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Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (Was $1099) | 10% off Apple Macs (M1 MacBook Air $1439.10, Pro $1799.10) @ JB Hi-Fi


Another repeat of the popular previous deal for anyone who missed out. Round 3 of M1 Apple MacBook sale. Part of JB's Boxing Day Sales. Link to full catalogue Full credits to cam83 for catalogue.

Link to MacBooks

Summary of Electric Scooter Laws in Australia by State

State Legal? Rules/Notes
Queensland Yes Riders should wear helmets. Children under 12 cannot ride, and riders up to 16 must be supervised by an adult. Riders must give way to pedestrians. Speed limit to 25km/h
Victoria - In Victoria, the law allows 200w power output. It also permits a speed limit of 10km/h that can be use on public roads and footpaths. There are no specific laws presented on what requirements to follow but, the Victorian state government set rules on certain kinds of scooters.
ACT Yes A maximum speed of 15 km/h on footpaths, up to 25 km/h in all other permitted locations. Users must wear a helmet. Slow down to 10 km/h when going across a crossing and give way to pedestrians.
New South Wales No Currently, NSW does not allow riding an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, the law permits it on private ground.
South Australia No In South Australia, the law does not allow riding an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, the law allows riding on private grounds.
Western Australia - The law does not permit the use of shared paths and footpaths for e-scooters. Compliant e-scooters can only be legally ridden on low speed WA public roads and paths if their maximum power output is no more than 200 watts and they cannot travel more than 10 km/h on level ground.
Northern Territory - E-scooters that are limited to less than 200w in power output and capable speeds below 10km/h are permitted for use on public roads and footpaths. Scooters exceeding this power and speed will require registration.
Tasmania - The power limit that the law allows is less than 200w for it to set foot on public roads and footpaths. Scooters exceeding this power and speed will require registration.

Full credits to mearth for summary

M1 Macbooks

MacBook Air - M1/8GB/256GB - $1439.10 (was $1599)
MacBook Air - M1/8GB/512GB - $1754.10 (was $1949)

MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/256GB - $1799.10 (was $1999)
MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/512GB - $2069.10 (was $2299)

M1 Mac Minis

Mac Mini - M1/8GB/256GB - $989.10 (was $1099)
Mac Mini - M1/8GB/512GB - $1259.10 (was $1399)

Stack with TCN Gift cards to save an extra 10-15% off

OR price beat at Officeworks to save an extra 5% off.


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This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • +1

    I reckoned in 6 days time, Officeworks will match JB's price, plenty of time for them to prepare for it.

    • They did, I just picked one up from my local Officeworks.
      I guess I should thank JBHIFI ?

  • Thanks man, was unpublished

  • +2

    You can order now and refund the difference in case no stocks on Boxing day

    • good point

  • +1

    Sigh I just picked one up today… might see if they can honour this price?

    • +3

      afaik, they can refund the difference within 14 days? if you take the receipt into a store on the day of the deal.

    • +3

      yes 100%, 14 day price promise.

      • Nice!!

  • Do these dual boot any decent OS's?

    • Don’t quote me on it but with boot camp you can install windows and Linux is a possibility as always

      • +1

        Thought bootcamp was no go with M1 Macbooks.

        • There is a technical preview of Parallels that can run the Windows 10 ARM technical preview.

      • Not with M1 Arm chips. Might be able to do an Arm version of Linux, but I suspect it would have to be virtual not boot camp. There is apparently some dudes that have a developer version of the unreleased Windows for Arm up and running virtual in Parallels, but not for the faint hearted. Give it some time and there might be options. But not now.

    • Nah, these are super early for ARM. I would wait a year or two for it to stablise before it would properly work.

    • I thought this was a joke about the M365 Scooter, I thought this was actually pretty funny until I realised I didn't read the full title properly

  • Dumb question. Are all M1 Chips same ? Do they have any difference in performance in Air or Pro versions ?

    • +3

      Low specs Airs have 7-core GPU while the rest have 8-core.

      Airs don’t have a fan so you are more likely to have throttling issue for work like video rendering.

    • +4

      Yeah from what I gathered the differences are:
      1. The MBP has a brighter screen (500nits v 400nits)
      2. The MBP has slightly larger battery and charger
      3. The MBP has active cooling and fan so it is able to perform better for longer sustained tasks (approx 15% better) - where the MBA will throttle to preserve heat (note this will also apply to gaming - some FPS testing shows a 25% drop after 10 mins)
      4. The MBP has one more GPU core which gives about 10% better GPU performance based on testing (but note above fan testing)
      4. The MBP has better quality mic + speakers (from the tests of speakers I've heard the MBP has clearer more defined mids/bass, where as the MBA seems quite trebly and tinny)
      5. The MBP has the touch bar (love/hate relationship for some people)
      6. The MBA is slightly thinner at one end but thicker at the other (the sloped design may be easier to type on depending on desk height) but the MBP is still relatively thin.

      At the 512GB size the price difference is about $300 (or 17%) is it worth it to pay that extra amount? Not sure it's tough and really depends on your usage. If the price gap was say $200 then the MBP would seem a better buy for the slight increase in performance and slight upgrade overall.

      • +5

        The MBP has the touch bar (love/hate relationship for some people)

        To be precise it's either love or hate, not the proverbial love-hate. Most people I know don't like it, but you have no choice on MBPs.

        • +2

          My daughter loves the touch bar. She has it set up for social media conversations. Emoji rule.


        • +1

          HATE it, mostly coz you need to tap to activate

          • +2

            @packeteer: Need to tap to a activate (once it switches off when user is inactive), no way to switch off, too easy too accidentaly tap, no feedback/resistance from the "buttons".

            Also can't think of any shortcuts it offers that I haven't already had in the system.

            It's the king of useless gimmicks.

  • +2

    I’m waiting for Back to School specials in January from Apple. Might get some free headphones I can then sell and reduce the price of a potential MacBook/iPad purchase.

    But you need to be a student.

    Looks like it was January 7 last year.

  • What's the best way to get JB Hi-Fi discount giftcards?

    • +1

      Check the list if you want to buy them now. Zip's 10% promo could be used on the day to buy too.

  • +9

    I prefer when the ozb posts are seperate

    • +3


    • +1


    • Yep who combined these posts. They have completely different subject matter.

      • +1


      • +1

        its also vey stupid as you dont know where the votes are going to, defeating the purpose of knowing if this is a good deal or not..

  • Is it possible to buy the 16GB RAM version of any M1 powered Mac in Australia?

    • Do you mean without waiting or at all? They seem to be availble everywhere, including the manufacturer's website.

      • -2

        I see them for sale in the Apple US store, but nothing locally - we seem to be forced to take the 8GB RAM versions.

        • +1

          You need to customize the 8GB model to include 16GB of RAM through the Apple store. To the best of my knowledge you cannot buy a 16GB MBP M1 through retail stores. Though if someone else knows that would be awesome.

        • -1

          we seem to be forced to take the 8GB RAM versions.

          No idea what you're talking about.

          16gb is right there on Aussie Apple store and I'm pretty sure in stores.

    • +1

      Either from OR they do stock some higher end configs with 16gb in Apple stores. It's usually just one higher end config per line - for Air its a 16gb ram/1TB drive/8core GPU config.

      • thanks for the info!

  • +1

    Based on the Victorian rule, wouldn't that make xiaomi scooter illegal? (Max speed 25km/h)

    Is my scooter legal?
    If your motorised scooter:

    -is powered by a petrol motor
    -has an electric motor with a maximum power greater than 200 watts
    -has a maximum speed greater than 10 km/h

    then it cannot be legally used on a road or any road related areas, including footpaths, share paths and public areas. The fine for an illegal device is $826. Other penalties may also apply.

    • yes this model is illegal in Victoria but some compliant scooters are legal, hence the "-" in the table

      • +5

        The National Transport Commission recently presented their recommendations for changes to the Australian Road Rules to all State Transport Ministers. The recommendation is for e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-unicycles etc to be permitted to use footpaths at speeds to 10km/h and suburban roads at speeds up to 25km/h. The recommendation was approved by all ministers and will now be added to the Road Rules. This should happen by May 2021.

        May prove worthwhile editing your post given the hopefully impending legality across the country? $699 for the Pro2 is a great deal.

        • +1

          while this is great news, they really should be treated the same as bicycles!

          • @packeteer: The same like no speed regulation on bike paths / car speed limit on roads? to be fair, from what I've seen, an ace cyclist can do about 45kph on level ground, some of these scooters can double that, the line has to be drawn.

    • +3

      10kmh is ridiculous. You just become a menace at that slow a speed. NZ has embraced the hire e-scooters and they have few issues around them, other than vandalism. Theres been a few accidents for sure, but no worse than say pushbikes. Given the environmental benefits of these things taking cars off the road, why not set a reasonable limit at say 25kmh. Enforce an insurance/registration policy and be done with it.

  • Mac mini on backorder until Feb? Crazy…

  • Banned in NSW? That sucks, but I swear I’ve seen people riding them here.

    • we do, but we also get fined

  • are the intel macbook pro 13 inch 16gb still worth getting?

  • Live in NSW so can ride this in my backyard only for $699 to ride in my backyard I’d say that’s a steal - NSW peeps it’s a MUST buy

  • “ Stack with TCN Gift cards to save an extra 10-15% off”

    Could someone my please share how does this work?

    • You had to buy the tcn cards when they were 15% off at coles or 10% off at woolworths in previous deals. Cant get them now.

      • Thanks! Makes sense

  • Officeworks does not sell the scooter. So no extra 5% off.

  • Im looking to get a customised MBP. I assume I can only get this through Apple. Will apple also give 10% off as JB Hifi is doing it on Macs?

    • At best, you can get JB HiFi to price match UniDays for the BTO MBP. That’s what I did. Got a MBP 16GB/512GB configuration for $2370 (UniDays pricing is $2371.60, RRP is $2599) and paid with TCN GCs I got for 10% off. The BTOs are not included in the 10% off, and I think they never will be.

      • Does unidays offer discount on custom macbook configuration? say macbook pro m1 with 16gb?

        • Yes, slightly cheaper than Apple Edu store pricing. In my example above, Apple Edu pricing is $2419.

  • My Plus vote for scooter, not for the Apple Products.

  • -1

    How to save 10-15% with TCN?

    • 8azinga answered this above.

  • I've got the M365 pro (1st gen). Great little scooter to get around town for the price. However, if does struggle up hills and incline roads and footpaths. Take this into consideration when you buy it as I underestimated how much they struggle up hills and slopes.

    • living in Sunnybank hills, so i think this is not right fit then

    • Have you compared them with lime or neuron?

  • Would JB price match Apple education pricing? I am a student, but also have JB gift cards to spend…

    • am pretty sure the edu price is = 10% of the RRP

      • UniDays is slightly cheaper I think. So if you’re gonna ask for a price match, use that instead.

  • +1

    Can't wait for Saturday. Ordered the M1 Macbook Air. I am anticipating that these will be popular and with most schools requiring Macbooks the demand will be big I think. Not sure if someone will opt for the Intel ones with all the good reviews.

    I will just refund the difference come Saturday. :)

    Thanks OzB.

    • If you went in store I’m pretty sure they would have been happy to give you the 10% off. After the previous sale, I was checking the MBP and they offered me 10% off without me even asking.

  • I really want an electric scooter but so worried I'll deck myself on it hard.

    Are they easy to ride?

    • Yes, very easy you'll be fine.

  • +1

    Harvey Norman has launched 10% off Apple Mac early, can price beat at OW currently as they haven't lowered yet.

    • Just checked ow now lower😥

  • They're banned in SA? I thought Neuron and Beam were operating these escooters (public sharing) in Adelaide city

    • yeah they have a special exemption. Personally owned E Scooters are not allowed > Nanny state

  • Deciding between xiaomi 265 pro 2 and ninebot max.

    Which should I get and why?

    Anyone knows which has a bigger board?


  • ow have now price matched the apple mac products, might be worth getting if not taking advantage of discount gift cards

  • Does anyone know where to find best deals for the Xiaomi scooter accessories?

  • really wish NSW allowed it on Footpaths at a slow pace. Will make my life easier going to and from the train station. Seen people in Sydney ride one in public spaces but not worth the risk getting a fine

  • I bought for $350 + $30 to $50 delivery (have to arrange air tasker).

    • Features: 36V 7.8Ah Folding Electric Scooter, smartphone app, 350W
    motor power, aluminium alloy frame withadjustable handlebar height, LCD
    colour dashboard, LED headlights, anti-skid solid tyre, tyre shock
    absorption, dual brake system includingelectronic and rear brake,
    climbing range up to 20°, cruise control setting, IP65 waterproof
    rating, zero + non-zero start, automatic shutdown, lock scooter with
    app, 3-speed safety maximum speed limitsetting, foldable and portable
    for easy transport, throttle system, kickstand, horn ‘beep’ button

    • Battery: 36V 7.8Ah
    • Charge Time: 4 hours
    • Maximum Ride Distance: 30 kilometres *Distance varies based on riders
    weight and speed.
    • 3-speed Safety Levels.
    • Maximum Speed: 30km/h
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120kg
    • Ages: 16+
    • Colour: Black
    • Measurements Unfolded: 101 x 43 x 113cm
    • Measurements Folded: 92 x 20 x 34cm
    • Weight: 12kgs

    Model Number: ES40

    Does anyone know how they compare?

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