expired iOS iPhone/iPad Jets - Flight & Seat AdvisorBy is Free till 12/12/2011

iOS iPhone/iPad Jets - Flight & Seat AdvisorBy is Free till 12/12/2011Affiliate

Jets is a brand new app to help you find the best seat for your flight. It contains detailed seat maps showing positive and negative features on every seat on board.

Whether you are a regular flyer or just take the occasional trip, it makes a massive difference if you can relax in comfort with additional legroom, more storage space and awesome window view.

Using Jets you'll always know which seat to choose, so you can avoid discomfort, backache, nasty smells, cold drafts and noise near galleys, restrooms and stairs.

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    so… it's the app version of www.seatguru.com?

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    no ipad version


    Qantas still charge 20 dollar to get the seat u want on top of your ticket fee! :-(


      Is this for international?


      Not if you select your seat 24 or 48 (don't remember) hours before your flight.


      This one is getting oooolllld.

      Qantas only charge if you do not have Frequent Flyer Status (ie, Silver, Gold or Platinum).

      Most airlines charge. And if you book via a travel agent, you can get a seat allocated providing the cabin has not reached a pre-allocation limit (Around 30% of available economy seats).

      Anyone can select a seat in Premium Economy, Business or First.

      And the app ain't great. Seatguru is streets ahead (even if you have to be online to view it).

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    Does not have the latest plane info for Qantas which is my main carrier. In particular it does not have the Qantas A380 planes and the configurations that Qantas uses. Seat Guru is far superior IMHO.

    I got this app a few months back when it was free and have not bothered looking at it since.

    Download it as it is free but please don't expect too much.


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    Does it tell you the best seat is another airline if you are flying Qantas?


    For those curious about the above comments for Seat Guru, it's web based only… no local app available.


    Just checked on my iPhone and its coming up as $2.99




    Since when does "Free until December 12th 2011" mean 'free up until the date clicks over to the 12th'…

    Surely the app developer should have either written 'Free until 11th Dec', or it should be free for the 12th as well ?…!

    oh well


    It's still on.
    Register for US iTunes account and get it.
    Another plus with US iTunes - you don't have to provide your credit card details (unlike iTunes AU), so no accidental purchases on in-app purchases by kids.

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