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JBL GO2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker (Midnight Black) $9.95 @ Australia Post


Went to check out my local post office to see if they had the JBL flip essential deal posted the other day. No luck at Aus Post Launceston, but did manage to pick up their last JBL Go 2 for $9.95. Might be lucky at other stores as well. Not a clearance item, so may be able to price match.

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    JBL GO2 Ruby Red & Deep Blue Sea still showing full price on Auspost Site

    So might be colour/store specific.

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    i may check my local Post Office tomorrow.
    THanks OP

  • Lucky you mate

  • Shame was just near the post office earlier. Could have taken a peak. I would have snapped these up at these prices. This is cheap.

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    i have one. decent sound for its price/size. compact for travelling.

  • Which Australia Post was this at?

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      Aus Post Launceston

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    Who remembers Previous Deal

    I member… :(

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      That wasnt a sale. That was a lottery.

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      Got one from that deal, I was surprised how good it was for the size.

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      Have a sudden hankering for 'memberberries!

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        Isn't Broden more appropriate?

  • Of course ya did.

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    I would recommend getting a mid range speaker on discount. Avoid the entry level ones because of the poor audio quality & low volume. Unless you want something to stream baby rhymes for your toddler, doin’t opt for entry level portable speakers.

  • Simply put, you get what you pay for.

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    i've had mine for over a year now, bought some shitty chinese case off ebay and travelled china, usa etc with it.
    works fine, decent battery, decent sound etc

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    I've said it before, I'll say it again. These GO speakers have no business being this good as small and cheap as they are

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    Bought one of these for travelling, hides easy enough in a bag and sounds pretty good for the size and price I got it for at the time. Volume gets plenty loud enough - not loud enough to throw a party or anything, but it can fill a hotel room decently enough.

    Obviously, bigger more expensive speakers will sound better, but if you want a compact travel speaker to lug around, you'd be hard pressed to find one this cheap and small that sounds this decent.

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    anyone actually get any or just upvoting?

  • Just went and checked. $49

  • not even stocked at my AusPost!

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    So many positive votes but doesn't look like anyone was able to find this speaker at this price.