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JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day Sale: Hisense 75” TV $1446, Samsung Galaxy Note20 $1099 (Was $1499) + More


HiSense 75” was $1995, Now $1446
Samsung Galaxy Note20 256GB was $1499 Now $1099
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver LTE $449, $200 off
+ More in the photo links

Stack with TCN Gift cards to save an extra 10-15% off
Price beat at Officeworks to save an extra 5% off.
(cheers skido2)

Original Early Scan

JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day catalogue
Didn’t come until Sunday arvo, just did a search and didn’t see it posted yet so here you go!!

Let me know if anything isn’t high enough resolution. Can’t wait to see all the FB groups and News websites repost and give 0 OzB props! (Like when I posted the Black Friday catalogue)

Mod - Related JB Boxing Day Catalogue Deal(s)

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (Was $1099) | 10% off Apple Macs (M1 MacBook Air $1439.10, Pro $1799.10)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Any of the Chromebooks recommended? / Worth pulling the trigger on?

  • Damn, I need a new phone for around $300 but the specials seem to basic; was expecting a $249 TCL Plex type deal…

  • Olympus e-m10 mark 3 + lens at $765 looks good

  • Does anybody know if the 50” hisense is the s5 or s8?

  • Need a new Dyson and have a $300 voucher from work but looks like only the V7 is discounted :(
    Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a V8 or V10?

  • What’s the T’s and C’s for Apple 10% off? Can’t read it

  • The Hisense 65" TV for $1188 - which model is that?

  • It's been the same way for the past 4 years, you get better deals leading up to Christmas and Black Friday than you do on boxing day.

  • This might sound strange, but im guessing all the colours of the samsung note will be on sale? Catologue only shows the bronze colour and the sku for the bronzr

  • Hopefully can get a 65 inch Sony 9000x for under $2200…

    • +2

      $2200? $1995 tops, not a dollar more!

  • The reflection from this screen is terrible. A big no thanks from me!

    • Some people swear by the 9000H others say go the 9500H.

      Do you miss out on much not having HDMI 2.1, most 2.1 features are available on 2.0 HDMI devices anyway? but 9500H is more expensive…

      • If into next gen gaming then 2.1

  • Note 20 Ultra is not part of the Boxing Day sales…was looking forward to seeing it included.

  • +14

    @OP, all the news sites are crediting you/linking this post now lmfao


    JB Hi-Fi’s Boxing Day catalogue for 2020 has been shared on Oz Bargain early, meaning we get a sneak peek at the sales. And I must say, they’re pretty damn sexy.


    In its latest catalogue, the entertainment retailer has revealed a huge array of deals on best-selling TVs, smartphones, cameras and more.

    Press Start Australia:

    The full catalogue courtesy of OzBargain can be found HERE.

    Good on you for calling them out

    • +1

      Nice finds, I saw last time yahoo and 7 both credited some Facebook group, which had photos of my beautiful floor tiles still showing in the photos haaaa

      • means Gizmodo / finder / PSA may be having OB account :)

  • +1

    so much junk in that catalog.

    • +1

      Is that why it is called junk mail?

      • true.
        does that make this a junk post?

  • +1
  • +1

    From a quick look it appears most items are available now.

  • Where do I buy discounted TCN giftcards?
    Anyone can point me to promo?

    • +1

      Your two weeks too late, that was back at start of Dec.

      • Aha, my best bet would be to pricematch with O/W then!

        • Although go look at Shopback for some jb gift card offers

  • The Breville Froojie Fountain Juicer is listed $249 on the catalogue, but on its website it is $199. Are they going to jack up the price on boxing day?

    • I'd say it's a pricing issue. Grab it for $199 whilst you can!

  • Google assistant features aside and purely for sound quality what does everything think about the JBL link bar combo for $349 (if that's correct) or $399 from Big W + JBL website.

    • Interested in this too.
      Early reviews suggest the Google assistant integration was clunky, however there was a new firmware patch in Oct-20,so would be keen to hear thoughts of people who purchased one recently.

      • Good to know that they are still patching it!

  • meh, 65s8 was around $840 prior to boxing day. so much for sale.

  • Looks like the MX Keys is not included in the sale. Anyone know if it's going on sale anywhere?

  • +1
  • -1

    Hisense sucks. I own the same model. DO NOT BUY

    • +3

      which model do you have? and what made it bad?

  • G305 for $71.20. Stack with $50 jbhifi gift card from commbank (targetted) $10 off @jbhifi $50 min spend + $21.20 tap& pay by zip on sat (10% off)..
    Comes down to $59.08 and improved gaming stats.

  • How does EKO QLED sold at Big W for 50% of the price compare to Hisense in terms of quality and value for money

    • Very similar.

      • Hisense 100Hz vs Eko 60Hz

  • Anyone have one of the Samsung TU8000 Model TV's? Just wondering how it is :)

  • +6

    why so many upvotes. I don't see much exciting?

    • +1

      Says more about this site's popularity than the quality of the bargains

    • +1

      Yeah not that great, black friday sales were way better.

  • +3

    No sales on Samsung 80T 75" or Sony 9500H/9000H 75". Pity.

    • From reading reviews on Rtings, the Samsung 80T 75" appears to be the top pick for gaming & movies (4k/blu ray?). Sony 9500H closely tailing. Can anyone please provide their feedback/experience on either of these TVs.

  • Any recommendations for TVs around the 500-600$ range? Or better off buying 2nd hand?

    • BigW has some around that price that rate Ok for the price.

  • Does Jbs price match Dick Smith? I'm looking at the buds live in bronze and they are 249 at Jbs and 169 online at Dick Smith. Why such a big difference?

  • +2

    Apparently OP has been threatened for posting this

    • +1

      By who?

    • +2

      Threatened for for what? Scanning in a catalogue they received in their letterbox…

      • Assumedly

        • This is true!

      • Maybe they were pissed because it may have allowed the competition to get the jump on them….

        • Yeah true, really should be going after the people delivering the catalogues ahead of time, right? I'm no legal expert

          • +1

            @lachhelix: The Catalog guys are the same ones that did the hotel quarantine in Melbourne..

            Leaking stuff is their thing.

        • Surely their competition gets insider information before we do

    • +3

      Ouch, and no I haven’t received anything. Just to confirm also the content was delivered to my letterbox along with probably a few hundred others in my suburb.

      • +2

        In that case your postman is a Wanted Man, release the JB bounty hunters!

      • +3

        Good to know Ozbargain has your back though! Really impressed with the way they have handled it and not folded to baseless legal jargon. Kudos Oz team!