7/11 Fuel Quality

What are your thoughts on 7/11 fuel quality? Any interesting stories to share?

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    I fill up my petrol tank with it and it makes my car move. It's pretty good stuff.

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      What about the flavour, how’s it compare to BP or Mobile?

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        Considering it says Mobile on most of their pumps I'd say it's probably a Mobile 2020 Vintage.

      • I prefer sniffing mine, like a real gentleman

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    I enjoy a $1 coffee with my fill up

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        Us real not-coffee-connoisseurs look down upon your watered down variety of not being a coffee connoisseur, as you clearly care too much. And this is coming from me, a person who is himself a pretender in the world of not-coffee-connoisseurs. The true believers will do anything. They will drink instant. Wait until people discover the value of size of the Coles Express large for $2.5. A household's worth of coffee.

        • Wait until people discover the value of size of the Coles Express large for $2.5. A household's worth of coffee.

          … is it truee

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        Coffee is one of those things that everyone has a personal preference for.
        For me… the 7-11 brew is the best Cappo I have had… and that includes barista shops with amazing snob value.

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        I have found a fair bit of variety between 7eleven stores the two closest to me are chalk and cheese.

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          Yep, walk around the CBD and sample a few, they can be pretty terrible, or kinda nice

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            @dinna89: Try the coffee out of the new machines at coles express servos. Same price but you can adjust strength (weak, regular or strong). I find them a bit better than 7/11- maybe because no one buys them and so the machines don't have limescale/ burned grinds accumulating and depositing into the drink

            • @naturaldecay: Yeah, I have tried them, they are pretty good, I just don't really have any near me. Just gotta make sure you give them a stir, or the first sip is really nice and strong, and the bottom of the cup is milk.

            • @naturaldecay: I make my own 7/11 coffees nice and strong with 3 espresso and a small long black in a medium.

              • @Spiderboy: My preference is the iced coffee with 1 short black before pressing the iced coffee button.

                Definitely worth figuring out the machine so you can get a decent cup.

                Also a fan of Coles offering strength and skim milk options.

                As for fuel, for my basic non turbo or lower compression cars, I've always used the 94 octane ethanol blend.

                Never had issues with the fuel, other than noticing my local 7-eleven never has the 94 pump available.

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                @Spiderboy: what does this end up costing you for this kind of coffee? just the cup price eh?

                'scuse me

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    I've been using 7/11 fuel for the last 5 years atleast. no issues whatsoever.
    They get their fuel from Mobil, I think.

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      Same, no complaints from the last 5 years. Fairly consistent fuel economy.

      • No problems from 1+ year here

        • Been using for ages too (3-4 years) with 98 in my VW golf, no issues.

          7/11 just rebranded all the Mobil petrol stations so I trust them

          Their fuel locker app is great too - I often save $10-20 per 50l tank

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          You should report them if you think that is the case. There are huge fines for meddling with the pumps. I agree the Coast was the epicentre of dodgy fuel about 30 years ago, but I assume it's better now. I think whatever they used to fill the tanks with which didn't have excise on it has excise on now. I can't exactly recall.

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          Maybe it's your driving lol and a placebo effect

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    It’s often the same Toll trucks that fill up servos of different brands (7/11, shells, caltex etc. you name it).
    Perceived differences though, greatly depend on how you feel about each brand.

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      Toll is a outsourced delivery company, the place the trucks fill up is different in some cases.

      • But not all cases. Some fuel is imported as petrol to Australia. Some is refined here. For the most part fuel is a fungible commodity. Sometimes some different additives are added by the different brands.

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    its mobil fuel so should be ok

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    I find after a few glasses you can't tell the difference..

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      LOL… he got pulled over and blew 94 octane!

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    What’s your story?

    • Thanks for asking.
      I don't really have a story, I've been pumping 7/11 fuel for a few years, rotating on 91/95/98 when I feel like.

      Haven't had any problems so far (touch wood).
      Only reason I asked this question was that one of my friends who used to pump 7/11 switched to Caltex and stated that he noticed a difference in terms of milage and vehicle performance.

      Heard some stories of friends of friends of friends who had issues with 7/11 fuel where vehicle stalled, fuel contamination etc (just unconfirmed stories passed down).

      So naturally, was curious to see what the community had to say.

      • Heard some stories of friends of friends of friends who had issues with 7/11 fuel where vehicle stalled, fuel contamination etc (just unconfirmed stories passed down).

        There's also stories in OzBargain that had experienced fuel contamination at Shell, Caltex and United.
        Fuel contamination happens regardless of the brand

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    The regular unleaded fuel economy is the same or better compared to others like BP, Shell and Caltex. Heard stories that the fuel at 7/11 is "dirtier" but ye ol corolla ran fine for the last 10 years on 7/11 petrol. Ran it on Esso/Mobil early on then switched to Caltex before the station stopped stocking regular unleaded, then switched to 7/11 (if you're interested…)

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          Unless you own a BMW or Mercedes but then again the word bargain does not enter the same sentence at that point.

          For a bargain on personal sanity however , costs are always higher for some people more then others.

          Good on you for keeping and looking after your car , people like yourself are few and far between.

          Vehicles are costly but you cannot put a price on personal satisfaction. the more you have the more you want and the less content you are with what you have. a vicious cycle i hope to break , one day.

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            @DisabledUser373341: Fair enough. BTW not a criticism of your admirable love of fine cars or excellent fuel storage/use advice. 👍

            The comment was more about giving advice on bargaining, which was only in your last paragraph, not the rest of your post.

            As you admit your costly addiction is contrary to this goal.

            Fuel majors can be as guilty as Independents, they however are more able to make restitution in the case of contamination, which is rather difficult to prove in all cases.

            And as well how do we define an independent. The OPs request is on 7/11which the 5th largest fuel supplier in Australia

            Costco would be an independent, but large in support.

            Some references


            With the 7/11 fuel price app you can make significant savings by locking in prices using each of your families phones during fuel price cycles and if you travel around a lot. (yes some know how to cheat but thats not the advantage I am talking about)

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        Has this ever been proven?

        Fuel pick ups are at the bottom of the tank so any sediments and contamination are going to get sucked up first regardless of the stunning of fuel in the tank.

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        You do realise that almost all ~80's till current EFI cars have an in tank pump with a sock filter assembly that essentially sits on the floor of the tank, right? All that fuel pumping through your fuel rails has come from… the bottom of your fuel tank.

    • No point putting decent fuel in a Corolla. 7/11 is fine for run of the mill cars.

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    I use 7/11 fuel often atm with the locked in pricing. But 7/11 is often the cheapest anyway near me. I use 98 in car and diesel in truck and never had any issues with the quality of their fuel.

    FWIW 98 reduces the cost of servicing and the car is more responsive.

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      The thing I wonder is that how do we know 98 tank has 98 petrol in it and not 95 or 91. Whats stopping small family run pumps to not do this mix up to earn money?

      • Audits

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        You would end up with a lot of broken premium fuel cars.

        Petrol stations make money from the higher margins on the convenience store, not the fuel.

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      Out of interest how does 98 reduce the cost of servicing the car?

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      FWIW 98 reduces the cost of servicing

      Going to have to see your working on that one…..

      Your engine either needs 98ron or it doesn't, based on compression etc.
      If your engine doesnt need it, you're wasting money.
      If your engine does need it, you need it.

      But it's not going to make a single difference come service interval time…

      • While I do agree with you, based purely on the definition of the RON rating, 98 can be more than just its rating. The fuel sometimes contain extra cleaning additives which may help prevent carbon build-up in the engine. So it could be worth it. Of course, whether it's worth paying the premium purely for such cleaning agents, and how effective they actually are in reality, I've got no answer.

        Personally, my car is rated for RON95 and that's what I always use, no additives. But I also take my car for regular long drives of up to an hour, with the odd weekend 4 or 5 hour trip, which is also helps to prevent build-up.

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          With a modern car you'll find this less effective however, your fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. The oily problems you would want the cleaners for are generally EGR related and injected into the air intake (which is where your oily mess is a problem). The cleaners may help your fuel system or injectors, but also probably won't do much as the fuel itself is a pretty good cleaner, and once they are injected your fuel is a mist which quickly goes boom. You'd be better spending $8 once a year for an in fuel additive (or not bother if you have a relatively new vehicle).

          If you have an older carburetor based car then go for your life, but ensure you tune it for 98 or it'll probably knock like hell. Which is important advice for anyone, if your car doesn't list the fuel you intend to use you are risking knocking, and should probably get a tune/alternate map for it.

          • @Abaddon: better yet , seafoam your engine , it really works.

            Would trust this on a yearly basis then any fuel additive. Not great for the environment though..but neither are petrol cars lol.

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        My old Subaru liberty (2.5i NA) did not require premium fuel per the manual.

        When using open source software (romraider logger with tactrix cable) to log detonation/knock/pre-ignition events, I found that on 98 there was no knock/detonation.

        With lower octane fuel and running the factory tune/programming, there was knock.

        I believe this does lead to quicker headgasket & bearing failure (among other factors).

        So if you trust the manufacturer to properly tune/program the car for the specified fuel and conditions, sure you wouldn't expect to have to use a higher octane fuel than specified.

        Sadly manufacturers don't always get their tune right (for whatever reason), I believe dieselgate was one example .

        • What year was your Liberty? Curious since I drive one around

          • @mynamejeff: 2009, that car blew headgaskets at 100,000km and had to replace the engine soon after with one from a wrecker.

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          I believe dieselgate was one example .

          No it wasn't.
          That was VW putting software in their cars to detect when they were being tested for emissions and fuel economy and changing their performance to give a better test result

          • @spaceflight: Maybe I wasn't clear in my example, I mention dieselgate as an example of why car programming can't always be trusted (or maybe programming in general, unless you are the one writing the source code).

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      FWIW 98 reduces the cost of servicing

      No it doesn't

      and the car is more responsive.

      Only if the car is designed to run on 98 and you are using lots of throttle.

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    No stories. I use it from time to time, it’s the cheapest close to home for when I’m not going past the cheapest in town. Fuel economy (recorded in an app) doesn’t noticeably change. No noticeable performance change.

  • I follow the pricing. My car prefers 95 octane and 7/11 E10 is 94 octane so that makes it a cheap option. The car’s computer sorts out the difference. It’s Mobil fuel so I trust it. I prefer United E10 if I can find it with 95 octane and they often price their increases a day or two later than other servos. I have tried higher priced higher octane fuels when doing road trips using cruise control but can’t notice much difference in range so went back to E10 94 or 95 octane. I know biofuels are supposed to be less efficient than regular but I can’t seem to find a difference worth the expense. Believe me I’ve tried for years on a lot of road trips. I drive a 6 cylinder 4 litre turbo.

    • XR6T?

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      You get more K's out of using 91 vs 94+E10 due to ethanol having a lower energy coefficient , you actually see better bang for your dollar so to speak and thats usually where the deception is , they make E10 cheaper at the bowser but in the long run it is costing you more.

      But if your car requires 95 at a minimum then i would be using 95 and not 94+E10 because even though most modern day car's ECU can retard the timing you are still losing performance and putting ethanol into your system which for older car's is not a good idea.

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        The manufacturer recommends 95 and E10 is approved. I’d rather have the octane rating higher. The car is serviced regularly and I often get a good comment about the car in general from the service guy when they go over the service check sheet. I’d rather pay extra for 95 than put in 91.

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    It's the same oil that comes from the ground and is refined like all the others

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      From the same refinery too, most likely.
      Some of the additives maybe different but that’s marginal stuff, detergents and whatevs.

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    I find that I get more KMs on a 98 tank of BP compared to 7/11. Although with the 7/11 chopper I'm not sure if the math is worth it to pay the difference.

  • No difference noted with 7/11 fuels, my cars still ping under load using 98 or ethanol 94.

    Why aren't servo's displaying the status of their Fuel, Tanks, Filters and Pumps?
    (Restaurants are required to display certain health certificates)

    Why is the price of fuel so out of sync with market crude prices?

  • 7 Eleven is the old Mobil
    Always good quality fuel
    Never had a problem

  • No issues. 98 only in a Galant VR4 and an FTO which are made for Japanese equivelant high octane.

    Only issue I have ever had with fuel was a Shell on the way to Sydney from Melbourne. Car hated it, next fill and she was fine.

  • I think the age of the station and when the underground storage was refilled matters more. 7/11 is just fine most of the time. Their stations are usually newer. Just don't fill up when you see a tanker bcos it will bring the contaminants up. And new underground storage tanks have less contaminants. That's why I don't trust independent service stations.

  • Keep the receipt from each fill up, doesn't matter where. If there's an issue and you can identify it's from the fuel, to back and get them to pay for the repairs.

    Bad fuel can happen anywhere it's not a difference in fuel quality because it all comes from the same place really, it's usually when their tank is low or has just been filled up and the sediment is swirled around. They have procedures to reduce the chances of this by waiting before customers can use the fuel but sometimes they don't.

    No receipt, no chance of a claim.

  • If you want the best fuel then buy where they have the highest volume of sales for freshest fuel. This usually means the cheapest servo around.

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    Have been using 7-11 98 for ~ 1year on a high compression cammed 6L V8. No probs & did not lose any power from BP 98.

  • I think it gives my GT86 cricket noises

    • I found my crickets went away when I moved house and started filling up at the local 7-11 (98ron). Had used a variety of servos prior to that, but this one is round the corner, so use it almost 100% exclusively. Could also just be conincidence though, and sound simply went away with mileage/years.