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Miele H 2661 B CleanSteel 60cm Wide Oven $1,209 (RRP $2,199) Delivered @ Miele eBay Store


Miele H 2661 B CleanSteel 60cm Wide Oven

60 cm wide oven with an XL cabinet for lots of room and versatility. Includes 7-segment display with rotary selector and lightweight door making cleaning simple.

Model overview:
76 l capacity
8 functions
EasyControl - 7-segment display with classic knob selector
Very easy to clean - PerfectClean finish
CleanSteel - Fewer fingerprints and easy to clean
Cool front - Protection from burns
Clock with sensor-touch controls
5 rack levels
PerfectClean - Very easy to clean

Edit: Credit to Bruceclipse for spotting this deal too.

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      I wouldn't call their service lousy other than having to wait for a week but when they turn up, they're courteous and efficient.

      Have had 4 years old equipment repaired by them on their tab or just pay for the call-out fee.

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      Agreed service is complete garbage, took 5 service calls and 3 months to fix my 5 year old dishwasher, under threats of ACL action..

      Completely regret fitting out my kitchen with Miele appliances….

      Pay a premium and get worse service, than you would expect from other manufacturers.. once a machine is out of "warranty"

      Dealt with issues with an LG washing machine at the same time, once I made clear I knew my rights under ACL, it was fixed promptly..

      Miele is simply a run of the mill brand in germany… in Australia, they have marketed themselves as a premium / luxury brand. (which they are not)

      Reminds me of the Japanese KFC for christmas..

      With the right marketing.. you can get consumers to believe anything..

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        Miele is simply a run of the mill brand in germany…

        No they're not. Grandmas and mums have sworn on Miele ever since. The only thing coming close in the mums and grandmas ranking is Neff. I know, born in Germany and lived there for 22 years. AEG used to be another matriarchs' favourite before they bit the dust. Funnily enough, mum commented recently that Siemens and Bosch were the newcomers and hadn't refined their products enough yet.

        • Interesting. Who owns Neff?

          • +1

            @Weshy: Neff is part of the BSH Group. Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau make up the four home appliance brands for the group

  • Quick post for OzB points!

    (If you saw it there please give credit)

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      Didn't see it there to be honest. Was browsing their eBay store and came across it. Credit to that user for spotting it too.

      • Fair enough, the timing seemed a little sus. Well done then :)

        • It was that Bosch deal that made me search Miele oven deals if they were any. Came across this which is pretty good.

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    I have used H6267BP and it is excellent. Not sure about this model.

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    Have had a Miele washing machine - 16Yo. Never missed a beat. Outlasted 2 whirlpools (first purchased same time as ours) my family bought before they bought Miele. So on cost - we are well ahead before they purchased Miele.
    Miele dishwasher - 10 yo. Didn’t miss a beat.
    New Miele kitchen - never missed a beat in 3 years- which of course I expect
    One aeg oven at same age - didn’t work on connection. Small item broken recently. Repaired and provided spare part in warranty.

    I can highly recommend Miele on my experiences.

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      Bought a near top of the range Miele washing machine back in March just before lockdown, having issue with the heating element after the first week of use. I read reviews online and some people do have problems with their Miele. Miele may not be the same as they used to. Also I went to their clearance centre prior to purchase my washer from Harvey Norman, the centre was full of repaired and returned machines.

      That said, I will get a Miele dryer and cooktop soon.

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      I can vouch for Miele vacuum cleaner being very good.

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    Nearly all of their manufacturing is in Germany, and every component is produced directly by Miele in one of its 12 factories.

    In one year their Euskirchen factory produces six million motors. Two million vacuum cleaners and dishwashers are built annually in Bielefeld. Each year, at least 850,000 washing machines leave the original Miele factory in Gütersloh.

    Every design that emerges from these three factories is stress-tested to the equivalent of a 20-year lifespan.

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      What a load of crap…

      When my 5 year old dishwasher died, and I quoted their 20 year campaign… they said I should only expect 7-10 years out of a dishwasher. (even their service people told me so)..

      not to mention, they have been taken to court over it, by dyson..

      Plus all reference to it on their website has vanished..

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    This model pops up from time to time on both the Miele ebay store and also their clearance outlets. If you can handle the lower warranty time periods, the clearance centres have loads of discounted stock (more than the ebay store) and are worth checking out if you are in the market for new whitegoods / kitchen appliances. Often they will throw in a free item, too (i.e. we bought two ovens are received a free warming drawer that was selling for $700 on discount. Miele clearance locations here:

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      Thanks for the info adelee!

    • +1

      Yep! Came to say just this. I bought this exact oven but in silver from their discount store in Adelaide for $900.

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    This model does not have rave reviews :(

  • +5

    Miele service a f*&king joke

    the proof is in the number of unhappy customers here

    Had a 5 year Miele dishwasher that pump would stopped working..(installed new when I built the house)

    Called Miele Australia, who sent out one of their authorised service people.
    1x service call to diagnose the problem, another to replaced the part ("chip") which didnt fix the problem.. still dead. $185 later.. still no working washer..
    Presented with the option of a replacing the pump for over $800, which may or may not fix the problem…

    Contacted Miele again, who offered a replacement dishwasher at 20% off RRP - (But not installation possible due to covid) and after complaining.. they offered $500 towards the pump.. I wasn't happy with this… and wanted them to supply and pump and I pay for the labour.. which they tentatively agreed to..

    They couldn't get intouch which their first authorised service person, (whom I have since learnt, had their Miele accreditation revoked)

    We then negotiated for the In house Miele Technician to look at at..
    He look at it (3rd service call)
    4th service, replaced a switch and then replaced the pump… neither fixed the problem..
    Ultimately decided it was the circuit board.. which wasn't in stock in the country.. (during the midst of COVID)

    5th Service call and nearly another 6 weeks later, the Electronic board was replaced.. and the machine is now working..

    It took at least 5 service calls, and multiple failed / cancelled appointments and nearly 3 months to fix this machine, as well and numerous complaints to management, threats of ACL and complaints on review sites. 3 months of handwashing dishes for a family of five.. took a huge toll

    Never again buying Miele again…. My parent's have had similar similar issues with Miele and their steam oven.. but choose to replace it with a non-Miele replacement.. rather than fight it out..

    A coworker also had a Miele dishwasher around 9 years old with issues, they wanted $1200 to fix.. Fortuitously, I managed to put her onto, someone.. that sorted it out..

    If you don't complain / don't threaten and you don't put nasty reviews up, Miele will simply ignore you and their obligations under ACL

    Never let the authorised 3rd party service people look at your machine.. insist on their own inhouse technicians.

    Its far easier to deal will Telstra, than to deal with Miele…

    If you has an issues with a Miele appliance.. write a review here..
    They seem to monitor the thread, and someone usually responds in under a week..

    • Your experience sucks,, no doubt about that, but:

      3 months of handwashing dishes for a family of five.. took a huge toll

      lol. #firstworldproblems

      • -1

        Two hospital healthcare workers in the midst of middle of melbourne covid and lock down, working full time and with three kids home schooling ..
        Each of us trying to negotiate time off to meet the repair people..
        Not to mention the amount of additional dishwashing generated from the kids at home for all the lunches,
        Unable to eat out due to lock down —> more dishes…

        thank you for your sympathy…

    • -1

      You just got unlucky!
      Wasn’t Miele’s fault. Try buying an ariston and then call to get it fixed and compare it with Miele’s service.

      Miele customers are a completely different kettle of fish compared to customers who buy run of the mill brands.
      Most of them believe they are the only customer on earth and their broken machine is way more important than anything or anyone.
      The complaining and threats usually get you thrown further down the list than someone who is nice and understanding of time frames and part stock!

      • Cant fault the Miele customer service rep..

        She freely admitted it was Miele company policy that stopped her from organising any sort of replacement or signficant discount on a new / replacement dishwasher..

        She also admitted that 3 months was completely unacceptable for the time to repair a dishwasher, and she would have been even more pissed off than myself at the situation

        She also admitted the Miele had been inundated with repair works for the machines.. and that were had outsourcing significant amounts repair works to 3rd parties with disasterous consequences.. (obviously without telling the consumer)

        I had initially always assumed with I was dealing with Miele repair people, not third party hacks (that were sent out by Miele)…

        the complaining and threats and what got the official Miele repair people out…. They seriously wanted me to pay about $600 for the pump and $250 worth of labour.. is over $850 (+ the $180 service call).. that is over a $1000 on machine worth around $1600- $2000 that would NOT have fixed the problem at all..

        A 5 year machine requiring $1000+ of repairs is ridiculous… even after they performed these repairs… it didn't even fix the problem… it needed a full PCB board replacement… (nothing else was wrong with the machine)..

    • This is a terrible but they didn’t give up on servicing entirely at least. I think with many other brands they would just say parts not available cheaper to swap it.
      All brands have lemons, even the best. I think some luck didn’t go your way but statistically I’d be interested to see how the supposed better brands go for reliability when compared to cheaper models
      The other thing to consider is that the high end brands need to be seen to be pushing the boundaries with new features.
      The warranty should absolutely be 5yr but I would buy again as I said. My experience has fortunately been good but I can see why you would be put off.

    • I think you wasted a lot of good energy. Should have replaced the unit with a new one from another Vendor

      • This was in the midst of the covid lock down in Melbourne..

        Because it was a built in dishwasher, I would have needed a find plumber (Miele refused to install a new dishwasher, even if you purchased it from them) + /- cabinetry to make the new one fit.. if I went another brand..

        My LG washing machine broke down soon afterwards as well… (easy enough to install myself)
        Given My experience with the dishwasher, I bought a new one immediately..

        With a bit of gentle prodding, LG fixed it completely free on charge (6 years old) unlike the Miele (whom I paid the call out fees)..
        I currently have two fully working LG washing machines..

        and a spare wokring Miele Dishwasher switch and Pump and faulty circuit board…

  • +3

    I have this model at home. Seems to cook well and heats up fast.

    The screen on it is very useless and basic functions such as timer/clock etc I personally find cumbersome.

    I personally feel whilst Miele might be good, their customer service was rubbish. Had a dishwasher which developed a random glitch 1 week out of warranty. Miele said I’d need to pay for a technician to come out and wouldn’t budge on the cost. Eventually the fault went away, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

    For a brand which routine claims how great their build quality is, having a 2 year warranty is outrages. At least back it up with 5 years from factory and don’t make people pay for the additional warranty.

  • +4

    Good brand, but lacking in the specs. I'd expect pyrolytic cleaning to come with any oven that has a RRP > $2000…

    • -2

      But I would rather have a bare bone BMW over a beefed up, hyped up, Hyundai any day of the week

      • Miele is the Mercedes of ovens, nothing sporty about them, just long lasting good quality for old folks.

        I'd rather drive a well specced VW than a basic Mercedes. Bosch would be that, look at this deal.

        • Miele have chinese plants….like everyone else….

  • Miele's industrial and commercial stuff are great. Their consumer stuff is overpriced with the Made in Germany sticker to con people

  • Thanks very much for this!

  • How about installation cost?

  • So this model is discontinued - explains discount.

    • Only difference between this and the new model is the digital thermometer. But for me analog is probably more robust and just as good.

  • +1

    I must be lucky but I’ve got a miele washing machine and dryer (5 years) and dishwasher (3 years) and oven and gas cook top (2 years). So far everything works as advertised and no problems but this thread has got me a tad nervous 😬

    • +1

      @dealcrown - I’d be unhappy if I got less than 10 years out of a Miele. To me a good appliance should last that long.

      • +1

        Agree completely.

        The last house I lived had Australian built Chef oven from the 80s and despite the display going was running as good as new

        It’s interesting to compare many of the older Australian built appliances with now. Many are replaced more due to astethics rather than breaking down

        • +2

          I can attest to that. My folks are still using the same Chef oven and cooktop that were installed since they built their house 30 years ago. Some of the enamel paint of the edge of the cooktop have peeled and the oven might have dark cook stains but they are still in good working order.

  • OOS

  • +1

    This is a good alternative. Similar spec and also made in Germany.

    $150 cashback + $20 little birdie voucher

    • +2

      Thank you. I have so much trouble with Miele's services recently. These include turn up with appropriate parts, said will come back in a week but forgotten to book for the reschedule service and wife wasted a whole day waiting, rang up and the girl hang up on me when I asked for her name. My house has many Miele's appliances. It was shocking, I will avoid miele from now on.

      • +1

        best thing to do is complain and post the complaints truthfully on the product review site….

        Miele seem to take that site seriously..

        Eventually, you should get a reasonably outcome..

        However, the time involved and angst, that Miele put their customers through.. simply isn't worth it..
        Why dont' they just meet all their legal obligations according to the ACL, without making their customers, just through hoops and issue threats, before any sort of reasonable resolution occurs..

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