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Free Studio3 Wireless / Solo Wireless / BeatsX with iPad/Mac Purchase for Uni Students/Staff @ Apple


Pretty self explanatory, only Studio3 Wireless, Solo3 Wireless (not Solo Pro), and BeatsX.

Edit: according to Apple Chadstone, can't swap free models for any other product, just the three above

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  • Do you have to go to apple to claim this deal? or would JB HI FI also give out free beats with macbook purchase?

  • Shouldn't the store be in title?

  • From MacRumors: https://www.macrumors.com/2020/01/06/apple-launches-2020-bac...

    "Students can also choose the BeatsX Earphones instead, or choose to pay an additional fee to upgrade to the Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones"

  • Oh darn. We bought an iPad Air 2 weeks before this started.

  • Go with the free Studio3 wireless or Solo wireless.
    Apple’s own product page for the BeatsX was clogged with hundreds of terrible reviews, before they removed all ‘reviews’ all-together from their website.

  • No Airpods Pro :(

  • How do you claim it if you purchase it online?

  • We purchased my 15 year old's Macbook Air 2018 including Apple care + for $2168 on Friday from JB hifi and had to return as it would not operate without the charger being attached. We went to the local Apple store and they ran a full diagnostic test and printed out a document to verify it was faulty to show JB hifi.
    Blessing in disguise while we were at Apple store I noticed this deal so we went in today and made this purchase unaware that the free Beats only applied to Uni students, I am however am Uni student and I happened to have my student card on me so they were able to honour the offer.
    They are also offering 20% discount on Apple Care +
    So we ended up purchasing a Macbook Air 2019 and Apple Care + and received the new beats (valued at $499) for $2014.40

    Forgot to mention that I am a uni student with Swinburne so the Macbook Air 256GB ended up being $1775.20.