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50% off Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.93 (Was $39.85) 1kg or 500g Bag Options, Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

We're got another awesome deal for you :)

50% off Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.93 (Was $39.85) 1kg or 500g Bag Options, Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee

We were planning to launch our new deal in January. However, in the last week we've received a number of emails asking how far away our next deal is…so due to popular demand we've decided to launch this deal as a Boxing Day sale. We've had this Single Origin available for a little while and we're looking at introducing our next rotating SO in January. The wonderful sweetness of this coffee even surprises us to this day, it's as if the farmers washed this coffee in sugar water during processing, it's simply beautiful!

Complimentary, optional gift message on bag/s, simply type your desired message in the "special instructions for seller" box in the online cart. Dispatch is on a rolling basis as per normal, ASAP and future dispatch notes welcomed. As this is a rotating Single Origin, if you request a future dispatch date you may receive a different, but equally delicious Single Origin.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • +1

    Any option for stovetop ground?

    • Thank you for reaching out!

      We can certainly make that happen, simply select "Ground Espresso" and write "Stovetop" in the order notes section at the checkout :)

      • +1

        Ordered. Thanks.

        • That's amazing, thank you so much for placing your first order with us, woot woot!!!

          I can confirm that you submitted your order note perfectly well too :)

  • +1

    Got a bag last deal and it was absolutely delicious! Great value for money and definately worth the $8 premium over the Aldi beans I used to use.

    • Morning :)

      Thank you incredibly for your most welcomed vote of confidence and of course your recent order too!!!

      I'm absolutely thrilled (the team is going to love this feedback too) to learn that you found our fresh coffee to be "absolutely delicious!"

      I hope you enjoy your next order with us even more than your last :) :) :)

  • +1

    Hi do you have any discounts on the 3kg option.

    • Morning Flowerbomb,

      Thank you for reaching out!

      Yes, we sure do, the deal applies to 1kg-3kg of our current Single Origin :)

  • Hey OP, i sent an email on the 22nd asking if I can change the dispatch date of a future order. I'm wondering if this is possible and if it is, can I get some help for it? Thank you!

    • All taken care of, you should have a reply waiting for you in your inbox :)

      • +1

        Thank you, you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work!

        • Woohoo for that wonderful response, which we so appreciate!

          We'll do our very best to keep living up to your comments :)

  • +1

    For anyone on the fence, these guys are pretty good, give them a try.

    Awesome customer service, that is for sure!

    • WOW what a truly wonderfully unsolicited recommendation, thank you incredibly!!!

      Huge smile on this side of the screen. I can wait to see the team's smiles when I share your outstanding feedback. If there's a perfect way to further motivate the team to keep striving towards exceeding customer expectations, you've just nailed it :) :) :)

  • +1

    Hi, what's the roast like? Medium or dark? I haven't seen the info anywhere.

    • +1

      I really appreciate you reaching out, it's always best to get the answers you seek before you order so our fresh coffee meets or exceeds your expectations, rather than the alternative!

      We roast our coffee to an omni profile. Out of those two options I'd say our coffee is medium roasted.

      Any more questions, please feel free to fire away :)

      • +1

        Ah, thanks. Already ordered after googling a bit as I prefer Medium too!

        • Terrific, sounds like a perfect match then (hopefully) :)

          Thanks you so much for your order, it really does make a positive difference for the team, we hope you thoroughly enjoy our fresh coffee!

  • +1

    the nicest guys around - coffee is amazing but the personality shining through via customer service is sublime. I'll continue to buy from amazing folks that show a passion and personality attached to their craft. - Jon

    • +1

      Hey Jon,

      Woot Woot woohoo we gladly accept your immensely spectacular complimentary feedback, thank you truly for such a wonderful comment and also in advance for your future orders!!!

      I'm absolutely thrilled you've found our fresh coffee to be "amazing" and customer service "sublime"

      The whole team really does love what we do, so it's really heartwarming to know the truth is shining through. As mentioned above, feedback as special as this taps into our passion and helps propel us to make your Lime Blue Coffee experience even better :) :) :)

  • Any deals for decaf as well? :)

    • It doesn't seem fair that you'd miss out on this special offer, simply because you want decaf, so add an order note saying "decaf" and well happily send you some fresh coffee :)

  • +1

    I get beans locally in smaller batches for V60 but it sounds like this would do me well as a cold brew bean. As others have said, I like your friendly messages and now I really hope you do well!

    • Fresh (implied by "local") coffee and V60 is an awesome combo!

      Spot on, this Single Origin works works really well for Cold Brew as it's so naturally sweet :)

      What a truly thoughtful notion to finish your comment with, thank you incredibly :) I think I'll have to get some more Christmas Bon Bons for the team to pop in celebration of all these extremely thoughtful messages; coffee in one hand bon bon in the other sounds like a perfect combo to kick off the week, hopefully noone spills their coffee (can't waste the good stuff)!!!

  • Hi OP, is it possible to get my order shipped in 2 weeks? ( Order #2444) Thanks! :)

    • We can certainly make that happen!

      Thank you so much for placing another order with us, it means so much to the team :)

      Could you please confirm your first name starts with "M" and surname starts with "L" ? Just a better safe than sorry approach to ensure I've added a note to the correct order.

  • +1

    Good day Lime Blue Coffee,

    is 500g Bag option available for this deal? As i can't find it in the product page


    What would the the roast date of these beans? If it get dispatch on 29 DEC, when would it arrive Brisbane roughly? Is it possible to add note for delivery to leave the bean in our mailbox if there is no one to collect? Thanks so much :)

    • Hey au123,

      Question, questions, questions, I like your style, silent questions are the most difficult ones to address, so thank you so much for voicing all your questions :)

      500g bag options are most certainly available for this deal. When you click the deal link, the product page has 3 variant options 1) quantity 2) size 3) packaging. Variant 3) will be your winning ticket, simply click the pull down tab and you'll see the 500g bags options to select.

      Coffee dispatched on the 29th, will be nice and fresh roasted on the 28th. I've seen overnight and a week to Brisbane, hopefully it should arrive the same week it's sent. However, we don't have the resources at present to personally delivery from VIC to QLD, so delivery timeframes are a touch out of our control. All that said, if you'll run out soon (aka coffee emergency) please send us an email after you place your order and we can send your fresh coffee via Express Post (it will cost a little bit extra, but will still be a subsidised shipping fee). As for the note, we'll happily add it to your shipping label and cross our fingers the delivery person follows the note :)

  • haha nw and ta for the quick reply :) i got you, so the minimum quantity for this deal is 1KG not 500g, but there is 500g bags options to divid 1kg bean to 2 bags of 500g ?

    Cool banana :) does that means that u guys will be happy to send via Express Post with the standard Shipping $6.99 to save us from running out of caffeine next week (after we placed order and email to notify ) ?

    • Spot on, min quantity is 1kg, which can be in one 1kg bag or two 500g bags :)

      Happy to send via express post, but would mean it would cost you a few dollars extra likely $4.75 on top of the $6.99, which would still end up being a touch less (subsidised) than we actually pay for the express shipping. The email after the order is so I know and get the OK from you to charge the extra $4.75.

      Apologies it looks like I needed another espresso and better wording before I sent you my last reply, I really appreciate you taking the time to follow up for clarification. If you need anything else clarified, I'll make sure I have another coffee before replying :)

  • +1

    Great and we just ordered 1kg bag , order # 2488 and i assume roast date will be on the bag ?

    Haha we just got some beans from mate, so standard Flat Rate Shipping is all good this time :)

    No worries and much appreciated for your great customer service :)

    Please dispatch ASAP after roasting on 28/12/20 and add a post note to leave the beans in our mailbox if there is no one to collect, please provide tracking number after posting too, ta.

    • That's wonderful, thank you so much for placing your first order with us, woohoo!

      Assumptions can be risky things, but in this case that's a great assumption, yes we always have the roast date displayed on our bags and send all our customers their tracking numbers too.

      Terrific, I'm very happy to know that we're in you customer service good books, we'll put our best foot forward to stay there!

      We'll most certainly make that happen to the very best of our ability aka consider it done :)

      p.s. you submitted your order note perfectly and it's been received well by the team. Nice detail, the more detail the better the note because it help us meet and exceed expectations

  • Thanks so much and can't wait to taste the fresh beans :)

    • Outstanding! I'm so glad you're excited for the freshness to arrive, hopefully you are overwhelmed once you have the opportunity to taste our coffee :)

  • is this photo the human equivalent of marketing free range eggs from hens on sunny green pastures?

    • +1

      Morning :)

      We've never sold "free range eggs" so I can't speak to that comment directly. What I can say is this offer is for a Single Origin Coffee grown in Colombia and the photo you are referencing is of the Coffee Trees growing (you can see the red coffee cherries if you look really close, just before harvest) in Colombia on a small lot farm. I hope I've helped answer your question somewhat :)

      p.s. I realise your comment might have been a rhetorical question or tongue in cheek humour, but I thought I should answer it just in case…

  • Really great beans, had the blend the last time. Hoping the single origin just as good or better!

    • Terrific to hear that outstanding feedback thank you so much and also of course for placing another order with us, both mean a lot to the team!

      Fingers crossed once again we meet or exceed your expectations (that's always the plan) :)

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