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Nintendo Switch Console Neon/Grey + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Digital) + Nintendo Online 3 Month $399 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Need a last minute Christmas gift? Nintendo Switch bundle is on sale at a good price. Selling everywhere else for $440+. Delivery by Wednesday with Prime


yes mods, I just realised its a dupe but the post from a month ago was cheekily updated like 20 days after expiry, and I feel like nobodies gonna be digging through those old posts. other users also agree but unpublish if you wish

update: Kmart also selling at this price (oos though). thanks to englfc
might be a glitch in Amazon price match algorithm that picked up oos deal lol

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Any chance there will be switch sales during boxing day or final week of dec?

    • -3

      highly doubt it'll be any better than 399

      • Which if that’s the case we can always return, no?

        • with amazon, you can try to ask for a refund of price difference or do a return for refund - just buy the switch at the lower price and then return it with the $399 transaction

          • +1

            @skido: Amazon refused to refund me a $100 price drop on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (bought at $899 dropped to $799).

            They insisted I send my one back and buy a new one at the current reduced price it was at. I was bewildered but went through the rigmarole to buy a another one, box the one I had up and send it back, then wait for a new tablet of the exact same model. To save $100 they made me jump through their hoops.

            Very redundant.

            • +1

              @Skinnerr: I know it’s dumb and their system is pretty dumb for that as well, like they most likely have to sell the used one at a lower price and lose more on the shipping fees and all

            • +1

              @Skinnerr: Sounds like them refusing to jump through your hoops.

              • @Mrgreenz: Customers cant dictate terms to companies as big Amazon.

            • @Skinnerr: Same. I bought two Echos for like $120 each, then they dropped to like $100 each. I thought it was worth asking if they'd match the cheaper price with store credit (not long between buying it and the price drop). They said they would honour the price difference if I returned both at their expense and then reordered them. Felt a bit counter-intuitive.

              • @chocsyrup: Counter intuitive and a massive waste of time and resources.

          • @skido:

            with amazon, you can try to ask for a refund of price difference

            They don’t have price protection.

            • @snvl: yes I know but I’ve gotten partial refund before. Just need to logically explain to them that return and refunding will cost more to them and they approved it

      • Very Likely to go to 349 for this bundle

        • +5

          very highly unlikely maybe

        • +2

          It was $349 during Black Friday sale. It might go down that way again, if sales is still low this year.

        • I don't think you'll get at 349… possible with limited-stock flash sales though…
          I'd recommend trying to stack a 399 price with another offer. Hopefully something like 10% back with Zippay… or use all those discounted gift cards you've been compiling with the Saturday 10% zippay offer thingy…

      • lol people downvoting my comments dont believe me.

        target and bigw Boxing Day sales already announced: $429 for console + one sonic game. lol

  • +7

    also, yes mods I just realised its dupe but the post from a month ago was cheekily updated like 20 days after expiry, and I feel like nobodies gonna be digging through those old posts

    • I think it was overshadowed by Amazon/eBay limited time deal at that time which was $349, which made it not that popular.

  • I've been holding out for 349 but looks like it's not going to happen any time soon.

    • only hope is ebay (as they cover part of the discount) but no show from them on Boxing Day (so no price match from amazon)

  • +3
    • +1

      thank youuuuu

      • Think you've just answered my question below 😁

    • Was the title just updated to include Kmart or am I going mad??

    • Kmart is out of stock either online or click collect

      • Yes, seems so. It's been advertised for over a week (at least) there but I never bothered to check if there were any in stock as was still tossing up whether to buy one for my daughters or not!

    • Kmart is out of stock. when you add to your cart and proceed to checkout, it said out of stock.

  • -2

    Checked overseas online shopping website, some stores have listed it to $330ish. So I reckon $329 is the real bargain.

    • for this bundle? or console only

      • Good point, console only.

    • thats usd

      • aud

        • +1

          link it

        • +4

          looks like hes doing the classic spit out a random fake number and never reply when someone asks for proof hahaha

          • -5

            @johnwinkle: Well, I don’t care what you think. And whatever you pay is your business. With your judgmental and your laugh, I will never share to you.

            • +1

              @VestMogen: clearly you dont share with anyone, being on this site for 4 years and not sharing a deal once hahahah

    • Plus GST.
      Plus international freight.

      • Well, last year it was 369. How possible this is even more.

  • Will Ebgames price match this I've got a load of credit to use

    • EB do not price match consoles.

  • Does jb p/m Amazon?

    • Yes, I managed to get one at my local JB by price matching with Amazon and paying by Him gift cards purchased at %19 off deal. Came down to $324.

    • My JB price matched the Kmart price of $399.

      • In person?

        • Yeah, I walked into the store and they didn’t even check it. Just took my word for it.

  • +1

    Wait until Boxing Day.
    I got this exactly deal for 359 via Amazon Prime + 10% off via ZipPay

    With ZipPay, I didn't have to wait for Shopback and CashBack for ages to receive the discount and don't have the risk of not receiving the cashback as so many have complained.
    When the order was finally processed on ZipPay side ( read I got it delivered ), the 10% was applied right away.

    Cheaper than this was 349 on eBay but was one of those 30s deal which has hundreds trying to grab one, you blink and the deal is gone. I call that bullshit deals but that is me.

    Anyways, wait so we don't have posts here with people saying that they bought a product a week before Black Friday and the product got like $300 and there is nothing they can do about it……

    • Correct me if I'm wrong - do ZipPay or Afterpay ruin your credit score? (Doesn't matter for those already in debt)

      • I am sorry if I didn't understand your question :)

        I believe someone here said his company with ZipPay and they do run a check on you.
        I used my PayPal when creating my account and since my account is very old and I use PayPal for almost everything, my ZipPay account was created faster than the time spent filling it up.

        The only downside tho is the payment process. Those who don't have the money to pay in full within a month, $6 fee will be added to the bill. And by default, you have a $40 monthly bill. So it can get catch for those who don't read about it. I loved its $1k limit right way <3 and it seems way more flexible to use than AfterPay.
        AfterPay on the other hand, it is a solid 4x payment. More restricted tho.

        If I didn't understand your question please, ask again.

      • Yes, ZipPay runs a credit check on you to see if you're eligible to apply, and therefore impacts your credit score even if you don't go through with the application. Can't speak for Afterpay but I would assume it's the same.

    • Given the speculation that the Switch Pro Console will be released same time as LoZ:BotW2 - Dec 2021(?), I'll pull the trigger at $359 since I missed outon the Black Friday Amazon deal. :/

  • Thanks OP. I managed to grab one for my son. JB price matched Amazon without any issues.

  • Picked up the mario 8 pack for the switch for $399 and an extra Joycon for $95 in JB Hifi, price matching Kmart.

  • will there be a boxing day sale for 350??

    • Doesn't look like it. :(

  • shopback or cashrewards with better cashback offer for this one?

  • Is this really going to be it for this year's boxing day? :'(

    • apparently so

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