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Hisense 75" Q8 UHD Smart TV $2330 + Delivery/Free Delivery Selected Areas @ Appliance Central (Price Match @ JB Hi-Fi)


Currently it is $2495 in JBHiFi, Good Guys, bing lee and others. I was able to get it for $2330 with free delivery from JBHiFi.

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  • I love my Hisense 65” 65P7 or whatever it is….
    but my Bargain sense is tingling that for that price one might be able to hold out for a 75” Bravia?
    I could be wrong.. don’t flame me (65” are around $1100 or so on sale for a mid range Hisense).

    • I am in the exact same position. Dont even have another room to move the 65 too :/

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      Precisely. Pretty good price but it's still just too close to a Sony. Particularly when you're dealing with a $2000+ price tag and a multi-year commitment.

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        what's sony warranty v hisense? And spare me the acl line…

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          Google it

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            @Dezeption: after you

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              @petry: Nah you asked so find out and spare us your questions

              • @Dezeption: ok then so you think 12 months warranty is better than 3 years?

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          If warranty is your number 1 priority, go for the Hisense.

          Picture quality is my number 1 (within budget of course).

          • @Juiciness: and no picture after 18 months is better?

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              @petry: That is very pessimistic dude lol.

              What about after 40 months with the Hisense?

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                @Juiciness: what about it?

                'When is Sony going to issue a recall for these XBR Bravia bad Android TVs

                These UHD 4k Smart TVs are failing due to bad Main Boards typically less than 2 years after purchase and people are left with a dead (and very expensive) TV. Sony technicians are typically asking about $1000 for repairs which means the TV is basically headed for the garbage pile unless Sony issues a recall and admits there is a major hardware defect effecting thousands (possibly millions) of Android-based TVs which RENDERS THE TV UNUSABLE, typically with sympoms where the TV starts over and over again after reaching the Androids screen. Factory resets are not possible.

                Some of the models effected: A2072545A, A2072545C, 1-894-595-11, 189459511, XBR-55X900C, XBR-65X900C, XBR-75X910C MAIN BOARD


                try googling it ….

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    More tv deals pls

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    • S8 not even in the same ballpark mate.

  • Damn, bought this yesterday from jb for 2370 with free shipping.

    Wonder how I can get the 40 back

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      I think you have more to worry about then $40….. Why would you spend that kind of money on a hisense TV? Good guys have a similar quality 75 inch for under $1,000…

      • Haha, uneducation at its finest.

        Additionally, jb refunded me the difference.

  • Hoping someone will do a ~$1650 deal on the 65" version soon.

    • Do you reckon 1800 currently is too high?

      • When I did a quick OzBargain search earlier, the last two deals were $1,695.75 (plus delivery) and more recently $1,651.50 (plus delivery), both times from The Good Guys, so fingers crossed.

    • Video pro have the 65inch model for $1690 if your in Qld

      • Sadly, I'm in NSW.

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    Would love a bargain on the 85" of the Q8.
    Yet to see one.

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    Got the 65" Q8 at the beginning of this month, have had network connectivity issues straight out the box and every time I turn it on. Have to clear cache twice every time to solve this issue but quite annoying as it requires two reboots.

    Apart from that, great quality.

    • Did you do a factory reset as well?

      How are you finding the UI/OS?

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        Hi, sorry for the late reply but a factory reset fixed it. The UI/OS isn't good but I got chromecast with remote to combat that (got it mainly to stream stuff from my computer)

  • How does the cricket look on this? Saw this TV in JB yesterday morning and looked nice, but they always play slow content that makes the picture look good.

    It's $2290 at Videopro if your local store has stock.

  • I compared this yesterday next to the Hisense Dual Cell SX. Whilst the Q8 is much brighter, the black levels on the SX is amazing. I’m wondering how this compares to the Samsung Q80T, I’ve got a PS5 and want the best quality without jumping to OLED.

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      If you have a ps5 then the Q8 should not longer be considered. It's x900, 70/80t or CX

      • Cheers mate, have been looking at all of these. Also been checking out YouTube videos of reviews of the Q8, and whilst the initial videos were praiseworthy, the latest notes problems with downloading latest firmware update. Seems to have amped up the brightness however introduced excessive blooming in dark areas.

        • The reviews on sets outside of Australia won't be identical. They aren't same for same like wise for the Sony

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        I wish people would stop spreading this misinformation. Anyone thinking the ps5 is going to push 4K 120fps any day soon is kidding themselves.

        The q8 will net you 4K 60fps, and be the best hdr tv for the money.

        If games at the end of the generation start closing in on 120fps (that will be surprising) you will be able to nab a vastly superior “cheap” brand hdmi 2.1 at that time. Sony is laughing their ass off at this x900 situation.

        • It's not misinformation tho it's won't be capable when it does might jot be soon as you say but the PS5 has a 10year life span. Also it's not just the [email protected] that a 2.1 gives you. You also will lose ALLM, eARC, QFT, QMS and VRR if you stay with 2.1 when the move next year will see majority of sets being 2.1 compatible

  • So the q8 is different to the h9g? In that case, my gut is leaning me towards the Samsung Q80T, however not a great price atm.

    • H8G i'd say.

  • Hi All,
    I have bought and sent back 2x Samsung Q80T's (85") TV's.
    Mid year It was $5500, Black Friday at JB Hi FI $4468 + freight ($40) from Bing Lee, (JB HIFI ran Out!). The price was too good to pass up, in the hope I got a better screen. I didn't.

    The TV was great, Picture quality, colour etc was good. Black level were good, (Not as good as my old plasma, no where near OLED, but good enough). Biggest problem was vertical bands of dirty glass. Probably caused by the coatings used for either wider angle viewing or anti reflections.
    I couldn't live with it.
    Also the second TV would detect my AMP as an "Audio Device" as such the eARC port would not accept video from it. (Worked perfectly on the 1st Q80T I had, very odd).
    Major PITA as I had to run an optical to get Netflix sound from TV to AMP…

    Anyhow, I needed a TV so I scored one of these 75" Q8's from videopro $2375 inc. shipping.
    Apparently the panel is the H9G glass, but the electronics are 8 series as we get different TV's in OZ. Who knows for sure, its cheap and I'll be waiting for micro LED or LG's QNED (not the same as Samsung's QNED due in 2022) late Next year.


    • This set is inbetween the H9G and H8G. Different models in the US. European market (including UK has this model with a few outside adjustments.) it's called U8QF. This TV has the specs of the Sony X950H and Samsung 9 series. Only problem is the bad motion on Hisense and Vidaa OS. The bigger the panel the worse the problems look too

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