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Myki Yearly Ticket. Beat The Price Rise. 9% Discounted Tickets through PTUA


Victorian Government has posted 2012 fares representing an increase of average 8.6%

Buy yearly ticket now through PTUA so long as you pay by 22 December.

Zone 1 -$1120 incl membership
Zone 1 & 2 - $1715 incl membership

2012 Retail yearly tickets will set you back $1306 Zone 1; $2021 Zone 1&2.

Buying 12 Zone 1 Metcard Monthlies would be 12 x $122.80 = $1473.60
Buying 12 Zone 1&2 Metcard Monthlies would be 12 x $189.20 = $2270.40

Myki commuter club cards do not incur the normal $10 card fee

Note credit card surcharges on website.

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  • +4 votes

    hmm… I don't know whether this is really a bargain, maybe the forums would be a better place for it.

    • +15 votes

      Public transport in Melbourne is NEVER a bargain. Because it's slow, hot, squashy and unreliable.

      • +2 votes

        sardines in cans would be more comfortable than commuters on peak hour trams or trains in Melb…

        • +4 votes

          been on leave JV? havent seen your usual plesent cheer for a while ;)

          back on topic, i think its a fine line, but im going to allow it(maybe its the season to be chearful). possibly better suited for the forums as quickling points out… but its a pretty big savings… san also had a very good point.

          though i guess, on the flip side, you could say use as much energy as you can now, cause come next year the carbon tax will come in and we'll be paying more!!!

          now where do i put those batteries, better charge them before the new tax comes in.(- would that be classified as capital gains?)


          but its a pretty big savingsā€¦

          how is it a saving?

          it's always been that price…


          you are correct not a savings in the normal sense, its more a reminder. but i think its probably worthwhile as it affects so many people, im a little conflicted about this one… if the rules are the rules, then yeah forum, if there is a little flex, then it could possibly stay…

          i mean the savings you would have between buying it now and later.

          man i dont know why they are lifting the price, public transport is already a rip off, in my view, mass transit is supposed to be cheaper than private transport!

          Im just glad i ride into work, fuel for the week is like 15-20 bux. basically half what the pt costs, I always get a seat, i'm never delayed or always ready to go when im ready. and im rarly cancelled!

      • +4 votes

        IF there is one good thing about having left Melbourne it is not having to listen to Melbournites bitch about their public transport system which is light years ahead of the rest of the country.

      • +3 votes

        Be my guest and come to Sydney to try the > 30 years old buses:

        Mercedes-Benz O305 MkIV
        Mercedes-Benz O405 MkV
        MAN SL202

        And old trains:

        C Set,
        K Set,
        L, R and S sets

        • +6 votes

          Then come to Melbourne and ride on the
          - Comengs with a deafening 1khz tone and every second interior light flickering
          - Xtraps with junk suspension that bounce and throw you to death and no aircon in the middle
          - Siemens who's brakes don't work.

        • +3 votes

          reply @bm

          I live in melbourne and the problems you describe just prove dzhay and siuol's point that most people here bitch way too much. The lights on the Comengs aren't as bad as you describe and the noise isn't "deafening". Yes, train rides can be bumpy. If you can't keep your balance you are unco as it gets. If you genuinely are unco because of age or disability, you're entitled to a seat. And finally, complaining about the brakes on the Siemens? That was a beat up if ever I saw one, not to mention the issues were resolved around '08-'09.

          Anyway, I'm not trying to criticize you, my point is just that our PT system isn't all that bad, and I'm sick of constantly hearing people blame everyone but themselves for being late, while never once hearing anyone praise the system despite it being punctual and effective far more often than not.


        Don't take your public transport for granted, I live in Sydney and shittyrail is shit.

  • +2 votes

    Appreciate the reminder OP. Sometimes it is good to know what will be considered a bargain come 1 January.

    • -2 votes

      what will be considered a bargain come 1 January.

      it won't be a bargain on 1st of January, because the price will increase, it's called inflation…

      most things increase in price… only discounted items should be posted here… this item is not discounted…


    JV - PTUA yearly tickets are discounted 9% off Retail Yearly Tickets.


      that is the membership price, and it's belongs in the wiki, it's not a bargain, once again, it is the normal member's price…

      has always been that price…

      • +1 vote

        It is not generally advertised that a product/service is about to increase in price. PT fares are an exeption to this, therefore is a valid post.


          therefore is a valid post.


          How much was this ticket through PTUA

          last week ???
          last month ???
          six months ago ???

          how is this cheaper than the PTUA's normal price?

        • +1 vote

          Its a bargian compared to buying it direct and most people do not know you can buy through the PTUA - borderline forums - but given most people are not aware of it I say leave it here.

      • +1 vote

        Your questioning the previous pricing is irrelevant. You are defining a 'bargain' as something that is cheaper now than it was previously. It could also apply to things that are cheaper now than they are going to be.

        Retailers don't publish catalogues advertising that an item currently selling for $100 is going to increase to $110 in a weeks time. But if they did, we might see many more posts like this one!

        • +2 votes

          Your questioning the previous pricing is irrelevant.

          No it's not, a bargain is something that is temporarily cheaper than it normally is… This isn't cheaper, and has been the same price all year…

  • +1 vote

    +1 for JV's efforts lol

    • for JV as usual. but the number of pluses kind of suggest this is a bargain. so as per the usual majority win…
  • +4 votes

    "Metlink is encouraging travellers to switch to myki and beat the price rise."

    What a load of shit, both types are pretty much increasing by the same amount (in some cases, Myki is increasing by more). How exactly does switching to Myki beat this price rise?

    How can they justify a 9% price rise across a single year anyway? The service provided this year certainly doesn't justify such a price hike, if anything it should be the complete opposite.

    *I'm not ragging on the OP's deal btw, just ranting about the way the deal happens to come about.


      not to mention if you prepurchase metcards you do it at this years price.
      Putting money on your myki will deduct the fare at the new price (next year)


    agree with JV, regular prices, but not for me since I can get these for 719.55/1082.25/1673.10 through work without CC surcharge.

  • +2 votes

    isn't this the ticketing system that cost more to put in place than it did to put a robotic vehicle on Mars?


    So if I get a myki through this and it gets lost/stolen who do I contact and how much is the replacement and where do I go to add myki money? can I still do it through the myki website?

  • +1 vote

    I live in Caufield, I never seen trains on time once…………..


    Cheers, was not aware of this deal.
    Regardless of how crap the transportation system is, at the end of the day we still have to use and pay for it. Since I work in the city this will save me $500 for the year when the new prices come in. Was reluctant to use myki but given the cost savings why not.

  • +2 votes

    the 9% saving may just pay for all the antibiotics you will need to take over the year to get over all the commuter virii. Colds, Flu, eboli etc

  • +2 votes

    Date changed: You have to pay by 15th December 2011

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