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Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute+ $849 Delivered @ Dyson Australia


First time poster please go easy on my post.

Boxing Day deal for Dyson V10 Absolute+ on Dyson Website. $250 off their quoted RRP ($1099). Catch.com.au unfortunately has this listed at full price for those looking to use their GC's.

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Dyson Australia
Dyson Australia

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  • Waiting for a deal on this. Was hoping for better (was a fair bit cheaper on Black Friday)

    • There was a pricing error for an hour or so which reduced it to $649. Black Friday price was same $850 otherwise.

      I have been hunting deals for V11 since last couple of months. NADA

  • Not to crap on this deal/post but I paid $800 (albeit with a coupon) for this unit exactly 2 years ago. It doesn't seem right to still cost this much 2 years later.

    • Dyson are the Apple of vacuum cleaners. They charge what they want.

      I got mine $749 with a free floor stand. Later claimed price protection when an ebay hourly sale had it for $599.

          • @lostn: That's a great price

            • @ti6331: i barely use it though. I haven't in months. I prefer a bagged vac.

              • @lostn: Why is that? Partner wants a stick vac,.but we have a great bagged vac.

                • @tunzafun001: i don't like emptying a bagless vac. You come into contact with the dust and have to shake it out, which kicks back up into the environment and onto your clothes, some of it clings to the bowl, then you have to clean the dust bowl. You're reintroducing all that dust and allergens back into the environment, defeating the purpose of the hepa filter and I find myself needing to use a second vac to clean the stick (obviously a stick vac can't vacuum itself).

                  With a bag, you never have to worry about it, so it's cleaner operation.

    • Inflation is a problem we will be facing in the next decade. It's materialised faster thanks to Covid being a reasonable excuse to jack prices quickly (instead of gradually)
      Our $ is losing value.

      • Inflation? Really?

        Last I heard, government bonds were negative.

        Do you know something the financial markets don't?

    • Honestly you guys. I know this is not the best deal out there. Dyson v11 is listed on eBay for $800 in Myer Store. Out of stock though.

  • Nah there were better deals on this recently. $200 off and a 10% off separately

  • If jb or tgg can price match we can get 10% cashback via zip

  • Just get an Xiaomi Dreame to avoid the Dyson tax….

    • What's the average life-span on one of those things? Anyone had one for more than 5 years?
      Had my V6 since 2015, still going strong.

      • Got V6 3/2016, motor head/battery got problem in 2018. Got a Dreame 1c last month.

      • This is the final straw that has convinced me I'm never going anywhere near a Dyson. Our Kirby heritage ii has twice the suction power of a modern Dyson. Was made in 1984 and is still 100% functional. Pulled some 3 year old Dyson's apart and the plastic is falling apart. Kirby is heavy though. Surely must be a half decent stick vac out there? Samsung, Vax, Electrolux, or similar any better?

      • Im holding my mothers much loved Dyson DC44 that isnt old and the battery is dead, I bought a new battery for it but just looking at it and comparing my Xiaomi V9 this Dyson inst that crash hot (cheaply made), the Xiaomi is much better in my opinion.

  • Is it just me or are the discounts not applying on the Dyson website? When I go to checkout, it shows the full price as my Order Total even though it is listed as the discounted price in the summary..?