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Samsung 75" Series 8 TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K TV UA75TU8000WXXY $1790 from Powerland


First time posting so go easy on me.

Searching around for a new TV and came across the Series 8 75" TV and the lowest price I could find online was $1970, then came across this deal. Delivery to Melbourne was $0 based on their shipping estimator.

I know its not QLED or OLED but no doubt an improvement over the Aldi TV I've had for the last 4 years.

Ended up ringing TGG and was able to successfully price match the TV to avoid delivery delays due to Christmas.

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  • It’s been cheaper with powerland before but decent price if you want it now. I have this model (smaller variant) and happy with it.

  • I brought Samsung 75inch qled for $1888 delivery included through this site during Black Friday, surely it’ll come back on Boxing Day?

    Hold off!

  • any advice on the best 75" LED on the market at the moment?

    • X9000H

      • Thanks was looking into the LG nanocell technology but people seem to recommend the Sony fairly consistently.

        Any advantage to spending extra on 9500H? seems some people think it has more negatives than positives from my quick google search.

        • ngl LG outside OLED is not that amazing imo.

          Sony is still the king outside OLED (Even within OLED, it is better in certain situations vs LG).

        • Nah.. Unless you go with LGCX or BX, I would not touch them.

          9500H will never get HDMI 2.1 upgrade where as Sony just released a firmware update for 9000H. That means 120Hz 4K content and Variable refresh rate. And contrast is better in 9000H. Only advantage of 9500H is the Viewing angle (who cares) and little bit better with reflections.

          • @amazonaddict: Plus earc for hdmi in the x9500h

          • @amazonaddict: The 9500H has the X1 Ultimate processor, the 9000H only has the X1- reportedly a difference in performance in the 8500 vs 9500 comparisons, not sure how much difference it may make here though

          • @amazonaddict: And better colour accuracy, upscaling, contrast, more FALD zones

            Reflection handing on my X9000H is pretty average

            • @blonky: Thanks for the feedback guys, first few comments made me sold on the X9000H but last few comments made me second guess if the X9500H is the better option, I guess I will wait to see what boxing day sales we get that may help me decide.

              • @yacman: I'm in the same spot yacman. Can get a 9500 instead and ok with the price difference. Just that this isn't our main tv (for the extra money) but the room is quite bright.

                Also won't be having any gaming on it, but also plan on having it for 10 years like my Panasonic plasma which is still going strong.

                The 9500 is meant to do better upscaling as well which is probably useful in the current market.

                I think if the 9500 had HDMI 2.1 I'd just do it .

      • Think the x9500h is probably a better tv?

      • X900H is the best all-rounder at the moment, and is absolutely stunning at 75 inches.

        Bing Lee are giving $250 visa cards on TVs over 75" at the moment, try to haggle them down to $3,000 including delivery and then get the $250 back also. Probably the cheapest option out there before Boxing Day.

    • I just bought 2 65" TVs this month for the new consoles (both xbox series x).
      Sony X9000H and Samsung Q80T.
      If for gaming - Sony for sure
      For movies and TV - Samsung
      Colours are just more impressive on the Samsung. But when the TVs are in game mode (both of them) the colours go a bit dull and graphics display change to support the 4k 120hz, and this is where Sony has a better display. This is my opinion with TVs side by side when we were testing them out, but each to their own

      • I was told for non-4K content upscaling, Sony does it much better. Would you agree in this regard?

      • What was your experience with the blur issue with Sony at 120Hz? A lot of people have been complaining about it.

        Anyways, Why 2 consoles?

        • Sony released a patch to fix that, I did have some issues and after checking online found I need to update to the latest firmware, since then no issues have occurred at all and I've played games with HDR and 120 hz like Cyberpunk, Valhalla and tested sea of thieves and played non 120 hz games like overwatch and had no issues there either. This latest patch they did seems to have fixed everything. Before the firmware update I had issues on the Sony not getting 120hz frame rate. Why 2 xboxs, me and my partner play on weekends a bit and found it easier to have 2 xboxs for group online games like overwatch, destiny and COD etc

      • Which would be better for reflections in a bright room?

        Also upscaling TV and the menus/smart functions?

        Thanks heaps, would really appreciate your advice.

    • I just bought the 75" Sony X9000H. I am quite impressed with it but I only used it for an hour or so. I haven't even tried any HDR content yet. These TVs seem to go like hot cakes. Very hard to find at the moment. JB HIFI said they will only get them in January. I found it at Costco in Epping for $2839. Very good price for these TVs considering they are hard to find.

  • I was in harvey norman one day with 75" U8000 and 75" Q60t side by side. And found U8000 provide better colour. Any one has same experience?

    • I would highly recommend taking your own content with you to test out tvs
      My local Harvey Norman has the worst multi tv display of all the local retailers because of the signal degradation from splitting and cheap cables… made oled look bad.

      Two thumb drives and load up a couple 4k samples on to them both. I've done this every time I've bought new tvs the last 8 years

      • I've always thought bringing SD content instead would be a better way of going about it, just to see how good the upscale works.

        • I guess if you primarily use it for sd content then yeah load up some 720 and 1080p content on them the point is to have two side by side with the same content to compare against

  • Was thinking a 55 inch for a one bedroom apartment …. but at this price, hm is it overkill?

    • 55 is too small

      • "Gee, I wish I'd bought a smaller TV", said nobody ever.

        • So so true, get the biggest tv you can afford and fit on your wall. You won’t regret it, I upgraded from a 55 inch to 75 inch and now I think I can fit an 82 inch better. Same room same house.

    • Buy a 75", you won't regret it. As long as you have at least 2.5m-3m between the tv and your seat.

      • Agreed, we moved our 75 inch to the upstairs retreat and replaced a 55inch. Whilst sofa is 3m back it still felt like it dominated the room. (Room is big too) just be aware of the bench width if using for an apartment.

    • 75" at least. Trust us.

    • You have to decide your preferred viewing angle. thx has a calculator with screen size and distance, and they recommend 36° degrees

  • Goes extra easy on mikz

  • I bought 75” TU8000 from JB-HiFi on Singles Day. After all the discounts and negotiations ended up getting it for about $1500. I used $1000 of gift cards from woolworths to have $100 rewards dollars to reach the above price. I think I got a decent bargain.

    • did a similar thing last year with our 82" RU8000…
      ended up paying around $1900 when sticker price was $2795 after i used HN cards that i bought 10-15% off and HN had a sale going…
      bit of haggling but was buying other things for the house + a wall mounting kit to get the price low.

  • Will a 75" TV fit in a Kluger sized car?

  • Which is the best 85 inch TV under 4000 for a bright large room with various viewing angles?