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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (Save $400) @ JB Hi-Fi


Got an email with this offer. Seems like a great deal.

Until Wednesday get yourself $400 off^ the current ticketed price of a Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 . Simply present the Exclusive Coupon below at any JB Hi-Fi Store in Australia or buy online by visiting jbhifi.com.au, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.
Limit of 1 unit each per Coupon. Available instore and online. While stocks last. Offer ends Wednesday 9th December 2020.

Stack with 15% off JB gift cards from last weeks Coles deals to save even further!


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  • Not unique code: 92284447222

  • Was one minute late, p.s code is not unique so you can use the code

  • Still waiting for it to be legal in NSW

  • With those 15% gift card, comes to 594.15. seems a good price for the spec.

    • Remember can only use max 5 per transaction so lowest price with those gift cards would be $624

    • Watttttt, 15% off gift card? Where? When? I needs it

      • Last week, in the past. Also dont feel too bad coz lots of coles sold out on the first day and the debacle of gift cards not loading was not worth the headache

      • you can still get 10% off from bigw from today. well not sure how much left.
        ps those cards are instore use only, just in case you are not aware.

    • you wont be able to use the him her cards vis jb website, the digits are too many.

      • of course, eveyone had those 15% cards knows it's instore only. the coupon works in store as well.

    • Gift cards dont always pay. If the scooter turns out to be a dud and u have to get a refund then ur stuck with $600 worth of JB hifi credit notes that ull end up having to sell to someone for 70% of face value just to get cash back which made you wish u never bothered with stupid gift cards to begin

      • Much better, 600 JB credit can be used online as well. I'd like to have 2000 JB credit, than those gift card I have to carry.

      • I can't say i've ever seen anyone selling gift cards at a 30% discount here. You could easily sell them at a 10% discount so you wouldn't be out any money. (A because it's been converted to a JB card which can now be used online and has no expiry and B not everyone can be bothered going to 50 stores looking for discounted TCN cards)

  • is this worth upgrading from the m365 version?

    far as i can tell its heavier, with much longer range, and improved braking. only the improved braking is of appeal to me. hmmmm

    • I believe it has a stronger motor (250/500 -> 300/600) so going up inclines and acceleration is a bit better.

      • doesn't seem like its enough reason to upgrade. I do feel the braking power of the m365 is very lacking, and always wished for one with (much) better braking.

      • That said, genuine 700w wheels for the m365 can be found for $150 import; so its not the most ideal reason.

  • +16 votes

    This is a great price. I bought this scooter in the recent eBay sale at $660 from the Xiaomi eBay store and for me it's a perfect balance of speed vs range vs weight. I'm a somewhat heavy guy (89KG, close to 95KG with bag, etc) and it's very speedy on a straight (easy 25kph) and pulls OK (17-18kph) up hills. My only advice is to frequently check the tire air pressure (every other week) and keep it up at 50PSI as the specs say. You should mostly avoid punctures this way. (And not to sell more Xiaomi stuff, but the Xiaomi pump is perfect for scooter tyres because the screw on/off hose releases almost no air when you connect/disconnect from the valve)

    • Does it come with the pump or it's a separate purchase?

    • I've never had a puncture on mine thankfully, but if i did i would have no idea how to change the tube. I do have spare tyres/tube that came with my original purchase of the non pro version lol.

      And I have four bikes and very familiar with changing inner tubes on bikes.

      • You are in for a surprise then. Changing tubes and tyres on these things are a nightmare. Not sure if Xiaomi made any design changes in Pro 2 but if it's same as the previous model, good luck when you eventually have to fix a puncture or replace the tyres.
        Changing tubes on a bike is a piece of cake and can even be done on the side of the road.

        • I hope I never get a puncture here's crossing all my fingers and toes. What a terrible design I'd it's so hard to change a tube.

          • @lawyerz: I don't think Xiaomi thought about ease of maintenance when they designed this damn thing.
            I've done about 3,000kms on mine and it's still going strong but there are a lot of stupid designs on this product.

    • "because the screw on/off hose releases almost no air when you connect/disconnect from the valve)" > interested in this. I have a foot pump with screw on/screw off valve and lose heaps of air while trying to frantically unscrew the pump, particularly the front wheel where the bit of the valve on the wheel that you can reach is very short. How does the Xiaomi pump differ? (the pictures are not clear of the attachment mechanism?) Is there some alternative? (I have the m365, unsure if its valve is any different from the pro)

    • Super cheap sell a pack of 4 valve extenders which are perfect for inflating these tyres. Screw on, pump tyres, screw off. No air lost. 8 bucks for
      Same as what @ymerej posted.

    • Fill the tires with slime.

      Literally, a puncture prevention liquid called slime.

      Will also stop the valve leaking, so you dont need to check the pressure as often.

    • 50psi is to high imo, I ride the Segway Ninebot Max and the manual says 32 - 37 psi which I find is a good pressure.

      As for a pump, I got a nice little hand pump from 99 Bikes for under $50. a couple of pumps every week is sufficient

  • Illigal in WA

    • Only if you get caught

    • See many of these every morning going into Perth city, seen them go past police many times. As long as you have a helmet, not riding like an idiot you should not get stopped.

    • I called the council in Freo where I live to check if they are.
      The guy was like "Are you planning to go fast?"
      I said normal speed, then he said "if you want to go fast just use the bike lane, but if you want to go slow use the pedestrian lane".
      Gotta love Freo.

    • nanny state.

      its the way of the future.
      get over it.

      just like uber forced their way into the market illegally, so will people with electric skateboards and scooters.
      benefits far outweigh risks….

      have fun calling it illegal tho…

  • +1 vote

    Illegal in VIC.