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Gigabyte P850GM 850W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply $149, Intel Core i3-10100F 4C/8T $99 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


80 PLUS Gold certified
Fully modular design
120mm Smart Hydraulic Bearing (HYB) Fan
Main Japanese capacitors
Powerful single +12V rail
Compact size
5 year warranty

Intel Core i3-10100F 4.3GHz 4 Cores 8 Threads LGA 1200 CPU - Starts 8pm AEDT

Clock Speed (GHz):
Boost Clock Speed (GHz):
Number of Cores:
Number of Threads:
Unlocked (Overclockable):
Motherboard Compatibility:
LGA 1200 (H410 - H470 - B460 - Z490)
LGA 1200

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  • Note for the Power Supply Unit - Title on Shopping Express is the 'Gigabyte P850GM', but image is showing the 'AORUS P850W'.

  • This PSU is the loudest thing you can imagine even @ 30% load. Avoid it. Spend the Extra bucks and buy the Corsair RM850x

    It also only comes with 2x PCI-E cables so it is not suitable for 3 x 8pin GPU's (cannot use split cables require more then the 300w two pci-e cables can put out)

    • Not necessary true, an 8 pin slot on a psu can output like 375W per slot its just that the 8 pin port on the gpu is limited to 150w

  • Cheapest mobo for the i3 matx format

    • Check umart hot deals, I got ASRock h410m HDV / M2 for $78 , 10 days ago. So far it's great.

      • got same mobo at umart thinking about pairing it with either i3-10100f or i5-10400f or buying new mobo to pair with ryzen cpu.
        What CPU you got with your mobo?

        • I got i5 10400f from mwave for $199.

          • @Sinnerator: you recommend i3-10100f or i5-10400f? there is like 10 fps difference in most games.

            • @Reef: TL;DR - If you are targeting only 60fps, the i3 10100F will suffice.

              It'll depend on the resolution and framerate for the games you want to target, and depending on your priority on hardware. While limited, there's still kind of an upgrade path for the LGA1200, if you get a suitable motherboard. just realised you've got the H410 mentioned above, should still be ok for a non-K i5 CPU.

              If you're targeting entry level gaming, 1080p, high refresh ~<120fps (depending on the game and of course depending on the GPU), i3-10100F is achievable. Save the ~$100-150 and put into GPU, or save for later when Rocket Lake S/12th gen comes out, when you do need the 6 Cores 12 Threads i5 to get better 1%/0.1% low performance.

              Here is a review that might give some idea: https://www.techspot.com/review/2033-intel-core-i3-10100/

              Do note that the review uses a 2080Ti as GPU. So it'll be a worst scenario of how much different the performance will be between 10100F and 10400F (or its integrated graphics enabled counterparts).

              If the games you are targeting are more modern games that can better utilise more cores and threads of the CPU, using Shadow of The Tomb Raider as an example, at higher resolution 1440p (where games aren't as much CPU limited, so more GPU dependent), looking at the 1% Low performance (as that'll give a better idea about stutter, while the average fps of both CPU will be sufficiently performing to be high enough), there'll be ~27% difference at worst. At 1080p where games will be more CPU bottlenecked, there can be at worst ~54% performance difference between the 4C/8T i3 and 6C/12T i5.

            • @Reef: I3 at $99 is awesome value, better fps/$ than i5 at my $199. If you want budget and bang for buck go i3.

  • MWave and PCByte have this power supply for $165 if anyone is wondering how big a bargain.
    Reviews for it aren't great. Average 3 stars out of 74 Google reviews. Plenty of 1 star with broken cables and DOA.

  • Any recommendations for a cheap ITX mobo for the i3? Planning a sub 6L build…

    • Do you plan on having an extensive upgrade path? Or more buy-build-and-forget scenario?

      List of possible options: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/products/motherboard/#s=39&f=8&s...

      If need help choosing a Z490 board, sorted by features: https://www.anandtech.com/show/15723/the-intel-z490-motherbo...

      • Good question, I would like to be able to upgrade on the future but not too fussed about getting the top of the line board.

        • A sub 6L build sounds to me it'll have a very limited airflow to cool the VRMs (going AIO for CPU cooling? or low profile fan e.g. NH-L9i?), so you'll want to get a board with good VRMs for lower temperatures. Having said that, the 4Cores i3 should be a breeze for even H410 VRMs, it'll only be more of a concern if you do go onto 6C or 8C in the future if you do upgrade.

          And if you want any sort of overclocking, you'll be limited to the Z490.

          • @zrmx: Thanks. Btw, I just saw a madman on PCpartpicker built a 3950x and 2070 mini in the same case I was looking at lol

            • @AFM7: lol, looks like there's only one H410 itx board, from ASRock. And looking at VRM 'heatsink'-imposing skinny metal fin, yea nah, go for a H470/B460 board at least.

              Which case are you using? Ali of Optimum Tech does really good (and crazy expensive) ITX builds too (he did a build of 5900X+RTX3090 in the 12.6L Ncase M1 recently (ok technically it's mini-DTX) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZS0ljxYxWw).

  • yeah fair enough.

    I've been watching his videos all morning! I like the Velka's (especially the 5 or 7) though they're pretty expensive. He inspired me to get the NZXT H1.