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[WA] Free Showerhead Swap - Swap 2xold Showerheads for 2xnew Water Efficient Ones @ Watercorp


If you live in the Perth or Mandurah metro area, you can swap up to 2 old inefficient showerheads for new WELS 4 star rated models for free.
edit: also available to country WA.

When you register for this offer, you will have the option to choose from 2 showerhead models depending on your shower needs. But hurry, this offer is limited to 10,000 showerheads!

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    If I already have efficient shower head but is broken can I swap for new one too?

    • You could just loot a couple of old showerheads from an abandoned house and trade those in

      • lol…is there a listing on the web of abandoned houses to loot?

    • +3

      Can you just rip the water saver out of it and it's no longer a 4 star shower head?

  • Cheers OP :)

  • +2

    Nvm was getting 504

  • Should I just assume the ones I have aren't efficient. How would I even check?

  • To those who get 504 error, try going straight to the application form here

  • Not just metro. Our local library (country WA) were the exchange centre for old shower heads. Same 'Posh' brand. They are actually really good quality.

    • I assume to be efficient, the water flow will be reduced. Genuine question: is the water flow reduced too much to make it frustrating to shower in?

      • +1

        Apparently the Methven Satinjet do a great job of making it feel like more water is coming out than actually is. Looks like they reduce the number of jets and make the water come out in ribbon spirals (vs straight streams)..Haven't heard good reviews from others.

        • We bought the Methven Satinjet ultra low flow in our place and we're really surprised at how good it is for <5 litres/minute.

          Big fan of it.

  • Illegal in WA to change your own shower-head. Strange but true, "must be installed by a licensed tradesman" .

    I'm waiting for somebody to say it will void your home insurance, like they do for all the other DIY products :-)

    • Never heard that before but also one of those things I'd never look in to…but if it was indeed illegal, why would the water Corp only "recommend" you have it fitted by a plumber? If it was a legal requirement, shouldn't they be saying that?

      We recommend getting a licensed plumber to safely remove your old showerhead and replace your new one

      • Years ago, I got one of these exchange showerheads, and the letter with it said that WA rules require a plumber to install.
        It then proceeded to give detailed steps of what the plumber would do. It was all very "wink wink". Maybe the rules have changed since.

    • Haha and probably the plumbers must also be endorsed by WA government too. Soon we need an endorsed electrician to change light globes?

      • +2

        electrician to change light globes?

        That could happen. You "need" an electrician to change a broken light switch or wall-outlet in Australia. Which is equally ridiculous to anyone who has grown up in another country.
        We only think it is normal and sane because we are used to it.

        Light bulbs are only user-replaceable because in the past they needed to be changed frequently. With LEDs, user-replacable lamps could be banned in favour of fixed fittings.
        Only Australia says you can't install your own light fixtures.

      • I think you do in Victoria, or so legend says

        Anyway, why would a shower head need a plumber, it's not under mains static pressure. You literally have to turn the tap on to make water come out… If it leaks or dribbles so what? It's like saying you need an electrician to plug your phone into a usb cable.

        Yet bizarrely, you can still have a plug socket next to the sink… Wth?

        Clearly nothing to do with safety and everything to do with making tradies rich.

        • it's not under mains static pressure.

          You mean like a tap washer is :-)
          Sensible people just ignore the rules, and nobody actually cares.
          Except that all this regulation drives up rental costs, and makes life hard for the most vulnerable. A pensioner is paying $150 to fix a broken light switch (or putting up with it!) instead of $20 to her regular handyman.

    • can't change your own tap washers either, by the letter of the law lol

  • Send one to Dump - he's apparently looking for new showerheads …

  • Thanks OP. Just picked up mine earlier today.

  • Any preference between the two models? Never needed a hand shower but see it as a flexible option for others?

    More concerned with how little grab I have on the pipework. Supposedly the handshower needs less width

    • +1

      My apologies… I read hand job… Where's my glasses?

      • I purposely replaced "nipple" with "pipework" to avoid such, how should I say, naughty misconceptions.

        Anyway, I just need to know if the job is done better by hand or is hands free more appropriate by the more expensive model?

  • +1

    Got mine today, quick and easy exchange at Reece, just showed the email on the phone and handed over the old ones.

    Very happy with the shower heads, lots better than the ones that came with the 17 year old house. Don't feel too 'waterwise' at all. Got the hi-rise ones, 3 settings. Nice.

    • Nice yeah worried about trading our half decent ones for new weak models but sounds like they’re pretty good

  • Picked up mine today.
    Thankyou. BZ👍

  • So any showerhead? Or does it have to be "old inefficient showerheads"?

    • I'm wondering this too, don't want to rip mine off and take them in only to be turned away.
      Mine are old, but no idea what kind efficiency they are.

      • Any showerhead. I didn't even bring all the parts in for mine.

        • They just need the shower head.

  • Thanks Op. I’ve got two old rusty ones here I’ll swap over.

  • Anyone got the hand shower ? Is it 1 function or 3 function for this offer?

    I am not sure which one to get the hi rise or handshower.

    • 3 function

    • I received the 1 function version. In the WaterCorp's T&C it shows a picture of the 1 function version.
      If you want 3 functions get the Hi Rise Shower.

      • Thanks for the confirmation. Yeah will get the hi rise

  • -1

    Low flow…I don't like the sound of that

  • Last time it was 3 star and now its 4 star.

    Sooner or later we only have air showers.