't know there is one inside even.. ..

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        Schrödinger's bread maker.

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    Got one during the last deal. Definitely paid itself off already but that's not hard with the price of bread.

    It's not amazing, but you need to be ready to experiment. I found the biggest game-changer that's not mentioned in the 'hack' recipes is to let the yeast sit and foam in the water for 10-15 mins before adding the other ingredients and resuming the cycle. Most recipes have the yeast added last. This resolved my issue of the bread being like a solid log of cake the next day. It's gets more air into it or something.

    • Thanks.
      Could you please provide some quick steps?
      Or is there a youtube video that you can suggest?

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        Here is my super basic recipe https://i.imgur.com/sj9z9Gd.png

        Note that step 1 means you put 400ml of warm water in the reservoir, pick your settings, hit start, and when it hits 2:09 you will hear it start to spin (200ml of water is now in the pan). Hit stop and wait for it to stop spinning. Then open it and go from step 2.

        Oh and with step 9, make sure it actually starts. Sometimes the screen dims so when you press start it just wakes up the screen. Then you press start again. It immediately starts to spin when you press start.

        Edit: also butter is unsalted butter, and yeast is dry yeast.

        • Thanks

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      Too much hassle. Follow my recipe steps in the other post and include bread improver. Makes the bread rise like crazy. You have to reduce the flour quantity to about 330g instead of 360g as the bread will rise too much and get stuck at the top.

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    i've got this and i must say it really does make good bread even without the capsule.

    • I got this from the last deal and its sitting there as I thought we could only make bread from capsules. Do you have a YouTube link or something where they show this ?

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    Bought one in the last deal, worth it I think. We just bought bread mixes from Coles and adjusted the amount based on what people have said online. Exciting to make your own bread!

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    See gumtree. Cheaper and option to pick up.

  • I have a spare not gifted in the end. Anyone in Syd after one to purchase in eastern suburbs, lmk.

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