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Google Nest Charcoal Hub $74.99 @ Bunnings


I bought it for $78 at Bunnings a few days ago. and found that the price dropped to $74.99 today. A very good unit for myself or just for a Christmas present. I am not sure Bunnings has a price drop guarantee or not so I can get back the price differently? 

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    The first one of these I bought was $168. That was a bargain, as they were $220 elsewhere at the time.

    • I remember those days…

    • Our first one was from JBhifi for $199 including a chromecast. We have it in the kitchen and use it everyday for timers(new timers are fun), recipes and youtube videos/music

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        I've got mine in the kitchen too….. It's had a huge amount of use which makes the price drop tolerable!

        Very convenient for making shopping lists hands free from the fridge and pantry.

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    can also get officework to price beat bunning's by 5% too!

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      Office works are out of stock seemingly everywhere

      • Always conveniently out of stock when the price is too low for them

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          Same parent company.

        • I might work at their warehouse. They are definitely not withholding stock as implied, but stores are generally low in stock of most tech all the time and get them transferred a few days after sales to replen whatever was sold or whenever a customer orders a click and collect.

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    OP you can just buy a new one and return it with the old receipt

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      Surely $3 isn't worth the petrol/metro ticket to get to Bunnings and back..

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        It's the principle!

      • surely ozbargainers go to bunnings weekly to grab bargains!

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    Odd as i purchased it from Bunnings on Saturday for 74.99 and it was listed for 74.99 at Bunnings last Thursday. I actually planned to get Officeworks to price match on Saturday and use my 10% Zip cash back but as above Officeworks appears out of stock in most places. Ended up getting it for about $68 odd with the 10% cashback from Zip.Not as good as the Lenovo Smart screen price i got last year for $59 with the $20 voucher but hopefully this one lasts longer than a year.

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    • I heard the Lenovo Smart Screen is no comparison to the capabilities of the Nest Hub

      • yeah will find out soon enough. I did have a camera but cant say i ever used it. From reading it appears quite a few people have had quality issues with the Lenovo, ie. screen issues, etc out of the box.

  • Is there a break down between these devices?

    I'm looking for a new clock, but ideally would like something like this in the living area too!

    • Between what devices as only seeing one listed here?

    • There's two models - the max hub has a bigger screen and a camera for video calls.
      If you just want the screen/a clock, this works best. Also great as a small photo frame!
      Don't think they can really be wall mounted.

      • And the other models from different brands, Amazon etc

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          Google it!

  • Good price. Good guys commercial and JB commercial both $79

    • As is the Google store

  • 10% PB with OW :D

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      2. no OW in-store stock ?
      • Just checked at Local OW still have different colours in stock and same as Bunnings.
        78 at local OW (called up and 1 in stock)
        79 at Bunnings

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          How are you going to PB Bunnings if it costs more(1$)?

  • Still available with this price when you check out

    • No checkout available now

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    The Evil Bunny is now selling home electronics. Already selling car batteries. What next milk and bread ?

  • Just picked one up. Thanks