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2x Aquapure Swimming Goggles $20 (RRP $80) Delivered & More @ Speedo

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Some great deals at the Speedo website when combined with the $20 off coupon code BIRTHDAY20

2x AQUAPULSE MAX 2 Swimming Goggles $20 Delivered RRP $100 - Sold out

2x Aquapure Swimming Goggles $20 Delivered RRP $80 sold out

1x JUNIOR FUTURA BIOFUSE FLEXISEAL Swimming Goggles $11 Delivered RRP $35

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    Scored some nice boardshorts for $20 delivered, thanks leech.

  • -1

    As in Wyndham Aqua Pulse?

    • Lol, I thought the same. Must be a Wyndham thing.

  • Good deal, thanks.

  • Im being charged $10 delivery fee?

    • +5

      2x $15 + $10 - $20 = $20

  • +1

    Cheers! Got two pairs of googles for $4, plus the $10 delivery. What a steal.

  • Awesome thanks!

  • +1

    This is great. Used 'birthday' code without even logging in.

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    Make your goggles last longer by watching this short goggle video. The video shows how to adjust your strap and how to care for your goggles.


    • Are the Aquapulse max 2 clear or slightly tinted? The video makes them seem mirrored?

  • +1

    Thanks, it's a little confusing as it will show the full price at the top of the checkout page but if you scroll down you will see the correct amount.

  • Bought swimming shorts for $14 - thanks OP

  • OOS

  • That was quick! Coupon stopped working.
    Managed to get 2 Google's just in time though.

  • Thanks op.
    Couple of kids Google's before the coupon expired.

  • Goggles marked as sold out ah

  • +1

    The coupon still works.
    The goggles linked in this post are sold out.
    The coupon works for any goggles or item in the store

  • +1

    Coupon still works, just ordered a shorts

    • Doesn't work now

      This Promotional Code has exceeded either the number of redemptions possible or the time period set.

  • +1

    seems to be back in stock, just try again….

    Order Summary

    • +1

      Yeah same
      UNIT PRICE: from $50.00 to $15.00

      • …and now Product is out of stock 😔

  • +1

    Mm I was procrastinating too much in the process. Had them in cart but on checkout went back out of stock

  • Coupon still working, got a pair of goggles for $1 +$10 delivery.

    • So $11?

      • Haha yeah $11, not bad considering they are usually $35 from Rebel etc.

  • Just pleased my friend with news of this sale on swimwear. This is a great discount code, thanks OP!

  • ive got the hydro pulse ones and it has a similar band and cant figure out how to get that sorted so it doesnt leak when i swim. does anyone know?

  • +1

    Code works. Then doesn't work. Then works. Then doesn't work :/

  • Hopefully cashback tracks too! Thanks OP!

  • they don't seem to sell prescription googles?

  • +1

    Looks like they've put a stop to the BIRTHDAY20 Code.

  • Looks like code expired. Maybe it got ozbargained! 🤣

  • +1

    Code works, but you need at least $20 in cart to apply.

  • Awesome find. Just bought a pair. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Code seems valid for only one purchase per email address

  • +1

    Thanks. Looks like the code works and takes $20 off any order.

    Got these googles for $11 delivered:


    Size: One Size
    Each - $21.00
    Quantity - 1
    Total - $21.00
    Subtotal: $21.00
    Order Discount: - $20.00
    Shipping cost: $10.00
    GST: $1.00
    Total: $11.00

  • +1
    • I just did the same. I swim daily so they will be well used. Promo code still working.

  • This Promotional Code has exceeded either the number of redemptions possible or the time period set.

    Tried again with incognito and different email, checkout as guest - still works!

    • Tried it that way. Order went through but not confirmation email?

  • Great deal. Awesome bargains to be had.

  • Thanks OP. Bought a couple of items separately for $20 off each time. Didn’t want to abuse the system but might get another item later tonight if this deal hasn’t expired.

  • BIRTHDAY20 code still works. Maybe try a different email address if it's not working for you.

  • Thanks @leech!
    I've been waiting ages to pick up some UV-blocking goggles at a decent price

  • Hmmm, what are the odds of receiving these by Friday? :/

  • Code no longer valid

  • Worked once.. didn't work second time.

  • Used 4 different email address to make 4 different purchases

    VPN and incognito window

    Worked on all 4, taking $10 off each the discounted price (shipping included)

    Thanks OP

    • Worked for me, multiple orders with different emails. Thanks OP!

      • Did you get confirmation emails? I used my e-mail with a + symbol and didn't get a confirmation email but it's gone from my credit card. Took a screenshot of the order number so will chase with them if a no show.

        • I never got any confirmation emails either. But it’s a public holiday today and maybe the process needs some manual intervention. Let’s see what happens tomorrow :)

          • +1

            @ak47wong: Sent an e-mail to Speedo with the untrackable order number and they responded within a few hours confirming the order, so that is good at least!

            Don't have to argue for a refund for an order they can't find! Glad I didn't buy replacement shorts at $60 in Rebel before xmas now, as $26 is much better, and my old Shorts re so old they're made in Thailand, no idea when Speedo moved manufacturing to China but must have been a while ago! I hope the replacements are as good as the originals were (15 years!)

    • First purchase the code worked but second time I tried VPN, incognito, different email, none worked. Thinking of getting another pair of swim shorts. Maybe they closed the loophole now

  • +1

    Heads up you can price match at Rebel sport if that helps.

  • I didn't realize goggles go $40 nowadays. I bought mine for $2.80 from Daiso last month and they worked fine so far

    • I hope they last, the rubber doesn't snap, it's a snug fit, they don't leak and don't suck your eyeballs out.

      I suppose if you're taking your swimming super seriously, a couple of kms, or professional training, the daiso won't cut it.

  • Received a dispatch notification for the other item but not the aqua pulse max 2, no refund insight either.

  • I got the dispatch this morning for the Aquapulse Max (x2) and some budgies, but not for the kids goggles I ordered… yet, I hope.

  • Ordered really early on and just got refunded for the googles. And yet the Aquapulse Max is back in stock on the website ?

    • Same here, just got the refund email, dodgy as fk

    • Yep, me too. Tempted to reorder with a different email.

      • Looks like it says out of stock already, did any of you screen shoot?

  • did anyone actually receive their order?

    • Not yet but I do have Australia Post tracking number.

      • Order received today. All good.

    • No issues for me. Received everything today. Did not order the Aquapure goggles though.

  • Dodgy site. They gave me a refund for one of the AQUAPULSE MAX 2 ($5.01).

    • Did you receive one then?

      • Yes

  • I'm supposed to be getting my order today - will update later.

    • Got both my orders, happy camper!

  • I received the order.. I have to return one item. I hope they don't deduct $10 shipping from the refund amount.

    • They are not responding to emails or answering phone calls so I can’t even check.

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