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First Choice Liquor: 20% Upsized Cashback (Capped at $25) @ Cashrewards


Greetings everyone, just received this in the newsletter, seems like a great increase for First Choice Liquor from CR :)

Stacks with $10 Off $100 Spend with "XMASTEN"

Some Good Deals (Prices Before Cashback):

2x Roku Gin 700mL $100
Lagavulin 16 Year Old $95

As always, enjoy :)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +4

    I don't remember 2019 being this brutal on my liver and wallet.

    • +5

      But it's not 2019!!

      It's 2077; you can get a replacement bionic liver from Amazon Super Ultra+

      • +3

        Dont do that. It will probably glitch out on you and you will die anyways.

        • +1

          Not a worry because Amazon has a fantastic returns process so your estate can still make a claim

  • What time does it go from and to?

    • +4

      Runs between 12:00PM AEDT and 11:59PM AEDT 17/12.

  • +3

    I have never had one of these liquor store cashbacks actually work without having to query them for ShopBack - We will see if CashRewards is any better!

    • +2

      It did not work with Shopback, I'm still waiting for my cashback to track. I've raised a request.

      • Chrome just doesn't work for me. I cancelled my untracked orders and waited for subsequent 20/22% cashback deals, switching to MS Edge for tracking. Has worked so far.

        • I only use MS Edge for deal tracking purposes specifically because I've had issues with Chrome in the past.

    • +4

      Always use CR app and complete transaction within the app.

      • +1

        I used app as well but didn't work for me twice…. must be first choice liquor issue.

    • CR has always tracked for me. I've always just used the browser (Firefox in my case).

    • I've been in the same boat lately, did you at least get the one's you query cause the wait is 30-90 days?

    • I've bought on the last two cash rewards cashback at first choice and neither tracked. Not sure why, using Mozilla firefox

      • Try use the CR app

  • When?

  • +6

    For the love of god, if you've tried Roku. Try Citadelle Original Gin! It's on special and is seriously one of my favourites. $5 more and soooo much better!

    Please anyone that buys it come back and comment as I genuinely think we'll have a wonderful strike rate!

    • +2

      Agree. Citadelle is from France and has a more earthy/grassy gin flavour which is great in martini’s. As opposed to botanical/sweet profiles in other gin’s

      I have both Roku and Citadelle in the cabinet atm.

      • +2

        Forty Spotted is also rather wonderful and on sale for $68 - highly recommended

    • +1

      Thanks mate, was going to try it anyway, will do now.

  • +3

    The discount last time didn't even track for me at Shopback. I've raised a request, they said First choice liquor deemed the transaction to be ineligible, what a rort. Let's see if the cashrewards system is any better.

    I did everything as per the terms and the transaction was within the specified time window for the deal.

    • +2

      Yeah similar experiences here unfortunately. Imo deals which purely consist of cashback shouldn't really be deals at all.

      • I suspect its First Choice Liquor's tracking system. Other cashback deals worked, eg the 100% cash back ones on Shopback tracked almost immediately.

  • Is cashcback on the GST inclusive amount after XMASTEN 10$ discount

    • No idea, it never tracked for me last time on Shopback, don't know how First Choice Liquor calculates the cashback amount.

    • usually EX GST.

      • So Laphroaig 10YO would work out to $57.2 from $80. Pretty good price.

        • it'll be 57.20 ex gst i believe or 63 inc gst … (if the 80 was inc gst)

          also add a 6pack or something to get to $100 apply code to make it 90 … then cashback :)

          • @scud70: Righto…still decent

            • @ajbee: Ok so i did $110 - 10 voucher, it tracked for 100.91 so it didn't count the voucher. So it cost me $80 for $110 purchase. Hope that helps :)

    • Looking at my previous purchases, can confirm it's ex GST amount

  • How does the referral works. is it cashrewards referral or Firstchoice referral?

    • +1

      The referral under the OP is for Cashrewards, First Choice don't have a referral program it seems.

  • So you cant buy 6/4 pack anymore from First Choice?

  • I just spent $100 yesterday at Liquorland…..

    • +1

      stock up!

    • buy the dip, average down cost :)

  • Ordered 2 cartons of beer for the holidays… Let's see if the CR tracks. Used the app this time. Thanks OP :)

    • How long should it take until it tracked in the app?

      • +1

        Nice. Cashback tracked within 5 minutes in app. Good stuff.

        • Same, and ready to collect already too

  • +4

    think the site is down atm.

  • Lagavulin showing 105 for me

    • you need to use the $10 off code

      • yeah just realised im dumb. thanks haha

  • +2

    Jeez, a liquor site under ddos lol

  • I got the Newstead Pale Ale Yesterday from Liquorland, today I'll get the Newstead IPA from FC…. on holidays from tomorrow so good to go!

  • +1

    Purchase tracked within 15 mins.

  • A lot of big brand beer cases come down to $34-$35 a case with the 2 promos taking about 25% off after GST .

  • site it totally messed up some things load some things dont, error searching lol….. going to wait for it to settle down before i order

  • +1

    Does anyone know how long they keep the order for? I won't be in a position to collect until Christmas Eve.

    • 4 days rings a bell

    • Tried to pick up a C&C order last weekend and was told that after 14 days it is automatically cancelled (refund to be processed by HO). I was there on day 15… lol

  • Is cashback eligible for this deal if using giftcards?

  • Waiting for a flat uncapped 10% :(

  • +1

    My last cashback wasn't tracked properly for this and still being investigated.. Already drank the scotch though.

  • Purchased 20 minutes ago, just got the tracking confirmation.

  • Already got Rokus Gin for 2x $97.40 from Dan Murphys

    should I get more??

  • +1

    My last online purchase at First Choice Liquor they wanted me to email a copy of my credit card and drivers licence to them before I could collect non-alcoholic "beer". They couldn't give a toss about customer identity security. So sketchy.

    • It says to pickup within 60 min. However, not the case. Have been waiting for the pickup msg for hours. Is that normal? BTW, will the cc be checked at pickup?

      • Yes to your last question; if you don't have the card, they'll ask for the last four digits

  • Is the cash back on the GST exclusive amount after XMASTEN 10$ discount? If so, don't bother putting in the XMASTEN voucher as you'll get more cash back if you spent less than $125. 20% cash back from Cashreward is much better than 10% from First Choice Liquor. Cheers
    (I just bought the Lagavulin 16YO for $105. The cash back is $95.45 ex GST x 20% = $19.09. If I applied the XMASTEN voucher the cash back will be $86.36 x 20% = $17.27)

    • +1

      No. I can confirm that the cashback does NOT take into account the $10 discount - if you use the discount, the cashback is STILL calculated on the price BEFORE the discount, excluding GST. You should have used the $10 off - the cashback you received would have been the same.

      • -3

        So I don't think it'll make any difference with the XMASTEN voucher if you spent less than $125. Cheers

        • +1

          Uh, yes it does. You didn't use the $10 off and just spent $105 - $19 cashback = $86.

          If you had used the $10 off, you would have spent $95 - $19 cashback = $76. That's $10 cheaper …

  • Ordered and it tracked within minutes.

    • Ordered a couple of hours ago and not tracked. Seems to be a constant with BWS and Liquorland CR.for me i.e. rarely don't track yet Dan Murphy's is 100% tracking. Strange. Time will tell but just hope not a case of having to gather the evidence to submit a claim. It's just so much easier when it just tracks!

  • +1

    Last time shopback didn't track my order even after an enquiry. I took the items back for a refund and they refunded me the full price even though I bought them on sale.

  • Mornington Pale Ale 375ml $60 a slab of 24.

    I just got 2 slabs using 10% discount code: XMASTEN for $110.

    20% Cashback should bring it to $90. Bargain!

    • +1

      Mornington has been a wide range of prices in the past 4 months. I've seen it in Melton for $30 (Best Before March 2021), then it went up to $40. I got it for $40 at the start of November with a $10 off code and 20% off via cash rewards ($120-$10-20% = $88 for 3 slabs)…Great Beer.

  • Just wanted to ask when they imply capped at $25 per transaction or is that a total of $25 regardless of how many transaction there are?

    • It's the latter, $25 total only under this 20% offer.

      • Thank you

  • +1

    Cheers OP, that's The holidays sorted, 2x Tinnys Pale ale

  • Dimple 15yo is a very good blended scotch whisky. Typically goes for $70. On special at $50 is very good value.

    I think it's a huge leap from the 12yo. "Caramel start with nice completx floral/fruit layers after. It's a darker, richer and smoother version of the 12yo".

    With 20% cash back ($40) it's a no brainer. Do it!

  • +1

    I can't stand something about the first choice liquor website…. WTF is up with showing you items that are not in stock or available for delivery - why waste my time? Why can't I filter that crap out of my search?

    • +1

      Totally agree. One spends time shopping only to find items then get deleted at checkout. Seriously annoying.

  • Got the 24x The Ginger Kid Extra Strong alcoholic ginger beer 330ml Bottle for $40 ($39 off, allegedly) via www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/beer/harcourt-valley-the-ginger...

    And the 12x Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Bundle for $105 ($65 off) as per www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/white-wine/marlborough-sauvigno...

    Not a bad collection for $110 delivered after the $10 off code and 20% rebate which has already tracked at Cashrewards.

    Thanks OP - that should stop the missus from whining over Christmas or at least give me the patience to tolerate her if/when she does…

  • +1

    12 hours and still not tracked.Third time this has happened on an upsize. Always very quick on a standard cashback purchase.

  • Cheers OP. Had the same issue as some here with Shopback not tracking on the last deal. CR tracked pretty much straight away for me.

  • I got 2 cases of beer in early Dec through the deal on the day CR listed on ASX and now 3 more cases with this deal. Cashrewards $21 first one and $24 this time. I need to drink more beer now because looks like a lot of Xmas related get togethers will be cancelled or much lower key than planned (I live in the NSW covid red zone :( )

  • Still waiting for my delivery from 17 Dec.

    Won't be using First Choice ever again…

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