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Southern Comfort 700ml $29.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Southern Comfort 700 mL, Part of the Boxing day sale, happy holidays, Enjoy

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    Number two alcohol I can no longer drink (after fruity Lexia goonbag) after drinking like a lunatic in a park when I was a teenager when my parents thought I was at a nice sleepover

    • for me that drink is bundy and scotch..

      Thanks op got two!

    • Yep Bundaberg rum for me, can't even stand the smell now.

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    I recently discovered this drink. Amazing.

    • Cheers!

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      So much unsubstantiated hate for this drink.

      I didn't drink sutho for many years, but about 5 or so years ago I was in a situation where it was presented and I thought "why not" and that was the start of a new love affair with this. So easy to drink - I find a quadruple sutho on ice an excellent way to start the weekend.

      • Mix with cranberry. Thank me later

        • No thanks. Sutho is perfect straight, or with the slightest dilution from sitting on ice for a few minutes.

  • this is awesome.

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    fyi, this isn't whiskey, it's a liqueur.

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      Why is that

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        I'm guessing because it's only 30% alcohol and it's also very sweet, so probably mixed with sugar instead of just diluted with water (like most common spirits).
        A quick google showed that to be called "scotch whiskey" it needs to be 40%+. Even Johnny Walker Red is 40%.
        As an aside, to be called Vodka, it needs to be at least 37.5% in the EU, or 40% in the US.

        Edit: Also, Southern Comfort is basically a vodka base. "grain neutral spirit, sugar, and a fruit concentrate in which the dominant fruit is apricot." source

  • Thanks Vegimate. Just bought 3 bottles for the Mrs.. Merry Christmas to you guys!!

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    Mmm I can taste the vomit already

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    Southern comfort and lemonade. Thank me later 😎

  • Haven't touched sutho since 1989

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