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Disney Blu-Rays $6.75 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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  • thanks OP

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    Hopefully something similar comes out for 4k titles

    • Same, the 4k is better both in visuals and audio quality than Disney+ (assuming you have a good set-up etc.)

    • or 3d titles, but i doubt it

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      1. Better video and audio quality
      2. Special features
      3. What happens when what you want to watch gets taken off the service?
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        Sometimes streaming services edit old movies when they become 'problematic'. Examples:

        Splash: https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=765444

        Back to the Future Part II: https://www.nme.com/en_au/news/film/back-to-the-future-ii-fa...

        The only way to prevent this censorship of old movies is to have a physical copy.

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          • thumbs @ Cluster

          Also, when you purchase a 'digital' licence you are only purchasing a specified right to "use" (but not own) these titles. The licence expires when you do (or they (Disney) do… whoever dies first).
          With physical media (CD / DVD / Blu-ray, even LP and Musicassette) the licence to own and use goes into perpetuity, i.e. after you die they become part of your estate and may be inherited as directed. During YOUR lifetime, the titles may also be re-sold or gifted to a third party :) None of this is possible with digital media :(

        • Wow I never knew, I had a good look at the Splash editing, oh and Daryl Hannah too! That is terrible, would ruin the movie, will look for a pirate copy now. Cheers for the link.

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    the only problem is storage space…they should just let us convert physical copy to copies on like itunes or disney or playstore movies would be so good!

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    Just a reminder that all of these are on Disney Plus. Disney Plus 4k streaming is great quality, not quite as good as 4K bluray, better than 1080p bluray. Disney Plus also has all The Simpsons, minus the Michael Jackson episode because the producers felt MJ used his spot on The Simpsons to gain the trust of children. And The Mandelorian, and all the Star Wars. If you have kids or are a big Disney Kid, you might get better value just streaming all this.

    • does Disney+ stream stereoscopic 3d?

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        Don’t think so. They don’t even make 3D TVs anymore so they probably never will.

      • 3D days at home are well and truly gone, 3D TV production has ceased. The only place to watch some new content in 3D is by visiting your local IMAX

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      minus the Michael Jackson episode because the producers felt MJ used his spot on The Simpsons to gain the trust of children.

      MJ played the part the producers wrote for him. Interesting revisionism. I wonder would happen to South Park.

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