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Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse (Graphite) $118.95 + Shipping ($0 with Kogan First) (Direct Import) @ Kogan


Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse in Graphite. Cheapest I've seen so far without coupons or promotions.

First post so be kind!

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    Stack with AmEx offer to get this for $99

  • Great price

  • Thanks first poster, finally bit the bullet and bought one (got amex card so save another $20, and 2% cashback from Cash Rewards)

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    Any deals on the MX Keys?

    • That's what I'm hanging out for. Time to look into an upgrade from my K750 solar. It will be hard parting ways with after nearly 10 years.. it really can't be beat!

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    guys, is it safe to buy from Kogan ?

    • you may get occasional visit from Mr Ruslan Kogan himself .. perhaps..

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        I mean I saw many stories here about awful customer service, that's why I decided to reiterate this concern. If community says it's alright nowadays I will pull the trigger.

        • Haven't had a bad experience with them, especially when buying directly from them and not a 3rd party listing on their marketplace.

        • Frequent shopper with Kogan. No issues so far. Warranty replacement took a bit longer for a product once as was out of stock..but was replaced with new no question asked.

    • For a mouse I can't see what the problem would be.
      My mobile phone purchase wasn't that good though…

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    Make sure you remove any payments after you make a purchase. They automatically get stored and were recently hacked.

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      ^^^ this, I recently had to cancel my card, cause merchant was compromised and some weird charges began appearing on my card.

    • Also worth removing your credit card so they don't automatically charge you an ongoing monthly premium membership, which they opt you into automatically, scumbags.

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    Isn't Jb going to have the 20% off on Logitech on boxing day which would bring it down to $119 from the current $149?

    • Where did you hear this? Been waiting on a discount on the anywhere 3

      • I read it in Ozb last week however couldn't find where it was mentioned .Am going to wait and see .

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      Sadly this item is not on sale at JB - they have 20% off Logitech "gaming" and this doesn't count.

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        This is correct, I was just there and the 20% off offer does not apply to the MX series.
        Though their whole MX shelf has the 20% off labels throughout…

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    I ordered this one last month and it took 3 weeks to deliver.

    • ooof, must've been a torture to wait for so long :-(

      My current mouse is dying (right click works in 30% of the times, left click cannot hold for more than a sec, so no dragging) - cannot wait for weeks to continue working and don't want to buy any temp mouse - so thanks for sharing, this is precious !!!

    • Yes, it just arrived few days ago Monday.

      And now a cheaper price appear

  • Can you price match with officeworks?

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      Pretty sure you can. Depending on who you get, you might need to add shipping to the pricebeat.

      • argh, out of stock in stores around :-(

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    I bought this mouse from Kogan on black friday and only just got it. Took a long time for them to send and it was past their estimate by a week. Anyway, mouse is great and definitely worth the money.

  • This or hold for boxing day?

  • Great price. Was hanging out for these, but Santa has already bought this and the Master Keys keyboard for a little bit more.

    Can't wait for Chrissy.

  • Has anyone moved from the Master 2S to the Master 3? If so, do you recommend the 3 over the 2S? I want one for work but saw a few reviews saying stick with the 2S.

  • Thanks, I've picked one up.

  • Has anyone had any luck with JB Hifi price matching this?

    • No, jb hi fi do not price match

  • Interested if someone has been able to get jb to price match as well .

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