7/11 Fuel Quality

What are your thoughts on 7/11 fuel quality? Any interesting stories to share?

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  • Since moving in with my financee 1.5yrs ago, most of the servos in the area are 7/11s so I've been using them more.

    Since Holden closed up shop and having my Cruze lose half its value, I've definitely used 7/11/Mobil fuel more seeing how they're usually the cheapest after factoring in 4c/L docket discounts. Things I've noticed over the years with my Cruze:

    • the brand of fuel doesn't make a big difference on the estimated km/full tank but the likes of Shell and BP does give me another estimated 20-30km but they're usually 10c more expensive
    • I definitely get more mileage from 98 octane… enough to make choosing it over 91 worthwhile (I find 95 to be too expensive in the area… it's almost the price of 98 half the time)
  • As some say above, its Mobil fuel. I worked for 7-Eleven when we changed from Shell to Mobil fuel (when 7-Eleven bought the Mobil fuel business), we didn't any more issues with Mobil vs the Shell fuel. The issues were mainly around storage and the tanks more so than the fuel.

    • What were the issues with the storage and tanks?

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        What were the issues with the storage and tanks?

        Water contamination.
        Happened to a friend with 7/11, luckily they kept their receipt. Reached out to 7/11 via facebook and they covered their repair and servicing costs.

        Been using 7/11 fuel for over 4 years with my family's high yield investments with no issues.

        Always keep your fuel receipts regardless of the station and brand you fill up with, at least for a day or two

        • Always keep your fuel receipts regardless of the station and brand you fill up with, at least for a day or two

          How does that prove that the receipt is for the car you are claiming damages for?

          • @spaceflight: Your car will break down very shortly after

            Water sinks to the bottom of your petrol.

            At that point in time, the engine will not work (fuel pump is at the bottom of the tank) as.. water can't ignite in your cylinders

            Your car will be towed. Ask the mechanic for a fuel sample from your tank.

            How does that prove that the receipt is for the car you are claiming damages for?

            Fuel stations have CCTV that proves your receipt is genuine and also the same car.

            You can only claim against them for contaminated fuel.

            Petrol stations also should have got insurance against these types of events.

            • @cwongtech:

              Fuel stations have CCTV that proves

              That you filled up with petrol at a day/time.

              That's all you need because a receipt doesn't prove anything. All it proves is that you purchased petrol, which you don't need to prove because it will be on CCTV at the petrol station.

              • @spaceflight:

                That's all you need because a receipt doesn't prove anything.

                The receipt proves you have just filled up and broke down 5-10 mins later..

                Yes, you're correct their cctv can prove it too but they wouldn't volunteer evidence that causes them to payout normally..

                Car breakdown doesn't get inspected immediately until it reaches a mechanic which may be the next day..

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    For run of the mill cars, any petrol will do.

    If you have a decent car/performance car, the general consensus is BP is the go to for higher quality petrol.

    • For run of the mill cars, any petrol will do.

      Yeah, for Kremlin. Everyone drives the same car. :D

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    I do notice that when I charge at 7/11 the petrol lasts less km than when I charge at Shell.

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    When 7\11 was an independent chain it was a steer clear of their watered down with ethynol fuel.
    Now that they are partnered with Mobil the fuel is more trustworthy although I find not as good as BP.

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    The fuel is just the same as what you fill up with at a Mobil station. What does tend to make a difference though is the quality/age/maintenance of the tanks storing the fuels at the stations, no idea what 7\11 is like as I use Caltex (company fuel card), But my mother had some issues with a refill with dirty fuel last year.

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    There are 9 refineries in Australia owned by big 4 oil giants and one independent one. Mobil is one of the big 4 and their fuel is pretty good quality. The fuel quality will be almost identical from any retailer. The only thing to be mindful of is how busy a petrol station is. A petrol station that sells a lot of fuel will have new new fuel delivered more often and tanks cleaned more often. The main cause of decline in petrol is the age of the fuel and if water has contaminated the tank. And that's why a busy station will usually have newer fuel and cleaner tanks. The keyword is usually.

    And on the topic of coffee. I always use 7/11 near my work for fuel and coffee. As an ex bank employee I used to drink a lot of coffee in CBD cafes and I am pretty happy with the quality of 7/11 coffee. Sometimes you can taste the beans have been roasted too much or the milk is under cooked but majority of the time coffee is good. I was asking my friend who owned a busy 7/11 in Melbourne and he told me they sell around 1500 cups of coffee a day. They don't really make money on $1 coffees but it brings people to the store to buy expensive confectionery.

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    I have been using 711 fuel since the 711 app came out. I have used 98 octane and diesel over the years with no issues. However if you want the best quality fuel, I have heard quite a few times now that car tuners prefer BP 98 ultimate as they seem to get more power out of it. Otherwise no difference to the average car owner.

  • It's the same quality as other fuel sold in Australia, so use it if you can. I know I do, although the queues can sometimes be a pain.

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    The amount I've saved over the years with the fuel lock hack, outways any difference in quality, for me anyway. Nearly $700 av saving p/y pre covid.

    • I wish we can have the Helicopter hack again :(

      • ifakelocation, windows, plug in ios device - no need for hack - simples

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    Been using 7/11 fuel for the last 10 years. It is like every other fuel sold here.

    The fuel helicopter makes it even sweeter.

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    I have been filling up at 7eleven for over 15 years.

    I was told there were only 2 refineries in Victoria. 1 of them is Run by Mobil the other by Shell. Everyone's fuel comes from 1 or the other.

    711 corporate own the fuel in the ground and franchises are paid a commission Per Liter sold. The commission is the same irrespective of the grade sold. So you get the grade you pay for as Drivers (employed/contracted by the corporate) deliver to the tank with the correct grade of fuel. Quality control is top-notch as the cost of repairs, maintenance and quality control is paid by the corporate.

    Smaller servos are notorious for selling the wrong grade of fuel to make a buck. E10 in U91 and E10 Mixed with U95 is quite common. You can't mix U98 as its very easy to find out if someone has done mixing. Quality control is a major Issue. The paste used for testing water contamination is quite expensive. I know from personal experience United don't test for weeks. So I avoid them like the plague.

    It's funny that people are saying BP gives them better results when Mobil supply BP in Vic and BP supply Mobil/711 in NSW and so on. Essentially its the same fuel between them. Except 7eleven uses premium additives and detergents in U91 which is why they are the only servo who can use the term "Special Unleaded" without getting sued.

    Source: Mate works for Gilbarco Veeder-Root who does fuel maintenance for pretty much all servos. He advised me to go for 7eleven for U91 and stick to them and the Majors for Premium (Mobil/Shell/Caltex). Also not to buy U95 from a shady servo for your High Yield Investment. Go for U98 instead.

    Happy Pumping!

    • You reckon costco also gets from Mobil or Shell? I dont know if its in my mind but I have noticed this a few times now - my camry needs a bit more pushing the pedal when I fill'er up at costco vs at caltex(woolies). Costco's E10 feels less 'strong'.

      • Don't worry it's not in your mind, but probably Mobil. I find the 98 Octane is the same sensation as well, people still think there is no difference as to what fuel you put in..

      • I'm not sure. Why don't you ask them? They will know as the supplier's name is on the delivery invoice.

        Maybe the tanks are "Dirty"?

        It's probably the additive package is optimised for economy rather than performance. Different retailers have different additives. Like the U91 at 711/Mobil is of the higher end, therefore, the special unleaded term in the marketing jargon.

    • Can confirm re: United's lack of quality control. My mate is a chemical engineer, and a number of years ago in Uni, a part of their assignment was to collect and test fuel from a number of fuel sites and companies. He said he would never go back to United due to its terrible quality and contaminants. I don't care/believe about better fuel economy etc. But I pump U98 as I've been told it cleans the engine as it goes through (if I'm mistaken please correct me). My threshold being a price difference of no more than ~5c over U95.

      • I think the same mate. It's worth the 5 cents. When I bought My Tiguan my dealer said there is a reason they don't sell U91 in Europe. The Regular there is U95 and Premium is much more than the extra 5-7 Cents we pay here. Its cheap in Aus as most of us think of it as a rip-off. It's better for the environment, as well as the emissions, are cleaner (lower sulphur content)

  • Ive always seen BP/mobile/caltex as more or less the same (BP maybe slightly better) and shell as trash. Everything else I don't even put in my car.

  • I'm not in favour of 7eleven especially if you have a European brand car. I used to fill up my VW with 98 at a nearby 7eleven when all of a sudden the engine check light came on (Misfire). I left the car with VW for a day and they came back to me saying that the fuel was of inferior quality. Gladly i had the receipts showing i had been using 98 all along. They checked the spark plugs and recommended to change pump. Maybe a bad batch of fuel? who knows.

    • How would "poor" quality fuel affect the fuel pump?

      Sounds like they misdiagnosed the problem at first. Not fuel but fuel pump.

      The most common cause of fuel pump failure is frequently running the tank low on fuel, which causes the motor to overheat. The second most common cause is fuel contamination, usually dirt and rust particles that clog the fuel strainer and prevent the pump from drawing enough fuel under high engine load.

      Given that most of the contamination issues with fuel in Aust are to do with water, water is a liquid and would be pumped into the engine, and while the engine wouldnt work well with water instead of fuel, the pump wouldnt be affected. (unless the water was there for years and caused rust)

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        Sorry by pump i meant the petrol station

    • I'm not in favour of 7eleven especially if you have a European brand car. I used to fill up my VW with 98 at a nearby 7eleven when all of a sudden the engine check light came on (Misfire).

      I've got multiple Mercs in my household running 7/11, all 98 (NSW) for 4 years now (thanks to the 7/11 helicopter), never had a problem.

      Can you mention which specific 7/11 station location you filled up at?

      If what you say is true, you should have asked VW for a fuel sample, contact the 7/11 facebook page for assistance, they would have covered your servicing fees with VW for the incident (since you have 7/11 receipts right?

      • Its on the main Paramatta road just before the turning towards Parramatta.

        It never occurred to me to reach back out to 7/11 at the time (it was 2 years ago). Could have saved my $270 :(

        VW also did mention this on the invoice to change petrol stations.

        • Its on the main Paramatta road just before the turning towards Parramatta.

          Interestingly it was a paramatta 7/11 that my friend experienced water-in-fuel contamination incident that had scarred them for life.. D:

          Lost a 7/11 passenger in my 7/11 helicopter so can no longer save them money with 7/11 fuel..

          The local 7/11s around my area have been fine, multiple mercs in my household have been running happily with no issues for over 4 years now

  • I've saved $1000 a year filling up at 7/11 thanks to OB