This was posted 4 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra 8GB GDDR6 $949 + Delivery or Free Pickup @ PLE Computers


WA Warehouse 21/12/2020
Vic Warehouse 28/12/2020

Not bad price for an AIB RTX 3070. Even more appearling considering what is avaiable in the market.

On PLE's website the current ETA is today 18/12/2020, and I have emailed them yesterday and confirmed it will be avaiable by Next Monday 21/12/2020.
This card's status is "ETA avaibale", which they explained:

We have confirmed stock coming that isn't already allocated to orders, place order now. Click product to view details for your store.

Meaning no queue at the moment. I asked them if it is avaiable now because of the ETA, and they replied:

Hey William,

The best way to proceed would be making an account on our page and processing the order that way.

The current Estimate has been missed and we wont be receiving these cards until Monday.



I ordered mine, hopefully it will be sent next week.

Review from JayzTwoCents here:

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  • would have jumped on this if I hadn't already got a GB Master Aorus …

  • Still waiting for Boxing Day for a better deal. Dunno why EVGA card looks so cheap

  • They probably only have 5 cards coming, PLE will put you into 4-month queue for a product with a constantly shifting ETA date, no remorse.

    You can cancel anytime though, so try your luck I guess.

    Gigabyte cards seem to be coming in hot into Australia.

    • Agree don't trust their ETAs however at least their cancellation process is quick and easy.

    • Even if they replied me in their email saying the stock will come in next Monday? I guess everything could change, but seems like this model is getting stocks in with no queue in front of you.

    • Unfortunately my case only fits the EVGA XC3 models. They are a good bit shorter

      • Is this one of the smaller models?

        • Unfortunately yea. The EVGA XC3 range’s shroud width are in uniform with 2 slot.
          There is a few other brands too but with old blower style design.
          I’m stuck on PLE’s waiting list for a EVGA 3080. It’s not their fault but they should take more initiative on emailing about the stock situation. If I have to wait much longer I might as well hold out for a 3080ti ffs.

    • I agree they don't do a good job of adhering to their ETAs but they do have stock coming in. ETA means they have confirmed stock for your order. I ordered mine on 27/11 and it was shipped on 09/12 even though my ETA was 21/12.

    • Can confirm this is the case from my experience, ordered a 3080 Nov 1 had zero updates on its ETA, but refund process was quite painless when I asked for one at the beginning of the week.

  • This is a good deal for a full sized 3070. This will likely run cooler and quieter than the 3070 Zotac which was the cheapest. However, since the power limit of 220W is the same as the Zotac, its likely not going it perform that much faster.

  • 3070 with only 1 x 8 pin seems like a waste.

  • +15 votes

    8GB of memory makes it difficult to justify these cards for $900-1000. This will not be good enough in 2-3 years.

    • Yeah that's a good point. My GTX 1070 has 8GB…

    • I'm still holding out for the 3080ti 20gb which apparently is delayed until february now


        That would be nice. After the preorders we might have to wait till 2022. Sad state of affairs at the moment.

    • Most "enthusiasts" will be ready to upgrade in a few years and 8GB should be ok for a while, may just need to turn a few things down.

      Unless 4k is a must, 8GB will probably be enough for most people?

      • I think this is the most realistic assessment beyond the headlines / stats / benchmarks. Steam stats show most people are still on 1080p with an increasing number on 1440p.

        I'm using my 3070 on my 4k TV, and its definitely close to the limit on 4k (usually around 4 - 7k GB VRAM) in most games. That said, considering other performance limitations of the card, I doubt the RAM limit will be the biggest issue.

        I do have nightmares about GTA editions of past that I couldn't run some settings due to vram limitations but even then, I'm still a little hesitant to spend an extra $500 on a 3080.

        • Most people on steam aren't dropping $1k on a gpu. A $200 rx570 has 8gb of ram. Consoles have up to 16gb of vram available. A card costing $1k in 2020 should come with more than 8gb, whether it's needed or not. Have you tried vr gaming of anykind? Vram killer. Most folks don't buy something like this for csgo or fortnite. These cards will be expected to run 5 years+.

          • @BrutallyHonest: I have not looked at VR in a while and did not even think that at some stage I might like to get into VR - 20xx were not quite there I don't think for 2nd gen VR headset - hoping 30xx might be ok? Anyone using a 3070 or 3080 or even a 3060Ti for VR - reverb 2 for example?

    • yea but in 3 years time good luck playing modern AAA titles by then at max settings 60+ fps. unless you dont mind below 60 fps. vram doesn't mean much when your GPU isn't fast enough.

      3 years ago the fastest consumer GPU you can get is a 1080 ti and look where it is now, struggling for beyond 60 FPS in modern AAA titles at max settings. 11GB of VRAM on the 1080 ti doesn't mean anything at all, it would've performed the same if it had 8GB. The VRAM is only there due to 3 things: marketing, architectural limitation design and GPGPU Compute Applications.

      3070 will meet the same fate, at an amplified rate considering it's not the fastest consumer GPU you can get.

      • VRAM is only really relevant for larger textures. Unless you are playing 4k+ there is not much benefit with 8GB+ of VRAM.

      • Actually it depends upon your resolution. 1440p totally yes. But if you’re on 1080p, my 5 year old 1070 is still pushing over 60 on high settings. Sure it can’t max it, but it’s no slouch as your suggesting.

        Cyberpunk is still the outlier.

      • Still rocking an asus strix 1080ti and it is buttery smooth on ultra / high on the majority of AAA titles @ 1440p.

        Only thing it is really missing is raytracing.

    • Play Cyberpunk 2077 @ 1440 or 4k with RT and the settings cranked up and you'll find its not even enough today.

  • Given that my last EVGA card (1070 FTW) just blew up recently I'll be waiting for stock of another brand.

    Turns out all of EVGA's Pascal cards had an issue that makes the card want to blow itself up, and despite registering the card with EVGA they didn't bother notifying their customers and offering to send out their fix, and their response to the support request is "I'm sorry you had a bad experience, we hope you'll be buying more of our stuff in the future".

    No I'm not saying these cards have any issues at all. This is just my personal experience with EVGA previously, I'm most likely going for a Gigabyte card as my 7 year old Gigabyte GPU still works perfectly despite sitting under a pile of dust in the garage for the last 3 years.

    • +2 votes

      They also have some of the best, if not the best warranty process by most accounts. As for "all" pascal cards having that issue, I highly doubt that.

      • Only if you're in North America. Warranty outside of NA is extremely painful, you can research yourself and not take my word for it.

        I bought EVGA because I heard the same good things about their customer service, but according to many users it has gone downhill for the last 2-3 years.

        The issue was inadequate cooling for the VRM's on all the 10XX series cards causing them to blow up. Their suggested fix was to send out additional thermal pads to help with cooling. My issue is that even though I registered the product on day one, I was never notified that this issue was identified or offered the necessary part to take mitigating steps.

        Once again, just letting people know my experience. From all accounts their 20XX and 30XX series cards seems to work fine. But I wouldn't count on their customer support in Aus and if I'm spending $1500+ for a 3080 I'm going to be a lot more cautious buying EVGA.

        • Well that sucks to hear then. I was looking at an EVGA card too this time around.

    • I recall EVGA did have an issue with the initial 10xx cards. EVGA released FTW2 & SC2 to rectify the issue. I would try and talk to them and see if they can do something under ACL?

    • They offered a free service to repair faulty 10 series cards. The fault was with the VRMs supplied to them, nothing to do with EVGA but they still fixed them for free.

  • I feel like 3080 should be this price, at least im going to wait until it hits this price, probs be a long while

  • Meaning - we have plenty of stock but ppl are not really buying at crap prices we have set

  • +3 votes

    Weren’t these supposed to be like $700? Bots really did a number this year I suppose…

  • Looks like I will be keeping my RTX 2070 for a while yet. Could be a very long wait for 6080 to be available at $700 …

  • If 3070s were in high stock what is the rrp actually meant to be?

    • Nvidia’s RRP only refers to the founders edition, which was available for about 30 seconds.

    • For Nvidia FE Australian MRRP is $809. For AIB like this, it will be up to the board partners to set their prices. I guess if all cards are available to buy, this will probably worth $850 to $880.

    • "The Geforce RTX 3070 will release last in October, but it will start at $809 AUD"

  • Interesting there was no RX 6000 series deals as of yet… but Nvidia cards had several deals

  • FYI, I just called up PLE about this and they said to take the ETA with a grain of salt…

    Take what you will with that, but sounds like they think is very unlikely if you order you will see the card this month.

  • You can check another ETA if you go edit order, might be more accurate if you have one ordered

  • Anyone else turned off nvidia as a result of their intimidation and bullying of the Aussie reviewer Hardware Unboxed? Linus had ripped them a new one in this video

  • Don't pay this price, more and more 3060ti and 3070 are dumping out to general public, as they are not favorites among coin miners.

    • This is the rational suggestion for rational people. Apparently GPU buyers are not it (me included with my overpriced 3070)

  • If you want/need a new GPU, the 3060 Ti is arguably better value than this. You can find them starting around $750 for twin-fan models and performance wise it comes within 5-10 fps depending on the game.

    And this is coming from someone with a 3070.

    • If all you want is rasterization performance a 3060 Ti would be better value. An RX 6800 would also be better value, but good luck finding one. 3070 or above if you want ray tracing at 1440p.

    • You are right, 3060 ti is a better value. But I want as much performance as I can (Not 3090, that's too expensive.), So I was going for a 3080 if they are available in a reasonable price. Unfortunately for now 3070 is the only choice unless you are willing to spend $2000+ for 3090.

  • $140 over RRP, is the 5% performance worth the 17% premium?

  • This gpu has been at this price for the past month or something, how is this a deal? There isn't even stock and its on front page for a pre-order????

    • On a market where 3070 are consistently selling for over $1000, I would argue this is a deal. It will be shipped within a week if PLE's claim is accurate. If you want to play the MRRP game, be my guest…

  • 499 USD is already harsh getting an 8GB VRAM, which will bottleneck this GPU in a couple years relative to it's potential performance, A$949 is not okay for an 8GB card.

  • Thought buying a 5700 xt for $600 a few months ago was a mistake. But now I'm glad that I've got something decent to use until all these BS prices return to normal. Paying $1000 for a 3070 or $1500 for a 6800xt or 3080 is a joke.

    • I have a feeling these prices are here to stay - with every new gen of gpu prices go up! I recall that 1070 was around $600 to $700 and 2070 was $800 to $900 (please correct me if I am wrong) with GPUs getting more powerful and demand being so high there is no incentive to reduce prices for retailer or manufacturer.

  • Bit of a weird question, but is it possible, if ordering two items, to ask PLE to hold on to both items until both are ready to ship together? I want to buy both a CPU and GPU but want to be able to cancel my GPU order if a better deal pops up while waiting for my CPU to be in stock.

  • funny my 3080 cost just $190 more

    • That's what makes these prices so ridiculous.

      If you can fork out $800 for a 3060ti, then surely you can afford an extra couple for the 3080.

      The initial investment is too much for a piece of hardware that typically dies after 3 years of use.

  • Holding strong for the elusive $809 msrp.

  • Just wait for 3080ti due next year, lol at everyone waiting for 3080 till next year when the 3080ti will be available, 10gb not enough for future proof if your gonna spend that money you want to at least future proof.

    • Possibly gaming at 4k it might push the limits. Nvidia has superior memory compression though, so it should perform better than expected.

  • My evga 3060ti was also delayed this week. Here's an email I got from support

    "The company we use for our internal WA > VIC transfers missed a pickup in WA due to how busy this time of year is, this has pushed back all of our orders sadly."

  • In stock now… Though my order from last week is still "awaiting processing"

  • in stock, and now shipped.

    order just placed today.

    • Really?? Mines still awaiting processing and I ordered on the 18th… So much for their queue system!