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Cricut Maker Machine $570; Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine $399 @ Spotlight Stores

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  • i don't understand why these have to be so expensive?

  • If you will want to engrave and cut wood and I believe more fabrics, go with the maker.
    I have the air in the meantime. Great little machine and I am not a crafty person.
    I also incorporate royal free images and free fonts and haven't signed up to the design space trial yet.

    I also have found cheaper alternatives to cricut supplies on amazon.

    • The Maker has considerably more 'impact' force I believe. My wife prefers the maker.

      For vinyl, you can go to a signmaker and ask for offcuts, they'll give them to your practically for free.

    • Have you got any examples of brands/sellers for decent quality supplies? I assume you mean things like vinyl, paper, infusible ink?

    • The Explore Air 2 was about $250 yesterday but i missed it. Would have happily bought that.

  • whoa, the 3d layered cardboard art looks grande! https://www.pinterest.com/wpiv/cricut-3d/
    can that be done with the air?

  • I'd be curious if anyone has used both the Explore Air2 & the Maker - is the Maker more accurate or consistent?
    My daughter has the Air2 and while it cuts her sticker sheets ok it can be inconsistent from one sheet to the next.

    • I joined a few fb groups for cricut users last month. The general consensus is that people prefer the Maker and many people upgrade to the Maker form the air2 if they can.

  • A lot of money just to cut paper

    • That's because they (especially the maker) have a lot more force (4kg!!) and accuracy in being able to cut stuff out.

      Could you cut out lettering by hand? Yes. Will it take a very long time? also yes.