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JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day Sale: Hisense 75” TV $1446, Samsung Galaxy Note20 $1099 (Was $1499) + More


HiSense 75” was $1995, Now $1446
Samsung Galaxy Note20 256GB was $1499 Now $1099
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver LTE $449, $200 off
+ More in the photo links

Stack with TCN Gift cards to save an extra 10-15% off
Price beat at Officeworks to save an extra 5% off.
(cheers skido2)

Original Early Scan

JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day catalogue
Didn’t come until Sunday arvo, just did a search and didn’t see it posted yet so here you go!!

Let me know if anything isn’t high enough resolution. Can’t wait to see all the FB groups and News websites repost and give 0 OzB props! (Like when I posted the Black Friday catalogue)

Mod - Related JB Boxing Day Catalogue Deal(s)

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (Was $1099) | 10% off Apple Macs (M1 MacBook Air $1439.10, Pro $1799.10)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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        • I realised Zip pay only allows $1000 max. I don’t know if there is a way to jump that hoop too.

          • +1

            @amazonaddict: Hmm.. yeah true! I believe you can increase your limit to $1,500 And maybe have a partner/ friend help you out with an account and pay another $1,500 with that? If you knew in advance you could have picked up a couple gift cards yesterday with the 10% promo to also help…

          • @amazonaddict: It depends on how much you spend or when they check your bank account in beginng, they gave me the option to increase upto 3000 but I have not decided yet

          • @amazonaddict: should have been stocking up on the gift cards over the last few Saturdays hah

          • @amazonaddict: Go with Zip Money.
            Zip Money is for > $1000

    • But isn't it capped at $30?

      • +1

        Per transaction, yes. That's why I said pay in allotments of $300 at the counter :)

        • Oooh right. Do you have to hit 'redeem' between transactions?

          Zip Pay won't increase my limit beyond $1000 for now anyway :/

          • @bboT: It will roll over for you if you go over but as soon as you do hit 'redeem' it will activate instantly on your account and keep the roll over amount. Just capped at $30 per transaction so must not be any more than $300 when you do pay.

    • +1

      I tried the other day at JB Hi-Fi Chatswood Westfield and they refused to let me pay in installments unless I had separate cards and they wanted to see each one.

      • +3

        That's just stupid! I'd never buy from their store again. It makes no difference for them to do it other than taking up an extra 10secs to key in the $300 amount a few times.. Poor service!

    • Is this different to the online zip payment we used for 10% off Amazon during BFCM sales?

  • What model is the 65"Hisense quantam dot TV?

    • +3

      65Q7 $1188
      65Q8 $1795

      • Thanks.

        • q7? is that even a model? i know q8 is but not q7

          • @striker5950: Given that the Q8 is 50% more expensive than the Q7, I would think that the Q8 is the better model.

            • @omblygombly: How is Hisense Q series quality? Should I better off with mainstream brands like Sony, Samsung, LG - albeit smaller screen size?

              • +2

                @Smaland: I'm no expert, but I think most people here would choose Sony over the others as they have the best chip in TV's at the moment.

                Avoid edge lit LG TV's as they have a bad reputation with light bleed. Samsung don't have Dolby Vision and people are reporting advertisements on their new TV's.

                As with Hisense, not really sure. Maybe the worst apps on the market and do check the hertz rate. Beat to look for a TV that has true 100 / 120 refresh rate, but that is often harder than it seems. A lot will give a name like " True Motion 240 " that implies that the refresh rate is blood brilliant, BUT it may only have 60 hertz refresh.

                Really, it all depends on what you are watching and how bright the room is. These 2 are the biggest considerations. There are so many variables with specs, I find it a nightmare to compare.
                I recommend going through a few threads on Whirpool Forums, They can be much more helpful than my basic knowledge. Propably should have mentioned that in the first place and saved me 10 minutes typing. No speed typing here, my friend. lol

  • +1

    Dualshock 4 controllers are already on sale for $49. But i guess they are extending that to the end of the year.

    • Pretty good price. I purchased one a few weeks ago for playing games on my iPad - works great.

  • What prices are we expecting for Nintendo Switches on Boxing day?

    • +2

      My guess: $349.

    • The lowest price point i've seen on the switch bundle (with mario kart 8 and 3 months of Nintendo Online) was Black Friday was for $399 at JB Hi Fi

    • It doesn't look like it will be on sale. Priced $449 on JB website at the moment.

  • I've just yesterday bought some Jabra Elite 75t at $249, they are still sealed.
    I'm gonna return them tomorrow, is it worth mentioning the deal of $199 from the 26 to see if they give me a partial refund instead of returning?


    • Are they accepting change of mind return?

      • edit.
        I've just checked they return policy (https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360053005194...)

        Unused & Unopened, packaging in good condition (product not faulty) - eg change of mind. | 100% Refund | Days Exclude Commercial Sales

        Since mine wasn't a sale they should accept a change of mind

        • Return them and order from Amazon or attempt to price beat from OW.


        • Just speak to them. I've been refunded as a result of sale following my purchase on a few occasions.

        • 100% Refund | Days Exclude Commercial Sales

          I returned a wifi extender, a router and a nest mini from JB (and bought from officeworks instead) all were sale priced and JB still honored the 100% refund no questions asked, not sure about what their return policy says I didn't even read it and went straight to the counter and asked for a refund.

          • -1

            @IpGem: You do know they price match competitors instead of stuffing around refunding then buying from Officeworks 🤦‍♂️

            • @solidussnake:

              You do know they price match competitors instead of stuffing around refunding then buying from Officeworks

              They didn't price match it for some reason, I asked her about it at the counter.

            • @solidussnake: Not always.

          • @IpGem: Yep, just returned them and got OW to price match in store

      • i was told 30 day returns by JB staff.
        I had bought a new smart watch for my partner but returned it

    • +2

      They usually have a 2 weeks price guarantee so you should be able to get a refund on the difference

      • Thanks, I'll give it a shot

      • Price guarantee with other stores as well? Or just among them?

        • +1

          Other stores too. Asked them this question previously and one of the staff members confirmed it.

        • +1

          Any store will work. You’ll get the refund back on your method of purchase.

    • yeah, if not then just refund and purchase again

    • Jb hi-fi will happily refund you any amount if they reduce the product price, however it has to be within 30 days. This is their store policy, a salesperson told me this at forest hill victoria 2 weeks back.

      • Should I buy now in case stock runs out and get a refund on the day of sale?

  • +3

    No Sonos. Damn….

    • +2

      Yeah looking for the Arc and a woofer

      • Sub was for $799. During black Friday I could get the Arc for $1150.

      • It seems like BF got better deals on Sonos, by far. Should've pulled the trigger. Now kicking myself

  • +5

    Really disappointed in their Oppo Find x2 Pro 'deal' - Same price as their recent sales and it's nothing special at $1,199

    • How so? For the entire year it was at $1599. Do you expect them to be Samsung and have a promotion of 35% discount every 3rd week?

      There was a couple of JB hi fi deals and Oppo promotions. It means this phone is in demand and selling well without a discount.

      • haha - so 6 months later since its release at $1,599 AND on what should be one of the best sales of the year (boxing day) I would have thought it would be at least sub 1k by now. A little different to "every 3rd week".. lol. I don't believe this phone has ever been on special for less than $1,199 and was this same special price only a few weeks ago. To me, that is nothing special to go on the exact same 'deal' it has been on for the last couple of months. But that might just be me.

  • Unless the catalogue is missing a few pages it looks like there is no 20-30% off BR/4K titles this year.

    • +6

      "30% off movies and tv shows on Blu-ray, 4K and DVD"

      Bottom of the last image.

      • Thanks, didn't see the 'click for 5 more pages' hyperlink

  • +3

    JBL Link Bar $599
    JBL Link Subwoofer $399
    Both for $349 if bought in the same transaction.
    Not sure if that's both for $349 or $349 each.

    • I'm assuming it means each but ya know. THat would be a pretty sweet deal if it was $349 total

      • Hmmm. If you HAVE to buy it in the same transaction, shouldn't they have written $698?

        We'll see.

        • That's what I would have thought

    • +1

      The wording implies it's both for a total of $349.

      Is it a good buy at $349?
      Most reviews I'm seeing of the sound bar doesn't rate it very highly.

      • I'd say it's reasonable. It's had a bad rap because of the shitty Google integration.

        It could previously be had for $400 if you shop around

    • +1

      Definitely for both.. the soundbar is currently available at Big W for $299 and subwoofer at JBL online for $100, this deal makes brings it down by another $50

    • Was looking for this one as well, but looks like JBL Link Bar doesn't have good reviews?

      • It has good reviews for sound, no so much for the google assistant, low CPU specs, buggy…

  • +1

    Was waiting for galaxy fold deal as I missed BF one and cant see it from the catalogue mmm :/

    • Same, if they had the flip half price again was going to consider one.

      • IIRC BF sale was driven by Samsung i.e) the same price across the offcial site and retailers. Probably worth keep an eye on Samsung sale annoucement

        • Oh cheers

  • Wouldn't buy a 100Hz 75" TV personally.

    • +5

      Depends if you're a gamer or not.

      If not, there's no point having a refresh rate above 60Hz as that's the maximum of any current media format.

      If you're gaming on Nextgen/PC then yes refresh rates above 60Hz will be of use.

      • The higher refresh rate TVs tend to have other features and capabilities superior to their 60hz siblings though, so overall, there is plenty of reason to be going that route.

      • -1

        TVs are not just for television viewing. You want to future proof a little by making sure you are not hampered with a slow refresh rate which also translates to slower response in gaming and other content.

        • +1

          He just said "depends if you're a gamer or not".

  • +2

    Is Boxing Day looking like the best time to buy an LG CX or should I be waiting till March next year?

    • +1

      I suggest you wait, boxing day deals are hardly deals as per our ozb standards. Check price hipster and watch the out for some decent deals

      • Ok, I think I’ll wait till next year. Thanks ckria

    • +5

      This year's HDMI 2.1 TVs are all hampered by one or more problems. They will be slashed soon when some that work properly start to be announced. I'm guessing end of January/early February.

  • +2

    Thanks for posting OP, great effort! Bit sad to see nothing on Google Pixel 4a…really no deals for several weeks now. ;(

  • +2

    No deals on Pixel 5. Was $749 on Black Friday sales.

    • Didn't those deals for $749 require getting on a contract?

    • There was another for $699 I think also.

  • If only they had the new Chromecast with google tv . Missed out on alll those other deals .

    • +1

      The best deal is still running

      • Thanks , just after the chromecast though.

        • +2

          TBH I’m surprised that anyone who wants a chromecast doesn’t want, or already have, a subscription to Netflix

          • @choofa: got a gift card , earlier this year . So all sorted out

          • @choofa: I have Binge and Prime. Justifying subscribing to Netflix

  • Is the hisense 75q8 listed? The scans too low res

    • +1

      Scans are high enough res… your screen is too small / you don't know how to zoom in your browser.. Try right clicking on the image and opening it in a new tab. At least in chrome you can then zoom the image to 100%. Imgur tries to keep it in the bounds of your monitor even when 'magnified' is chosen.

    • Yes 2.5k

  • Samsung note 20 - The world's pricest plastic phone.

    • Might as well get a A71 and a stylus

  • Awesome, I've been waiting for the 75Q8 to go on sale as i missed out on black Friday, hope i can pick one up.

    • How much will the 75Q8 when on sale be.

    • how does this compare to samsung Q60t

      • I'm no expert but the Hisense has full array local dimming and the Samsung doesn't.The Hisense has terrible app support but that doesn't bother me cos i'll be using my PS5 for that.

  • +1