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Asus Transformer 16GB $279, 32GB (with Dock) $434. Refurbished, New Condition&Box, Full Warranty


These tablets are being sold in new condition after being repaired and repackaged by ASUS after a "dead on arrival fault".

These tablets are covered by a full 12 month warranty by ASUS and in the case of Dead on Arrival you can return to asus for repair or send back to us for a refund.

There is several other refurbished notebooks on our website, feel free to browse. The promotion code can be used on the entire product range for a 6.7% discount.

We accept paypal or direct deposit as a form of payment to avoid fraud.

Kind Regards,


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  • http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/59276

    $379 for a brand new 16GB + dock is a much better deal

    • +2 votes

      Plus $14 shipping

      • For this deal, a friend paid ~$10 for shipping to Adelaide (32 gb model, with dock)

    • At least with this one you don't only have one hour to buy it…
      I hope whoever came up with the 'one hour sale' trend dies in a horrible head-on car crash with whoever came up with the deal-of-the-day concept.

      • +1 vote

        Hi FerretallicA,

        We have over 100 units available of these tablets (about 40x16gb and about 70x32gb) and this deal is valid until sold out.

      • But only between 8 and 9pm AEST (or AEDT depending on the time of year).

      • actually it was a 2 mins sale. loser like shoppingexpress makes this deal seem a good one.
        IMO,if u will sell ur transformer in half year on eBay,u should not mind refurbishing at all

  • I agree. If $350 for 32 gb it is a bargain

  • Not a bad deal at all, considering they are manufacturer refurbished and come with 12 months warranty.

    • But… could these be "checked" (ie, the ones that passed checking of)
      the [drop-damaged] ones recently offered by another vendor, but sud-
      denly NOT SHIPPED by that vendor (in a previous OB deal)?

      If so, drop-damage could be a longer-term (read: after the 1 year warranty runs out) risk.

      • I see what you mean IVI. There is indeed a risk. However, I don't think these are dropped damaged. Sounds rather DOA units. Same sort of thing COTD does with most of their electronic stuff.

        As I said, this is only a "not a bad" deal, it's not a great deal. The bar was set by centrecom (i.e, the previous OB deal you were talking about lols) when they only charged $370 for a brand new 32GB + Dock, for this to be a great deal they have to beat that price, plus reduce more because these items are refurbished. As sachy said above, $350 would be a bargain.

        • +1 vote

          I have spoken to ASUS on a number of occasions for refurbs and have been given the details. Probably 50% are no fault found (out of those it sounds like the customers fault, such as wireless dropping out or cd drive doesnt work). In the case of the tablets, there have been several firmware issues which are purely software problems.

          I hope this helps. We are not a flick it and forget business, if you have a problem when you buy the unit, contact us and we will help to resolve it.

  • Unless you're willing to match the Shopping Express deal with the 32GB, I think I'll stick to that.

    • i agree!

        • +1 vote

          I wish I could match it, it is well under my cost. The shopping express deal is clearly a loss-leader. Keep an eye on our posts, it will probably be a loss leader on a new model notebook we want to clear. I still think our price is exceptional for an "until stocks last" deal.

  • After the 'Primes start to get discounted…
    and the 32 gb model (with dock) goes out much cheaper,
    its Buyers will be kicking themselves for buying early. :-)

  • Why not a deal on 16gb with dock that beats shoppingexpress? how about $329? $50 off for refurbished…

    • good call out

    • good call out

    • We have about 30-40 of these left and only about no docks, so its not really possible, sorry. (is it ok/normal for the rep to reply these requests - i'm new to ozbargain)?

      • It's a BONUS for a rep to reply to Q's here.

        Thanks for doing it.

        Some other sites - like forums.whirlpool.net.au - have more the forum character (in fact, they do more than publish "deals" - eg, they collect technical knowledge, etc.) - let rep's to "broadcast" deals by posting (typically, starting) new forum threads… then users discuss & try to negotiate for a better deal, based on then-current market conditions (that may have been missed by the vendor).

        Eg, When the ISP "Adam" raised their $50/mon plan's monthly download quota to (only) 200 GB, they had to be told that they'd "shot themselves in the foot" because user no longer had any incentive to pay an extra $30/mon for just 50 GB more quota, although that was the next cost & quota increment still on the price-list.

        (An aside: That kind of pricing model shows how silly ISPs can be, ie, not bothering to look at their entire price-structure, when they make a change to try to stay competitive…

        Meanwhile, in places like France & Stockholm, Sweden, UNLIMITED data plans save folks time… so, they have more time to improve the quality of their Lives.)

      • To be honest it's not really necessary to reply/comment but we really do appreciate it.

        We were all a bit mislead by shoppingexpresses claims to have "massive" stock and a "Big chance" of getting one from them. In the context of those claims I commented that a deal on refurbed 16gb would have been great. But seeing as they didn't live up to those claims it is easy to see that your deal was both fair and good value (which I'm sure is why you've sold lots of them).

        I suggested that particular deal as it was directly comparable to theirs and offered compelling reason to consider your refurbished deal instead. I thought your deal was losing its appeal when directly compared to getting new stock and a dock for $100 more. I was working on the assumption that you had a similar stock mix to shoppingexpress who obviously had almost equal amnmounts of 16gbs and docks. Clearly as you have explained above that wasn't the case so a comparable bundle to shoppingexpress was out of the question.

        Thanks for taking the time to read this post and welcome to Ozbargain, remember it's better to have a only mildly popular deal where you fulfil your end of the deal than to offer something spectacular and then have angry customers if you don't live up to their expectations.

  • hey rep, is it international warranty? thanks

  • johndoe123, I am pretty sure it is, but won't know until i check a serial with the asus service centre.

    homersyd, thanks for your "positive" feedback. New notebooks are not our focus on this site (we will be improving this early next year), we are focused on refurbs, and I would be interested in you telling me one example of where a notebook is cheaper anywhere in australia than one of our refurbs. I will drop the price if you can give me an example. The first lot of refurbs we got in sold out in 15 days, so the prices can't be that bad.

  • What are the physical differences on the outside of a refurb (ie box/packaging) compared to a brand new unit?

    • yea, was about to ask the same question too

      • +1 vote

        packaging, accessories are sold as new in brand new packaging. if you saw it you would not be able to tell the difference, they are also sealed from the factory.

        • That's the deal sealer for me. purchasing now.

        • Do you mean only the boxes, they come in? I either toss these or store them, but I don't think they affect my user experience.

          New accessories (eg, mouse, keyboard) helps…

          but aren't this deal's Keyboard Dock's also refurb's…?

        • Gee, I hope that new packaging makes it VERY CLEAR that there are REFURBISHED units inside…

          There are some retailers out there, who might "forget" to mention that detail to their customers… :-/

        • just to clarify - on the box is a large green sticker saying refurbished, other than that everything is as new. the sticker comes off pretty easily for those giving these as christmas presents. i agree with your point made below IVI

  • Hi, I wish to purchase the 16gb tablet for my father's birthday. Just wondering when will the sale end so I won't miss it?

    • As the rep said two hours ago: "We have over 100 units available of these tablets (about 40x16gb and about 70x32gb) and this deal is valid until sold out."

  • is that comes with a receipt that i can claim 10%GST back if i go oversea within 30 days???

    • yes, you get a proper tax invoice

      • thanks mate. how long it take for delivery? usually? to QLD

      • hi mate, i just purchase the 32G&D form your site, as a quick typing, my shipping address was wrong in a word. and what should i do ?????????

        • Overnight delivery (but possibly 2 days to QLD as we are shipping AAE overnight from Hobart, may be a 2 day delivery from that far north to that far south). If the shipping address is wrong then reply to the order you receive and the delivery address will be corrected.

        • i also got the same problem. shipping address is wrong

  • It's $299 on the site?

  • Hi asusnotebooks, I notice that in the title above, you state that the price of the 32GB is $434 but on your website it shows as $465. Why the difference in price?

  • Sorry, didn't notice the promo code, all good!

  • Now that the shoppingexpress promotion has sold out, this place should get a bit more love.

    • +2 votes

      haha very true… orders are flying in the door now! thanks for the support

      • hi rep. please check the Order #335. The address in the invoice wrong. I gave separate email for this. please rectify the shipping address for this order. Thank heaps

        • No problem, I see your reply - Clayton (who processes the orders will resolve this for you tomorrow).

        • Hi rep, we still didn't get any email updates for Order #335. We bought 2 unit and would like to send to 5082 Prospect, Adelaide but not QLD. Do you dispatch today? and please choose units that has international warranty. Cheers

        • Hi johndoe123, can you please call Clayton on Freecall 1800 803 335 to discuss - I just spoke to the person that manages the store. The courier has picked up about 2/3rds of the orders already but is coming back at 5pm to get the remainder (we are trying to pack them all before then). Your address has been changed (i think 3 times) and we need to verify the address for fraud prevention.

        • Hi rep, clayton have reply the email but it appears that the product is not international warranty, only valid in Australia

      • same as mine, my Order is #319 and i have reply the correct one to the order email. please check and rectify for me.. thanks …

  • I'm glad I didn't go for the shoppingexpress promo! Looking forward to receiving my 32GB from asusnotebooks soon! Thx!

  • is the 12 months warranty an international asus warranty?

    • As I mentioned before, I think it is, however I need to check one of the serial numbers with ASUS when I get into work tomorrow.

  • Hi Op,

    I know you mentioned that the packaging and accessories are identical to new, but what about the unit itself? is it possible that there might be physical damage (eg scratches and marks) at all?

    • Hi Daedalus, so far of the 10 or so I have opened up, all have been as new (no marks or scratches). We don't open up each and every one to check, however, if you are disappointed with what you receive you can send it back for a full refund less postage.

      • So I'm guessing these are not factory sealed?

        • +2 votes

          They are factory sealed, however, we have many methods to sell these units (ebay, online, retail stores - we have 4 in Tasmania). So, we open them up to look at them when we sell them in store or on ebay for individual sales.

        • Oh, fair enough.

  • I see a BIG advantage in the pre-Prime Transformer in this deal:

    • The tablet (as well as the docked keyboard unit) has USB connection

    The Prime may be thinner (sexier?), but I don't think it has a USB port on that slim[, sexy tablet] body.

    I'd prefer a bit of meat on the bones (ie, a bit more thickness), eg, in order to get USB port(s) & longer battery life.

    But, then… I REALLY still want a Windows tablet with ASUS-like LONG-battery life & "normal-size" USB ports. :-)

    OTOH, I'd like to see more RAM in the tablet (or have the option to make it so, ie, by easy, DIY RAM upgade options, such as ASUS are known for in the Netbook market).

    I think ASUS may be copying "too much" from the iPad, for my taste, ie, by not making it possible & easy for me to add more RAM to a tablet.

  • +1 vote

    Wasn't it the CEO (or CTO, maybe) of Acer,
    who recently remarked that he saw the bottom
    dropping out of the tablet market soon?

    (Not only that, but there are still plenty
    of global economic problems expected soon.)

    I'm not surprised that folks are holding
    onto their cash, until the better deals
    start to flow…

  • If it arrives DOA, who pays shipping to return the unit?

    (I skimmed the above, so my apologies if I missed the answer.)

    • Not sure though he does say that if your new system arrives looking like crap then you lose out on postage costs. This deal sucks, I can't understand why people have fallen for it.

      • Beaker… you don't give up do you? Why are you so interested in this thread if you think the deal is so bad? We are nearly sold out of 16gb models, the 32gb models will probably last another 24 hours or so. I am getting a new purchase order through every 5 or 10 minutes.

        If the deal is so bad, then find it cheaper somewhere else and post it on here.

        • Welcome to OzBargain…

        • This is open to discussion right? You seem to have evaded answering the question set by foundit.
          Do we just all accept second hand repaired systems as top deals? Believe salesman talk that systems are as new but remember that the guy is paid to hawk this off any way he can.

        • Of course it is open for discussion, i guess that is the point of having a forum.

          In what way have I evaded the question? As previously posted
          Q:If it arrives DOA, who pays shipping to return the unit?
          A:if it is DOA then you pay the freight one way (assuming we have stock left over for replacement), otherwise we will give you a refund. Except you can send it to ASUS for RMA and they pay freight and will fix it for you and return it.

          If that is not clear to everyone here, then let me know - otherwise please consider this question answered.

    • if it is DOA then you pay the freight one way (assuming we have stock left over for replacement), otherwise we will give you a refund. Except you can send it to ASUS for RMA and they pay freight and will fix it for you and return it.

  • just a bit cheaper, rep, and you'll have a buyer in me (looking at 16gb without dock)

    • +1 vote

      Thanks Ozbargainers, there is only an hour or so worth of 16gb units left at the rate they are selling (10 left).