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Bosch HBG675BB2A 60cm Serie 8 Pyrolytic Built-in Oven $1504 (+ $150 Cashback) @ Appliances Online


Not much more expensive than a cheap Chinese unit but far higher quality. Made in Germany.

Boxing day deal stacked with Cashback and Cashrewards.

Total is 53% of RRP:
$1504 - $27.35 from Cashrewards - $150 from Bosch Promotion
So all up $1326.65

Good guys $230 more plus $55 delivery:

Miele won't discount in Australia and I give them a wide berth these days after expensive prices and services.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • Bosch rrp is a joke

    • +4

      Yes but so are the others like Miele.

      • +1

        Umm, Miele RRP IS the price it sells for…..not some fanciful number.

        • +5

          ..and some fanciful number.


        • +1

          Check out Miele eBay store got an oven there for $879 awhile ago.

          • +2

            @bruceclipse: Yeah, but then you end up with a Miele

            • @mickeyjuiceman: What's wrong with a Miele? It's the Mercedes Benz of ovens lol.

              • @bruceclipse: Yeah, they certainly used to be, but they've been trading off their reputation for quite a while now.

                • @mickeyjuiceman: But you can't really blame them. It's globalisation. Years ago Mercedes Benz were very reliable, but these days a lot of sub systems and components come from China and reliability takes a hit.

                  • +1

                    @bruceclipse: Well, I can point out that they have a reputation that they don't currently live up to, and hope they lose their now undeserved reputation. There's no point paying a huge amount more for something that's no better, and in fact costs more to fix as well.

    • All RRP is a joke

  • No stock

    • May depend on state, shows as in stock for me in VIC

  • +1

    Quality product. In stock in NSW

  • +10

    Great product. My wife has a home baking business and has two of these ovens that get used 4-6 times per day, and they are going strong after 5 years (equiv 20+ years of regular home use). Work perfectly well for their intended purpose. The big dollar ovens might have more features, but do not cook any better.

    • Out of curiosity, where does your wife sells her home bake goods?

  • +3

    I learned something new.

    How much would this effect my power bill?

    • Not much, probably less impact than the cost of oven cleaner

  • +3

    Who says Miele doesn't discount??

    Get in quick guys

    • +1

      If you check the sold history ,, looks like the same price since Sept

      • Yeah but 37 sold it's a very good oven good temp control +/-1 degree, as accurate as a furnace used for scientific research.

  • what is a pyrolytic

    • burns clean dirty oven but frequently causes oven failure…

      • +1

        500c turning everything into carbon dust in a process called pyrolysis

        • +1

          Also a great way to dispose of your enemies

      • We had an older model Bosch Pyrolytic oven that worked flawlessly for 12 years with a Pyrolytic clean done nearly every month. We only replaced it, with another Bosch, as I cracked one of the glass panels by accident and a new one was going to cost nearly $400.

    • good for cooking Neopolitan Pizza

      • Unfortunately not since they usually auto-lock the door when the pyrolytic process starts…

      • Can you actually use the "cleaning temperature" for cooking?

        • looks like not if the doors are locked. 400-500C temps needed for Neopolitan pizza, usually cooked under a minute

  • Another good deal if someone's looking in Melbourne. Think it's a discontinued line but a great price.

    • +14

      Asko is part owned by Chinese state

      • -15

        already got negged for stating that

        -6 votes

        'so asko, electrolux and all the rest are 'cheap chinese' units and of 'far' lower quality? Just usual racist sentiments….'

        • +24

          So all purchases of Asko/ Hisence; part of your money will go to the CCP in China.

          They will use the money to surpress freedoms in HK, lock Uyghurs in concentration camps & threaten Taiwan with war.

          • -15

            @freedom89: Just an additional footnote.

            Giving money to Bosch is supporting the company that supported Team Germany 1939 - 1945 no? We all know what happened there.

            • +13

              @netjock: No one should of brought from them during the period 1939 - 45.

              Hence, no one should buy from China now. I dont want my money going to state run companies that is used by govt to violate human rights. Such as Huawei & co.

              I make my money & choose what i want to support & its not human rights abuser.

              • -4

                @freedom89: Point is: everyone has dirt on their hands as a matter of history. China is no different. Just pick a country and pretty much they have all done something.

                Spanish in Latin America
                Belgians in Africa
                Americans with the native Indians
                Italians in Africa

                • +10

                  @netjock: Point is: This is happening now, not historical!

                  Bad things happen when good people look the other way.

                  • -4

                    @freedom89: All these people complaining about China, and saying it's happening now. What about Israel? They occupy land that isn't there"s and run what is basically running the world's largest open air prison, but mention the BDS movement and people here say 'don't mix bargains with politics'

                    • @Jackson: Then don’t buy your ovens from Israel…

                      • @opilot87: I don't think they make ovens, but it's interesting the double standard that goes on. I would bet exactly the same anti china people could not care less what Israel does even if its worse, it doesn't register on their radar. People that never cared for decades about what China is doing suddenly care due to the demonisation of that country by Trump.

                        No one has mentioned that the CFO of Huawei was basically locked up for nothing except Trumps trade war with China, and still is

          • @freedom89: repeating propaganda is what many germans did under Hitler - that was called fascism, and the same is happening here….

            ignoring history will end in disaster.

        • +2

          Avoid buying Chinese crap (most of the stuff that country makes is) if there is an alternative.

          • @R4: I don't know about ovens but Asko dishwashers are known by many to be the best on the market. I have seen them last 20 years and still clean better than new ones.

            • @Jackson: Cool. Most is not all. Some Asko products are made in Slovenia and the 20yo machines would have probably been made in Sweden.

            • @Jackson: They were & the one you reference was made of quality & may have lasted 20 yrs.

              As Asko was only taken over by Hisense in 2018, hence news ones now may not be what we expect.

              • -1

                @freedom89: and Electrolux? racist yank propganda… jeez you even claim to know what machines were made where from parts made from other countries …typical 77th..

  • +4

    So this is just an oversized air fryer?

    • You could get a beauty of an air fryer for this price.

    • +2

      No mate, you obviously don't use oven often other than heating up frozen chips and chicken nuggest, an air fryer will work for all those precooked frozen meal but to cook something still raw inside out or other fancy cake you'll need a proper oven otherwise you'll get caramelised chicken that still red inside.

      • +2

        Not an oven sales man are you?

      • +2

        I thought the comment was a joke at the expense of people who think an air fryer is a special frying device and not a convection oven.

        Jokes aside a 4.5L enameled cast iron dutch oven fits inside a 28L toaster oven and it works wonders for a large one pot roast. Just give it a few extra minutes to cook as preheating is futile, but once it gets to temperature it cooks evenly.

      • Those Philips brand air fryers are full of plastic parts. They won't last for more than a few years.

    • Where do you get that idea from?

      Edit: I, eventually, got the joke.

  • +1

    We have a similar German-made Bosch pyrolytic oven and it is a top notch product.

  • +1

    Not require atm but love the statement

  • +1

    Purchased this oven precovid for a slightly less. Been using it for a few weeks now and works well.

  • Bit off topic but I'll ask here anyway… We've got the option of 90cm or dual 60cm ovens in our new house. Leaning towards the duals (don't always have to heat up the big oven, can run them at different temps etc) but any pros for the 90cm ovens other than being able to fit a longer roast in it?

    • No, I'd go for dual.

    • I have a 90cm in my kitchen but would honestly prefer a dual. Only other perk of 90 I can think of is a rotisserie insert, but who's going to want to clean the oven after using that?

      • Generally roasts and stuff like that I'll throw in the BBQ anyway…seems like it's a no brainer to go the duals

    • Duals

  • +1

    Got one of this going into the new house. Looking forward to it !

  • +1

    Bought 2 of these today for our new build.
    For those in WA with RAC membership, Retravision will price match this and give you the 5% RAC discount on top ($75.20), then still claim the $150 cash back. So paid $1278.80 each.
    Plus got free delivery and they will hold stock in their warehouse for 3 months and then warranty starts when we receive it. Great as slab isn't down yet!

    • +6

      Get a life mate. The person has taken the time to post a nice deal, how could you neg this. I liked the oven and price so much I purchased one.

  • +1

    Made in Germany doesn't mean all components are made in Germany. More like assembled in Germany. 🙄

    • -2

      True but this is going to be as good as it gets in 2020.

      Supply chains are truly international in the 21st century.

  • Don't forget you can get an extra $20 off with little birdie discount voucher.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Kitchen Reno will happen one day, so this will help!

    Shopback has 3.5% i thought

  • Just purchased. Hasn't expired, just expecting new stock in February. Got my delivery set for Feb 11th
    Thanks very much op.

    • Scratch that. Didn't realise that the purchase date obviously starts from day of received goods so that fall outside of the finish date of end of January for cashback offer.
      Thanks anyways. Will wait for something similar to go on sale.

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